Nicholas J. Fuentes / America First Pürrer / "Nick the Knife" - The psycho ex-girlfriend of the white race. Severe mommy issues. Puts twinks in his basement and hunts for their cum. Wants an older man to be proud of him. Masturbates to tranny porn.

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Dec 22, 2020
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Nick I assure you...even the most autistic kiwifarmer would do better in a social situation than you would.
But would they be sussy with their mates, like Madison Cawthorn? If not then they're apparently still cringe.

By modern Nicker standards, the only way to be based in social situations is by being sussy and hunting people's cum.
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May 10, 2022
Tell me you’re a homosexual without telling me you’re a homosexual


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Nov 26, 2016
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Nick craves narc fuel so he reads his thread and constantly thinks about how his name is searched.

How does it feel nick that 'cum hunting' is a major reason you trended this week? Gonna talk about? Can you "address" your cum hunting? No? okay.

LMFAO faggot
Which normal person looks this up everyday?

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Oct 29, 2021
I'm about halfway through, but Mike confirmed something that I've suspected for years: Patrick Casey killed Identity Evropa and replaced it with American Identity Movement, at least partially, in order to get rid of "wignats". He was already sucking up to Fuentes at that point and had adopted his talking points, which included admitting in an interview during AIM's launch that he had thought IE's focus on shared European ancestry was cringe. Thus AIM being focused on early 20th century Americana. Not that it mattered in the long run, because Casey eventually shuttered AIM and devoted himself to America First, with a bunch of AIM members jumping ship to AF with him.

You can add another group to Nick's body count. No wonder antifa has never bothered him: he's done more to kill off rightwing groups than they have.
Quoting my post from the TRS thread because it has to do with Nick killing-by-proxy his biggest competition at the time.

Oct 7, 2018
Part II of Salon's hit piece on the merger of AF with the Catholic trad world has dropped.

Despite calling boomers retarded and lame it appears AF people are gonna be joining Church Militant's Resistance Arm. [for an explanation of Church Militant see the attached bio I did last year] basically Milo joined with an ex gay trad Catholic's propaganda network.

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Then the article reviews all the cringe stuff AF has done and then we get to the boomer Catholic social media reaction.
That image is the most cringiest thing I have seen this year.
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Mar 14, 2019
I rewatched the Kino Casino stream with Metokur and the AF expats, and I realized that I was far too generous with my BITE model above. There were strange asides that I hadn't noticed before.

America First now checks off every single point on the BITE model.

The points I missed and added in are as follows:

Behavior control
  • Regulate what and how much you eat and drink (Jaden commented on how Nick yelled at them for drinking water during live videos that were constantly abruptly stopped, and their days wouldn't start at a regular time, thereby controlling when/how they could eat.)
Information control
  • Require you to report thoughts, feelings, and activities to superiors (groypers would be rewarded for tattling, as well as abruptly shifting where the power lies (relative to Nick) so people would get in line.)
Thought control
  • Induce hypnotic or trance states to indoctrinate (chanting at rallies as well as spamming the chat with nonsense repeated phrases that only exist to prop up Nick)

  • Teach thought-stopping techniques to prevent critical thoughts (encouraging staying as "saving the white race" and accusing speaking up or questioning as being against the cause and needing to cast that aside as a betrayal)

  • Use excessive meditation, singing, prayer and chanting to block thoughts (Discouraging Christian worship and replacing it with religious chanting in support of Nick and America First, which is now ostensibly Nick)
Emotional Control
  • Teaching emotion-stopping techniques to prevent anger, homesickness (making America First a "family" and separating others from family and any other group, accusing them of being fed honeypots; contradictory chants/statements that only exist to prop up Nick)
If Nick were in the slightest competent or any more "charismatic" (truly less obviously slimy), he would be careening toward a Waco-type scenario, but with more gay repression and sublimation. If Nick wasn't an obvious honeypot the feds would not tolerate his right wing antics, especially considering how it lures in minors.

America First is a cult by the professional standard, and if you stay involved, you are r.etarded and deserve to be scammed.

Imagine being conned by anyone as wimpy and transparent as Nick. Couldn't be me. 🤷‍♀️
If AF fits established research on cults THIS perfectly, that's more evidence it's being masterminded on some level by professional glowies. The suspicious release of Nick's funds (undisclosed to his audience), Patrick Casey's testimony, and the politically braindead attempts to sabotage politicians hostile to the security state (Joe Kent, Gossar, MTG) also point in this direction.
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Oct 4, 2017
*spooky ghost noises*
This week on Cumhunters
A Canadian casino may not be what it at first seems
*panning shot of Kino Casino*
Owners Andy Warski and his wife Ashton state there may be signs. Signs of something Groypernatural.
*scene turns grayscale as white liquid splashes and splatter.mp4 play*
Even worse, Kai starts acting,
Not himself
*night vision cam of Kai, shaking and speaking in tongues, chanting the name Signalboot*
Will Nick and the crew be able to figure out if these events are a hoax?
*PPP wiggling and yelling about getting PPPPaid*
Or is something more sussy happening here
*Night vision in a corridor as an effeminate anime scream is heard followed by a crash off camera as Baked Alaska yells “What the!”*
Tune in to see what happens this week, only on
*a blacklight goes across a sofa to reveal the shows logo*

Only on National Geographic.

Dec 22, 2021
Tell me you’re a homosexual without telling me you’re a homosexual
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That hat is seriously creepy, it appears to be some kind of furry badge. Seriously, go pull the tape from Dalton's most recent replay. It's a sort of UwU looking emblem.

He's still streaming ten hours later, though he's changed hats:


Note that it's 6:58am on Saturday morning in Chicago. His stream title is kvetching about being alone on Friday night. Nick always doubles down on being a loser. It's not enough that he spent all of Friday night streaming and is still at it the next morning. That in itself conveys the message loud and clear: you, Nick, are a loser with no social plans because people don't like to be around you. But it's never enough for Nick. He has to broadcast and perform his loser antics. He seems to think proudly and openly being a loser is somehow cool. No, the proud broadcasting just intensifies what a loser Nick is.

May 22, 2020
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