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(Shamelessly copied and pasted)
Friendly reminder that tomorrow night is for our lucky winners; they've got six movies picked out and it's quite a nice mix if I do say so myself. Honestly I was expecting a slew of films to torture everyone but to my surprise I guess the winners don't want you to suffer.

Starting time is 4:30 EST. I apologize if you tend to show up later and your movie ends up being the starter. Just have happy thoughts that everyone will get to enjoy a movie you picked out. Since I want to make sure we get through all the films when we have reasonable audiences (so no one ends up being the ass and there's only like seven people left in the room) I want to keep filler to a minimum. So sorry if you had a hilarious 15 minute RLM everyone has already seen because we know what Youtube is.

Also there will be no voteskipping of films.
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its on the site
The autism channel still isn't public last I checked. The link needs to be updated on the OP if people want to use it.
Actually what am I saying. @Cedric_Eff go to the channel on using the OP and get to the discord from there. And stop getting kicked.


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Add these two.

This is when Siskel and Ebert declare that slashers will make men want to rape and kill women.
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