New Years Resolutions - What do you plan to fail at for 2019?


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I'm telling myself that this year I'll make more art. Painting, sketching, working more on my comic. Might try homebrewing my own beer. And maybe this is the year I finally figure out how to meet that special lady, Miss Right.

Of course, none of that will probably wind up happening, so what I really ought to do is just make failing at those things my resolution this year, and then maybe I'll finally manage to keep a New Years resolution for once.
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I currently have a BMI that falls into the overweight category, I'm not yet a landwhale and I haven't yet hit the obese category but I do fear one day hitting it.
My New Year's Resolution is to get back down into the healthy BMI I've already lost 17 pounds since I started making an attempt in November.
Here's hoping by this time next year I'll be healthy:optimistic:

Stop drinking as much and only drink on weekends, ideally only socially. Ive kind of started already, since the beginning of the month. But it had been kind of out of hand for a while before that. Probably going to forego New Years champagne just to commit to it.

Also probably just stop being a general all-around fuckup. Maybe get a life instead of wasting it all away. Find something to live for. Life is weird.
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