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Lucifer's Rectum

Rapidly deteriorating mental state
Today a friend of mine encountered a guy who's exhibiting a few early niceguy traits. For some context, this girl is one of my personal lolcows. She defines herself as polyamorous in an open relationship, and uses it as an excuse to hook up with guys once a week while she's still in a relationship. The sheer volume of stories I could tell about this girl is astounding.

Basically, he started to sperg about ownership, which is creepy in and of itself. Then she started to sperg about how wrong he is, and it just goes to shit from there.
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Dame Pumpernickel the Crusty
@Lucifer's Rectum , you should come share those stories over at the r/polyamory thread. (I think you can post non-reddit stories there, anyhow.)

If browbeating ordinary guys into considering her a valid option and then following up with "but there's nothing wrong with managomy I guess if you're that insecure" is normal for her, she must be a real prize.

(Also, lol "managomy".)


Is this the untold prequel to the infamous Denko Saga which I see before me?

I ask because of the stupid hamster face which rears its head as Guitar Hero tries to argue that the girls should be throwing themselves at him but instead proves that no-one will ever love him as much as he loves himself. Why waste so much time on an online dating site when clearly the solution to his troubles is a mirror, a jar of hand cream and remembering to fasten the lock on the basement door before he gets cracking?

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