Netflix's "Cuties" - Epstein's favorite upcoming movie


Vivere Militare Est.

Amy, 11 years old, tries to escape family dysfunction by joining a free-spirited dance clique named "Cuties," as they build their self confidence through dance.

Something something, Overton window, goy.


And look at that ratio.
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Vivere Militare Est.
This is the director and writer of the movie:


In an interview, she stated (literal translation) : "Today when you are a woman, you are almost sure to have hundreds of thousands of viewers by being as sexual as possible. When you are 11, you don't understand what it means, but you see there is an admiration from a lot of people, so you want to imitate them. Not all of them do this, but still quite a lot, I see them on Instagram. Young girls of 13 years old putting strings and being followed by 400 000 persons ...

I think it's important to interrogate all of this, about the tools we give to our girls to construct their identity. That we listen to them and we teach them critical thinking skills"

Article (in Frog):

...Yea no. Fuck her, fuck the French and fuck N*tflix.


Not all heroes wear brass.
I mean the concept of a girl leaving an islamic religion to embrace her true femininity through performance sounds really interesting on paper (and pretty edgy given the current political mainstream views). Unfortunately, this is not at all how to do it and scantily clad adolescents acting and dancing like sluts is just flat uncomfortable.