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Discussion in 'Wiki Discussion' started by SpaceQuakes, Oct 26, 2017.

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  1. How about we create a new Chris & X page that's dedicated towards his works with poetry?
    He generally sucks at it and only makes it exclusive towards love.
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  2. No, we should make a page about how Jessica is a real girl.

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  3. We should also keep contacting Chris on twitter about it for months at a time: (


    Your mailbox is also full, might want to check it:

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  4. We have a wiki, that's the apex of documentation right there.
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  5. Please tell me more about this shin megami tensei nocturne tabletop game your talking about @SpaceQuakes.

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  6. You play as a half demon and a half human who is either on a quest to reclaim earth or destroy it.
    You can also recruit enemies and make them join your side, including Dante from the Devil May Cry Series.
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  7. That sounds awesome tbh. I didn't know that.

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