New Looney Tunes series -

So, the trailer has just dropped for a brand new series of Looney Tunes cartoons, which look pretty faithful to the original series and appear to have been animated in a traditional hand drawn style. They will be available on the HBO Max streaming service, from May 27th.

Hopefully, if successful it might bring the characters back into the public consciousness a bit, following a few years of dormancy.



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This looks pretty entertaining. I can't wait for it. The animation looks fucking great, jokes are pretty funny, character designs are great, this looks like it could be kino.

My only issue is Yosemite Sam's and Bugs' voice. Yosemite Sam is not shrill enough and Bugs is a little shrill (although it does sound like 1941 Bugs, so that's pretty good).

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I have mixed feelings about this

On one hand, the animation is better than Wabbit. On the other hand, dat voice acting 😟 Tweety and Daffy just sound like a higher pitched Bugs Bunny... like the same guy is doing all the voices or something.

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In a Looney Toons cartoon? No way! 😂

Let me clarify, smartass 😋

Compared to the older cartoons where if you heard both Bugs and Daffy talking, you could tell that they were two completely different characters just by their voice. The way they spoke, they way they acted, how they yelled and screamed. I didn't get this feeling at all when watching the trailer, in fact what i got was "oh hey, let's just turn the pitch settings up a bit, and just give one character a silly spit/slobbering voice! Cool, break time!"

It reminds me of Ren & Stimpy's Adult Party Cartoon in which Eric Bauza, as much as he tried, didn't do so hot with the voice acting between Stimpy and the announcer guy at the end of the "Altruists" episode. The latter just sounded like Stimpy doing a Pee-Wee herman impression.

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