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Fun fact. Apparently bleedingfool is shadowbanned by Google. The first three results are their twitter page and two subpages on the site, not the main site itself.


No space, gets you similar results.


Same thing with -- main site is not allowed on the results, only subpages.


Note how fucking GamerGhazi is one of the results in both -- the SJW troll sub dedicated to trying to harass GamerGate into oblivion.

Edit: Oh, nice, Nick saw this. Hi Nick!
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Pretend I have a waifu avatar like everyone else
"I don't think BitChute takes FLV files, which is how I record"

What the mother fuck? Is it 2005? What a fucking boomer. What software even supports exporting to FLV anymore?

Kosher Salt

Literally just "ffmpeg -i something.flv -c copy something.mkv" and it's done within seconds. It's about as fast as copying the file. You could batch script it and just do a whole folder of them if you wanted.

BitChute says it supports MKV, so unless it's weird about your codecs, it shouldn't be a problem.

edit: obviously you've got to go download ffmpeg first, but yeah.

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Wait, what's this about the founder of Slipshine killing himself?

Edit: This?

Edit: Found a tumblr:

Edit: And we had some discussion over in the Dobson thread about this when it happened, but no mention of suicide?

Iron Spike is an unprofessional asshole that is constantly butthurt. She doesn’t chimp enough to be a cow, but she’s constantly doing stuff like that. You’d think she’d be happy that she’s able to successfully publish other people’s work (though I’m not sure how much of a successful publisher you are when you have to crowdfund every book), but I think she’s really pissed that her own work isn’t good enough to sell to any of the major groups, something she blames on racism rather than not being very good.
Christ, what a suckup.

And yes, I can totally see the exact context of what you claimed based on a screenshot on SOMEOME YOUR FRIENDS WITH and with no comment form you.

Also, Dobson supporting a dox.

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Iron Spike is an unprofessional asshole that is constantly butthurt. She doesn’t chimp enough to be a cow, but she’s constantly doing stuff like that. You’d think she’d be happy that she’s able to successfully publish other people’s work (though I’m not sure how much of a successful publisher you are when you have to crowdfund every book), but I think she’s really pissed that her own work isn’t good enough to sell to any of the major groups, something she blames on racism rather than not being very good.
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This 4chan thread says he tried to kill himself because Spike Trotman rejected his rape comic.

This shouldn't be surprising as she was one of the founders of Burned Furs and is notorious for not being a fan of degeneracy.
I've read You Suck. It's about some fat nerd girl becoming roommates with a Succubus. It's nowhere near what I would call a "rape comic." The fuck.

Hell, it's even on Tapas now:

Aaaand Lesnick trooned out and is now Jackie Lesnick. I see.

Edit: Oh. I get it.

She claimed he was pushing her to publish his "rape comic" knowing he wouldn't be able to defend himself cause he was being unpersoned and as a sassy black woman she doesn't have to prove or clarify anything. That's what the "metoo for clout" thing was about. And then he tried to kill himself and everyone and their fucking mother went dead fucking silent about it.

It's the Zoe Quinn situation all over again.
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What happened to his beard?

Also, in whatever the Slipshine thing is about, is there more of an explanation anywhere? There's too many pseudonyms and names I don't recognise too understand the context.
Trying to find information. Apparently Lesnick, the founder, is a bit of a dick to people - but this is coming from people who think everything is harassment and literal nazi fascists attacking them, so who knows? Webcomic artists are EXTREME lefty, and in the same vein as print comics, music, etc, the lefties drive everyone not lefty out of the industry.

I don't remember when it happened but I do remember back before GG, Lesnick "stepped down" and suddenly Hiveworks was in charge of Slipshine, with all kinds of platitudes about how they loved Lesnick, bold new strategy for the site, how he has an open invitation to create anything for them, etc etc. Apparently as part of his suicide tweets, apparently Lesnick claimed that his site was stolen from him. Looking on 4chan, I guess David Willis (who is a gigantic tool) was involved somehow.



Note that these were posted Oct 27/28 2017, right before Lesnick's suicide attempt. Iron Spike's post was... Oct 25th?

