World New Zealand Passes 'Zero Carbon' Target Law - Ardern says New Zealand on 'right side of history' as MPs pass zero-carbon bill


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New Zealand "lead the world on nuclear disarmament"? They ever had nukes to begin with? Who fucked up and let them have nukes?
You know how drug dealers will send packages to other people’s houses and snatch them before the homeowners realize what’s going on? That’s what Israel probably did right before they got their nukes.

Several Goats

It's mostly just virtue signalling,
NZ electricity already comes from 82% renewables from their massive hydro dams.
The centre-right party doesn't care because they'll just remove the cow fart quota next time they're in government to keep the farmers happy.
This is just to shut up the green party and give Jacinda more reason to run her mouth at the UN

Should this thread’s tag be Disaster instead?

(there’s no Unrealistic Expectation tag)
yea I had trouble choosing a tag. I considered Law, Business, or Disaster, but if it's not American law it doesn't really matter. And New Zealand business is %90 cows and sheep so that's not really exact. Disaster would also have been highly accurate, but perhaps too triggering to people who would endorse this law lol
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It's easy to get to 0% emissions when your entire population is moving to Australia (currently 13% of Australian residents are NZ citizens, and that number is growing). Wages are already a joke in NZ, and this stupid shit will just drive up the cost of living even higher.

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