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We've all heard this phrase thrown around by some "gentlemen": "Why won't she date me? I'm such a nice guy!" Or maybe even "Girls today really don't appreciate nice guys, they're too busy sucking the cocks of assholes who treat them like dirt!" If you hear something like this, odds are the speaker is a Nice Guy.

Nice Guys (not to be confused with guys who are actually nice) are whiny manchildren who believe that women should be obligated to sleep with them if they show them basic respect and decency. They'll often befriend women for the sole purpose of trying to get into their pants only to whine about being friendzoned when they get turned down. They'll also fall all over themselves talking about how nice and polite they are when they're anything but.

This thread is where we can laugh at these people.

I know we have the Loveshy Therapy Center, but this thread is more geared towards Nice Guys in general instead of incels/loveshies specifically. Although there is a lot of overlap between them.

NOTE: There's a big difference between being upset about unrequited love and typical Nice Guy behavior. Nice Guys only see their female "friends" as potential bed buddies and will drop them the moment they get turned down whereas people in the first category actually see their female friends as, you know, people.

Anyway, I'll get started...

"Dating down"

I can't get over how fucking racist this. I also love how he expects this girl to fall all over him and his superior Caucasian dick because there's obviously no way another white guy would even look at her.

"All of the hot, smart, nice girls only date assholes!"

*calls women who aren't all three of those things ugly, annoying, and stupid*

This is so true. As a woman, it absolutely disgusts me when men treat me like a human being. Give me an abusive jock any day!

Context? This is a thread where a woman talks about how being sexually assaulted and raped in the past makes her feel like a slut.

This is "picking up women outside of an abortion clinic" levels of creepy.

"I'm the nicest guy you'll ever meet!"

"You're not going to fuck me? You're a waste of oxygen, you stupid cunt. You were totally leading me on! Fuck you whore, I hope you die!"

There's way too much to unpack here, but this really stuck out:

"Bullshit. Youre not seeing anyone because any man would not have let you out of the house looking the way you did."

Is this supposed to be a compliment? Because it's one of the creepiest sentences I've ever read.


Yeah this is just unironic meme posting.

You know when we have got to IMPACT font macro image memes within the OP, we've reached the apex of lolcow quality. If all the images within an OP post can be found on the frontpage of reddit or Imgur, it's probably not worth a thread imo.
However I'm under the impression that we don't really close community watch threads still as this is more of a holding cell/containment board.

Sooooo have fun....I guess?


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SoUrry if this counts as shitposting.

It is pretty hard to distinguish these guys from incels. I suppose the primary difference is that an incel has given up on being nice and has instead adopted the "red-pill thinking" that women are just fuck-boxes that can be unlocked with the right combination of words and chin/forehead size.

I think most incels started as "nice guys" that couldn't get any; "nice guys" are incels in their pre-evolved state.
Incels acknowledge themselves as subhumans too

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Yeah they've evolved. It's funny how whining about being the nice guy turns into the anger they display
In speaking of which, what do you think is the 'evolutionary' cycle of "nice guys"? Does it go like "Nice Guy" (trying to hide a resentment of women while trying to get laid) > Loveshy (no longer trying to hide it while still praying for a miracle) > Wizard (no longer hides it, completely given up) or is it something else?


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A FB friend of mine was criticizing this meme a week ago:

(I have to say the African-American version of Nice Guys can be especially obnoxious because they add a racist "misogynoir" dimension to their sexism. They habitually bash black women while idealizing their white or other non-black counterparts, almost like those creepy white guys who think Asian women are more submissive "desirable".)


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In speaking of which, what do you think is the 'evolutionary' cycle of "nice guys"? Does it go like "Nice Guy" (trying to hide a resentment of women while trying to get laid) > Loveshy (no longer trying to hide it while still praying for a miracle) > Wizard (no longer hides it, completely given up) or is it something else?
Sounds about right, though, for true and honest "Nice Guys" I think it bounces around between "nice guy" and "loveshy" for at least a few cycles before it goes full wizard (You NEVER go full wizard).

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I remeber one time i saw a short movie about something like this. A guy takes his friend who happens to be a girl that was sexually assaulted in the past to a place she really wanted to go. When they get there he asks her to be his girlfriend, but she politely let's him down and starts trying to tell him the reason why but he ends up getting buttmad that she won't date him after spending so much time with her. The guy ends up accidentally knocking her over and causing her to hit her head on his car. So he basically snaps and basically has his way with her while she's barely conscious. When he's done he starts holding her and demanding that she tells him that she loves him now. The girl starts trying to say something but it's sorta hard for her since she's obviously concussed and barely conscious, and he leans in to hear it. After a few minutes of mumbling she finally manages to say that she has AIDS.

Can't remember the name of the movie, but I do remember that it was the perfect summary of what these guys are about. A girl rejects the guy for a very good reason (having AIDs and not wanting to give it to him), but instead of handling in a respectful way the guy proves that he only cared about her physically and ends up getting completely fucked over for being a selfish, shallow asshole.