And I guess, like all great and wonderful people, the SJWs still kinda wish he had succeeded



When I asked a few webcomics guys I know, I was told NOT to ask because no one wants to piss Hiveworks off. I guess Hiveworks is the US Webcomics Cabal? I guess they control hosting and ads for a lot of webcomics? The impression I've gotten is that basically all the artists at Slipshine (a lot of who are also Hiveworks webcomic artists) went to Lesnick and told him he'd either sell his site to Hiveworks at a song or they'd blacklist the site / demand he take down their porn comics and destroy the site. Basically what Piro did to Largo with Megatokyo. (Edit: To head off that question, Piro basically told Largo if Largo didn't give up his rights to half of Megatokyo Piro would quit and destroy the project. Largo, the writer, agreed to quit rather than see it destroyed. That's why after a certain point Megatokyo turns into Piro's shitty take on dating sims.)


Lesnick trooned out, so is probably pretty far left, but is apparently still on the naughty list:


Because even as late as a year ago he was openly begging people for financial help.


Apparently back in November 2014 they got a pinch hitter artist to take over Lesnick's slipshine comic. Did they steal his latest comic from him too?


Alright, enough autism. The big generic takeaway is this:

As early as 2014 Lesnick was running basically a paid subscription service that let a lot of artist types sell porn comics -- Slipshine, named after Lesnick's "glossy" art style when doing porn. It was successful enough that he was able to make a living running the site and doing his own comics, which is no small feat now yet alone back then; and most mentions of Slipshine et all have artists mentioning that Slipshine helped them get started and become financially sound.

Sometime in 2014 Hiveworks moved in on Slipshine; Hiveworks being a comic and graphic novel publisher focused on the US webcomics industry. Sort of a modern day keenspot or what have you. They sell merch, print versions of books, and handle online ads for webcomics. A loooooot of webcomics. Without PLing, someone who is more involved in this shit than I am told me they're basically trying to be the "official" publisher of Western Webcomics, and no one wants to piss them off because they'll blacklist you and then you're fucked for ad revenue and have to go self publishing et all. (There's apparently a reason everyone and their mother are going with the Korean webtoons hosts instead nowadays, even working with the corrupt as fuck Koreaboos is preferable to working with Hiveworks; Patreon and Subscribestar have also both significantly lessened their influence.)

The explanation I was given was it was an open secret that they basically blackmailed Lesnick into selling them Slipshine, but I have nothing public I can link to about this, other than Lesnick's suicide tweets where he claims Slipshine was "taken from him."

By 2015, Lesnick apparently stepped away from Slipshine entirely, but "had an open invitation to work for the site." At the same time Hiveworks moved one of their big names in to take control fully. It's important to note that despite having a shitload of really popular comics back in the day, absolutely none of that shit is on Hiveworks, Lesnick's stuff is actually on the korean hosts instead, and his stuff on Slipshine hasn't been updated in years. In fact, Slipshine even got a pinch-hitter artist to replace him on one of his comics, Doctor Voluptua in ... November 2014, in the middle of all of this going down. Oh, and somehow apparent noted woke scumfuck David Willis was suddenly pushing porn "parodies" of his shitty as hell webcomics on Slipshine, which Hiveworks was pushing HARD when they started up. (I remember THAT because he advertised them as being a "take that" against GamerGate, then refused to provide any evidence of GamerGate actually giving a shit that he wanted to draw crappy porn of his crappy webcomic.)

Two years later, he was apparently begging that Spike... chick? Troon?... for help publishing his semi-successful comic "You Suck" (he wasn't going through Hiveworks/Slipshine. Wonder why.) only to have her openly cancel him leaking a shitload of DMs and tossing out the full deck of sexism/racism/etc cards, including claiming his comic was a "rape comic." He then tried to off himself, and MOST of these people shut the fuck up real goddamned quick and went DFE over it, because oh hey, it turns out when you take someone who has made a career as a cartoonist and steal their business and blacklist and publicly cancel them they occasionally actually go through with what you are telling them to do.

If this sounds kinda familiar -- down on their luck emotionally unstable person losing their entire career because of a woke lynch mob, woke activist leech friend betrays confidence to join in for clout, unstable person takes the easy way out -- it should; it's literally what Zoe Quinn would do 3 years later to Alec Holowka, blatantly lying about him being sexually improper with her to join in on a lynch mob for clout, only for them to underestimate how badly off he was mentally. Alec was successful; Lesnick survived his attempt. This "Iron Spike" weirdo literally is the Black Zoe Quinn.

Since all this he vanished off the net for a while, but he's apparently partnered with Fakku, trooned out, started working with the Korean webcomic host companies, et cetera. I do wonder if he trooned out in order to try and increase his oppression score, though. Because a lot of the people who canceled him wouldn't dare cancel a troon. His author avatar remains the old "Josh" avatar, complete with beard and glasses, too.
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