Plagued Nice Guys -

Your brain has to be broken in a special kind of way for this behavior to make sense.

Step 1: Hey baby, you look hawt, want to sex it up?
Step 2: Well fuck you anyway I didn't wanna sex it up with your skanky ass anyway! Fuckin ho!
Step 3: So hey baby what's up, I been thinkin about you since we talked!

I mean... jesus christ what do the rest of their interactions look like?

Replicant Sasquatch

Do Lolcows Dream of Electric Hedgehog Pokemon?
That doesn't look like Nice Guy stuff, tbh. That looks like clumsy flirtation between two horny idiots.
As stated not really nice guy stuff. The “nice guy” here actually seems sane.
Honestly it's actually pretty funny and very obviously how she wanted him to respond.

Ali della Fenice

Cosa credi, che abbia perso la forza?
time for fucboi above to put away the soyfilled blue pills and start chugging the red ones.
Also he really shouldnt have posted that shit out in the open, but I guess soy lowers your critical thinking as well.


A dashing and sophisticated young man
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"What do you MEAN women don't wanna fuck numales who disingenuously put them on a pedestal?"
I don't think these guys get that putting a woman on a pedestal is just as dehumanizing as guys who treat women as sex slaves. Either way, you're saying she's not fully human and can't deal with men as equals. At least the MRA types are up front about their sexism and dim view of women. Nice Guys try to dress it up, but in the end, it's the same thing.

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