Netflix's "Cuties" - Epstein's favorite upcoming movie


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I'm against animal abuse, so I'm going to film myself going around and shooting a bunch of cats with a shotgun to show you how horrible animal abuse is.
No you need to rape the cat's first and show them enjoying it while portraying sensible pet owners as evil conservatives (make sure they're conservatives so the woketards will applaud it)

"Fucking children is totally awesome. What are you, an es-jay-double-yeeew? Rare pepe, bro!" Jesus Christ, this is next level cringe.

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I guess "pedophilia is feminist" is going to be the left's argument for stuff like this from now on.

"What do you mean, you're not okay with five year old girls having sex? What are you, a misogynist? "
Here we see feminism doing what it was always meant to: allowing skeezy men to manipulate gullible women into letting them fuck. Only this time, the men are pedos.

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I guess "pedophilia is feminist" is going to be the left's argument for stuff like this from now on.
Not it isn't you cunt. The moment children start dancing the camera moves to their rear and genital area. Surely a very literal definition of CP. Even the Youtube exposé by Onision fan Repzion on pedo uploads suggests 'Cuties' does things they wouldn't dare to do. Fucking weirdo cunt. (:_(


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Kid fucking is going to be the next retarded new front in feminist activism isn't it?
Always has been. Read up on Shulamith (((Firestone))).



Well well well.

And here's the most degenerate part:


(...) deprives them of the opportunity to work towards being economically independent and POSSESS OR FEED INTO SEXUAL URGES.
Look at how that kid Desmond "is amazing" is being raised, that's basically what she would have wanted for boys and girls.

Poke around some more and yea, you're gonna find that she was another pedophile degenerate.

So there you have it.

EDIT: to add to this, she was absolutely fucking nuts.


And currently being paraded as some paragon of feminism.
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I feel... unclean now that I've seen this. I'm sorry I really am I only looked out of morbid curiosity and I'm leaving a big fat thumbs down...not that that matters anymore. Now if youl excuse me I need to shower with drain cleaner until my skin burns off to feel clean again
Thanks for posting this unique and special take on the movie.