New Movie Night Thread - Every Friday Starting at 6ish

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Knowing the BOOMing of the BOOMers after the "El Paso" situation, I suggest that we should run the 1969 film "Easy Rider" some time in the near future.
After all, that movie is peak boomer.


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It's pretty much all you can expect from a live action Pokemon movie, the creators clearly cared about the franchise and it wasn't like say the Mario Bros or Dragon Ball live action movie.

The Home Alone detective movie playing early on in the movie is also a fun random easter egg.
The movie is Angels with Dirty Faces. I also thought it was a very cute touch and one that showed good awareness of its audience without being a normal family guy-style reference so dumb that it's like getting clubbed in the face.


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Alright all my favorite little kiwi mongoloids; after some discussion with @Splendid Meat Sticks this September 27th is going to be the first 'Lucky 8' night. That's when 8 random lucky kiwi farms members will get to pick the films for the roster?
Don't fret if you don't win; users will also be picking out the filler as well! Now you might be asking what really makes this different from most Movie Nights?
There's no theme. You're movie, if you win, is whatever you want (within reason, details below).
Movie Night mods can't enter. We'll be prepping the show behind the scenes but you adorable little slogs will be providing the content.
None of the movies selected for the night can be voteskipped. We're going to suffer as a family.
Of course there are some 'rules' so please read these before asking questions.
1.)Winners movie choices must be reasonable. Our trained team of film finders might not be able to find your movie so keep an alternative in mind.
2.)Don't pick super long movies. Ninety minutes allows for at least half an hour of filler between flicks. This is to ensure that all of the winners films are played.
3.)Vote-skipping will be disabled but each film will be associated with its winner; so if you pick a turd everyone gets to blame you for it.
4.)If you're offering up filler please keep it to seven minutes at max; some random vid of some guy barely sperging out for three minutes of a forty minute vid is just eating up a block of time where multiple people could share.
5.)Movie Night tends to start around 2pm as of late. There's a chance your movie will play before you arrive. Just take that into consideration when 'signing up.'

So how do you participate? Just post in this thread stating 'I want to pick a movie' and you'll be added to a list that doesn't exist yet. The names will be entered into a roulette either this Friday or Saturday.
If you're looking to add filler just post a link. We ask that you don't link too many because while we want to add as much as we can we don't want to get thirty links in one post.
If this turns out good I'd love to do more in the future.


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2PM movie night is news to me. We've gotta push it back to a more reasonable hour unless someone actually wants to moderate that shit lol.
Who's even showing up?


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You need to push it back to 6 PM because literally no one will come around 2 unless they have no life.


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You need to push it back to 6 PM because literally no one will come around 2 unless they have no life.
Yeah, thays what I'm saying. This is puzzling to me, I'm not sure who's been showing up at 2.
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