Disaster New York Media Cuts 5% of Full-Time Staff in Restructuring - Kiwi Farms Advertiser Starts To Learns To Code


Joseph Guillaume of Houston, Don't Mess With Texas

New York Media is laying off 16 full-time staffers and an additional 16 part-time and freelance staffers in a “restructuring” that is intended to put it on firmer financial footing, the company said today.

The cuts primarily affect New York’s audience development and circulation teams, its copy and fact-checking desks and its video and production teams.
“In some cases, the changes we are making reflect a need for new focus as we build out our digital subscription business; in others, they reflect an overdue integration of print and digital staffs,” said Lauren Starke, a spokesperson for New York Media. “In no case are they a judgment on the quality of the work produced by our colleagues who are leaving, and we thank them sincerely for their contributions here.”
The cuts represent about five percent of New York Media’s full-time headcount. A source told Adweek that all of New York Media’s brands, which include New York magazine, Vulture, the Cut, Intelligencer, the Strategist and Grub Street, were affected by the layoffs. Some of the laid-off staffers worked across several publications, the person said.

New York Media has had a tumultuous several months after the Wall Street Journal reported that the company was exploring the possibility of a sale.
Several months later, the company announced that it would implement a metered paywall on its sites and would focus on building out a paid subscription business. In mid-January, storied editor in chief Adam Moss, who had been at the publication for 15 years, announced that he would be leaving at the end of March.


inRead invented by Teads
David Haskell, a longtime New York staffer, is slated to helm the publication come April 1. In a recent interview with Adweek, Haskell said he planned to “jump on and move aggressively on” new business opportunities and revenue streams.
Editorial employees announced in late January that they had unionized with the NewsGuild. Today, the NewsGuild said eight full-time union members were affected by the layoffs.
“We are thankful that as a newly unionized newsroom, the NewsGuild was able to advocate forcefully for our members and secure improved severance pay, extended health care coverage and rights to our members’ published work,” the union said in a statement

Save the Loli

They should call journalists "programmers" now, since a journalist's job nowadays is to program the NPC horde, right before they're laid off for uselessness and have to become a programmer for real.
>The prototypical virtual pillory.

Did they somehow never hear about Twitter???
These coders--I mean journalists are masters at projection.

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