New Movie Night Thread - Every Friday Starting at 6ish

Server change movie night was based, honestly. Guns Akimbo and The Hunt were great watches and I want them on UHD.
ALSO WHOEVER SKIPPED WIZARDS IS A nigga AND A one of Trump's Chosen People.
it was sort of impressive that both movies revolved around trolling online and The Hunt used a fail dox as a major plot twist. They were better than expected

Starting Wizards and then skipping 70 minutes was some horseshit, you have denied these people their culture and heritage

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I'm doing a themed Movie Night: Putting the Fun in Fundamentalism (basically, films about religious kooks).

Current list is:

Red State: The Westboro Based Church vs John Goodman.

Ben and Arthur: Based Victor must slay his brother’s Gay Demons with the power of cardboard jesus and bathtub holy water. This film was supposed to be taken seriously.

International Gurillay: a Pakistani film which has Allah showing up as a flying Koran and yeeting Salaman Rushdie.

If Footman Tire You What Will Horses Do: Christian Propaganda film about the dangers of The Red Menace.

Jesus Camp: a look back at the wacky world of the 2000s christian right.

MidSommar: Sweden Yes: The Movie.

Christmas with a Capital C: No idea.

Jack Hunter and the Star of Heaven: No idea.

That's about 16 hours of khantent, or a full movie night's worth. If you want something on theme to play, PM me a G-Drive/youtube link, first come first served. I'll swap out the last two for something more entertaining/use them as backups.
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