Newly claimed Satoshi Nakamoto issues spoiler chapter of new book -- other Satoshis enraged -

lmao I knew satoshi when he was alive, he was the real shimomura tsutomu behind an alias, the "known" shimomura tsutomu is just a guy who used to work for him and he's not able to go back to bitcoin because he's getting constantly checked by 3 letter agencies and he's only a code monkey in comparison, just leave the guy in peace, that's why he hid all the time, he was basically a hikkikomori when I first met him, he lived for short after that but at least I saw him enjoy life for a few years


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Give me a thousand bitcoins to prove your story.

Edit: okay just because he sent me a thousand bitcoins doesn't mean we should believe him
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Osama bin Ladkin
this is some hidden imam/fake dmitri type shit...fitting, since bitcoin is also based on retarded superstitions