Nicholas J. Fuentes / America First / "Nick the Knife" - Basically just Lauren southern with a love for catboys

Is Nick gay?

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Nick Fuentes is a self described zoomer, afro-latino, campus conservative, who first came to the public's attention for bring one of the few people stupid enough to attend Richard Spencer's clusterfuck at Charlottesville.


After that Nick was fired from his job at RSBN, dropped out of college, and moved back in with his parents where he still lives to this day.

After this Nick partnered up with fellow non-white white nationalist, James Alsup. This romance didn't last long before Nick and the hapa-downie had a messy divorce involving lawyers and even his sisters dox.

After this Nick jumped on the IBS bandwagon, where he tangled with a few Boomers.

Last year in October Nick and his followers took on Charlie Kirk in the "Groyper Wars" where he encouraged his followers to self-dox in order to ask Kirk and Co. questions about the USS Liberty.


Fun Facts about Nick
  1. Hes 5'1"
  2. He follows porn star Jenna Jameson on twitter
  3. He allegedly edits his own Wikipedia page to try and make himself seem more prominent
  4. He makes some great memes of himself

Nick has an enthusiastic obsession with what he calls catboys, he has a channel dedicated to them in the AmericaFirst discord, but according to Nick it's all just ironic and he totally isn't gay.

This obsession culminated with a live stream where Nick took the cross-dressing horsecock-fellating faggot phenomenon Lolisocks, aka Catboy Kami, out on a date.


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School of Fish
Well shit, I just knew that something like this will eventually happen to Nick Fuentes and here we are now.

Honestly, I don't really care about what Nick Fuentes does in his personal life but it's going to be funny as shit to me when the groypers will then start to tear each other apart over seeing their 'heroes' end up not being all as they thought that they would.

Now I don't know about you but I'm going to enjoy watching the groyper meme implode just like the alt-right after the infamous 'Unite the Right' rally that took place the Charlottesville, Virginia a while ago.

So sit back, grab a drink and some popcorn, and watch the dumpster fire start to take form.

Now know this groypers and listen good, religous hypocrites and religious fundamentalists in general are pretty much the original laughing stalks on the Internet long before the SJWs entered the scene.

It's stuff like this that brings me great joy into my life because nothing pleases me more than seeing extremists from the left and right getting exposed with funny and cringy stuff like this.


For an "optics" minded guy since the Charlottesville fallout Nick himself sure has terrible optics.

- comparison of racemixing and beastislity as degenerate (
"They would both be degenerate."
- use of homophobic slurs and antisemitic tropes (
“Yeah, OK, keep typing on Twitter dot com, faggot. Faggot. Pussy. Race traitor—you work for Jews, you know.”
- holocaust jokes (
His optics are so terrible he had to unlist/delete over 400 of his America First shows on YouTube. Anything past 2 months ago is gone.
fuentes missing shows.png
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School of Fish
About time this 56% face groyper got a thread.

Nicholas Fuentes is a lolcow simply for saying he's white when he's a mutt. I can't wait to see how this thread turns out. Also, lol, 5 foot 1 manlet.
For an "optics" minded guy Nick sure has terrible optics.

- holocaust jokes
- comparison of racemixing to beastislity
- homophobic slurs

His optics are so terrible he had to unlist/deiete hundreds of his America First shows on YouTube.
Because religious hypocrites and religious fundamentalists are the original lolcows.

To be honest, I don't care that Nick Fuentes does in his personal life but the people that project and virtue signal a lot (regardless of where they stand on the political spectrum) usually have something to hide and once again this happens to be true.

There's a good reason why religious fundamentalists aren't taken seriously that much anymore because you have people like Nick Fuentes and you also have dumb stuff like this (I'm not really a big fan of Thunderf00t by the way but you get the picture):
Well groypers, you reap what you sow.


Obama chuckled. "You mean the chaos emeralds?"
I know every thread starts out this way but I don't see a lot of stuff to mock aside from the catboy thing. All I've got from the OP is "he's short" and "isn't friends with James Alsup anymore."

I actually think Nick is impervious to a lot of drama potential for the same reason he is made fun of: he doesnt drink or do drugs, he's a virgin, and he lives with his parents in realtive financial secutity. Unless he came out as gay or something I can't imagine a closet full of skeletons with him.


Gabriel is blowing his trumpet. Can you hear it?
About time.

Nick is certainly not the worst of the post-Charlottesville alt-right, but he certainly is cringey.

I am convinced that the louder an alt-right type screams about white identity and immigration, the more likely they are to be either mixed race or race mixers.

Trusty Patches

Are you a cleric or something?
Is he really only 5"1? From this pic of him being chucked out of that TP event I figured he was probs a manlet but surely not that short, unless all the security guards are literal midgets too. If I had to guess I'd say 5"6-5"8 which is obviously still manlet territory. The bagel boss is 5ft for reference.


Also fucking hell. That cat boy shit was umm.... Yea. He really is in no position to call anything cringe or to chastise anyone for associating with homosexuals. Anyone got any screencaps of Nickers reacting to their beloved leaders evident tolerance for degeneracy?


Could 2020 get any fucking worse?!?
Ive watched his stream a few times and he has a clip before it starts where it says “what have I told you? No e-girls. Never, not even once.” I guess what he meant was no e-girls but yes e-catboys.

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Trusty Patches

Are you a cleric or something?
Ive watched his stream a few times and he has a clip before it starts where it says “what have I told you? No e-girls. Never, not even once.” I guess what he meant was no e-girls but yes e-catboys. View attachment 1085478
A lot of his fans are saying the exact same thing in the comments. He will have to address this next episode of America First. The superchatters will definitely be bringing it up.


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Jack Awful

Laughs at Tards
He went from making huge, financially backed organizations freak out and look like tards out of fear of him and his supporters to going out with a man who calls himself Lolisocks.

I've haven't seen someone's optics change so fast since Warski.

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