Nicholas "Nick / Adrian / Adrienne" Cohea - ANTIFA Programmer That Wants to Take Down KF & Hatreon; Friend of Grifters & Rapists

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Nicholas T Cohea
AKA: Nick Cohea, Adrian Olcott Cohea, Adrienne Cohea
Born: March 6, 1989
Age: 28
Graduated from UVic with CompSci degree in 2011
2312 3rd Ave #510
Seattle WA 98121

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GitHub Codes include:

Allow me to set the stage here. Imagine that you're a bit of a geek with some nerdy hobbies. You like and are proficient in stuff like chess, programming, and you seem to be bright and employable. You've moved from Helena, Montana to Victoria in Canada, back to Helena, changed your name, then settling in Seattle, Washington; a growing tech hub.

You're a "distinguished scholar"

Now imagine that because you're good at computers and chess you overestimate how intelligent you actually are and wind up being sucked into an unhealthy internet swamp of liars, scammers, convicted pedophiles, emotional abusers and political extremists who encourage illegal activities and protect criminals in the name of their cause. And you protect them too because otherwise they'll viciously turn on you.

Congratulations, you've just put yourself in the shoes of Nick Cohea.

After "TransEthics" founder and owner Toren Valimir called for "trans hackers" to take down our site in order to protect the reputation of a convicted pedophile calling himself Freyja Falke, Nick showed up willing to do "recon":

Now this piqued my interest. Because obviously if you're willing to openly post about planning to hack a website you don't like you either have something embarrassing to hide or you are completely brainwashed by the people surrounding you. In this case it's a little bit of both.

We aren't the only website being targeted for cyber attacks by our little wannabe hacker. Hatreon is as well.


List of other Rat Kings Cohea is tied to/following:
Laurelai Bailey

Zinnia Jones (a tweet to Zinnia)
Thorne Melcher (a tweet to Horny Thorney)
Magdalene Visaggio (tweet)
Eleanor "BootlegGirl" Lockhart
Katelyn Burns
Christopher "Nullblanc" Jacob
Chelsea Manning
Sarah Butts
Katherine Cross
Aeryn Simpson/SFtheWolf
Peter Coffin
(all checked with

And for bonus lolcow points he's also a fan of Zoe Quinn
And Kelly Ellis

What is it with Rat Kings and knives/crossbows and a propensity for violence?





It totally isn't toxic masculinity

After all, Adrienne is against that!

Thinks its okay to be a braggart just because he isn't homophobic or transphobic.

Reminder: this person whiteknights for alcoholic grifters and by-proxy convicted pedophiles declaring themselves to be morally superior because they have the correct politics.

Thinks liberals hate trannies

Christians are more dangerous to trannies than Muslims are.

Obligatory Thirst.

Transpeople make a really tiny percentage of the population, it's impossible for most bisexuals to be trannies.

As a final amusing note: recently Cohea was hit by a car but was fine.


Special thanks to @Hellfire, @zedkissed60, @Army Burger, and @Jaiman for help in digging for this OP.

KM 749

Twitter is like a skimming procedure that lets the cows' tard cum curdle their reputations and rise to the surface to be scooped out and roasted.

And shit, most of those comments in the OP were made within a period of 48 hours at the very least.
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"Liberals hate trans people at least as much if not more than conservatives."

Trans people? No. Gynephelic troons? Oh hell yeah. We're past get off my side, you make my side look bad, and finally realizing you were never on our side to begin with. Get rekt.

Also I think I'm going to name my gaming computer Chad.


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Does this groundbreaking 'recon' involve whining at Cloudflare on Twitter? Cos I think I might have deja vu from the last three times some random rat king troons claimed the same thing.


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He seems to like projecting this personality of a socially-conscious conspiracy-exposing hacker.. without actually exposing anything or doing anything of note.

I would pay money to watch him fight Skylar Ittner in cyberspace or IRL. They seem like 2 autistic peas in a pod if you discount the politics.

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Shilling for that thing Alex Leal was involved with, Hypatia

Fan of Peter Coffin

Thinks being agains extreme Political Correctness is anti-LGBT and racist (of course!)

Thinks schools exist to demonize queers? Thats a new one.

fucking cringe



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Note: Hatreon is such a fake piece of shit they banned us. Anyone trusting that shit service deserves the ass rape they will get the moment even a single autist throws a temper tantrum at their site.
The same service that allows ED and Richard Spencer banned kiwifarms. Makes sense to me.