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Oh god Nick's exploring eroge visual novels.

I'm kinda sorry not sorry that this Vic case exposed Nick to the degeneracy of Japanese anime culture.


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TUG: There's still a Polygon article about it.
Kiki Farms: Bitch, we have archives of all the versions of it ....somewhere in one of these threads.

Nick (talking about us): If you mess up, they will spit-roast you harder than Drexel and his dudes!
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"Shane, you live in a shoe box. You ate the contents and moved it." --Rekieta

Damn, such a great joke for being off-the-cuff.
I'm always impressed when people do that. It means they whip together associations and comic timing at high speed in their heads even faster than the conversation they're having.


Double Merlin FTW
If Nick is going to be reading Japanese Eroge, I have two I need him to see.

The first one is Saya no Uta, that one is f* up while still being interesting.
The second one is...School Days. Because if he can survive Shane and Mr/Ms. Ronald without getting an aneurysm, he can survive that monstrosity.

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