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I enjoyed it more than I thought that I would as I expected to hate it. Especially compared to normal hollywood name-branded shit, it was pleasantly entertaining. The 3D was a bit disappointing tho.

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The discord link expired. Also, we should watch the 1999 sonic movie to prepare for the 2019 one
I thought it just doesn't let you join after you use it the first time, but at least I'm not the only one having problems.

Second that request. Also thinking of suggesting the 2011 short fan film featuring James Rolfe and Doug Walker.

Speaking of Hollywood video game films; I do suggest the Doom film with the Rock considering the 2019 direct-to-video sequel is coming out in over a month.


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I vote to watch Glenn Danzig's horror movie as soon as possible.

Lol looks like Glenn never recovered from being knocked out.

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Detective Pikachu was pretty meh, I was disappointed and I love Pokémon.
It's pretty much all you can expect from a live action Pokemon movie, the creators clearly cared about the franchise and it wasn't like say the Mario Bros or Dragon Ball live action movie.

The Home Alone detective movie playing early on in the movie is also a fun random easter egg.

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I would pet all those pokepals so hard! I hated all the human characters tho, especially the main dude, what a fucking dip

I justed wanted more of the pokemon world and lore, not some shitty teenage relationship between two autists *sigh*

I demand to watch this before RLM get their hands on it.

It has everything we want: Canadians, canoe fights, kickass theme songs, vanity and milik and cookies.
I watched this as a kid and its so great!