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I'm crossposting from the main Weeb Wars thread because we finally got what time we're gonna have a MBA Killstream on D-Live.

Also, ladies and gentlemen. The MBA Killstream is TONIGHT on D-Live at 9:30 PM Eastern Time! Don't miss it!


I'm not disagreeing, but we might as well have used him as much as possible before he got yeeted off the site.
AnOminous recently posted all the rest of the documents. Read through them if you like.

After he got the boot I was hoping Ron would contact more people. I never did get to find out which wife he preferred to hit and why.
Maybe one day he'll follow through and join up to Kiwi Farms. Then you, too, can ask him stupid questions while he's buried in negative ratings.


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Chupp's decision was terrible, but that is why we have a court of appeals. It is my prediction that Ty is going to rebound and present the clear mishandling of the case by Chupp and they will be back in court again soon. Ty has said he is willing to take this all the way up to the Texas Supreme Court. It isn't over.
That's fucking brutal, man this is gonna kill MoRon and Jamie. FUNI will survive cuz of their money.
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1.) The feet thing is an autistic 'joke' on Nick's Discord form the more exceptional members.

2.) If Nick knows you long enough and you aren't exceedingly reeeetarded, you may be asked to be a mod. Of course if you're like our resident "race realist" Faticati, you try to buy your way to modship and get put down like you were born a girl in China (no really, this bitch tried to pay to be a mod on Nick's Discord server...he's banned from the Farms, BTW, and won't shut up about it).

3.) Not a day goes by the Internet Tough Guys don't show up.
Jesus, sounds like Nick's discord is in some dire need of some chlorine.

People pay for that? Pass.
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I'ma report you to SecDef Trump.
Oh wow, I didn't know Nick gave him a second chance (snarkily). Why is it the so-called twitter experts in the nebulous lawtwitter and orbiters all think they're way more important than they are? Nick gets people like the creator of Earthworm Jim on his stream doing custom Jim illustrations on camera for free, but a fat lady who draws birds on instagram thinks she should be paid to appear on his stream and bore people. I'd assume it's their form of cowardice, so they can crow about how they want on but not actually get on, but with JMK I'm not sure. He's so dogged I feel like he's dumb enough to actually think he's important and should be paid.
He never did articulate why Nick should have him on, something I have tried to get through to him. You only have one chance to make a good first impression, but JMK's "reason" as to why Nick should bring him on was because he was a critic, and thus should be given a platform on Nick's stream. Nick then said that that wasn't a good enough reason, and then said that bringing him on would make him money because people would pay to call him a cuck (hyperbolic statement). JMK then tried the "you're a capitalist so you should embrace me making you money" route, ignoring that the money Nick would make that day would have been money he'd have made beforehand, it's just instead of people shilling their YouTube channels and GoFundMe shit, they'd just be saying that JMK is a cuck. Personally, in Nick's shoes I wouldn't bring him on after that, either, because I'm against people being okay that they're a laughingstock.

I don't have law eyes and only skimmed it, but I don't see much of interest in there. I think it says that his first ex wife originally got little Ron, then they split it, and then Soye did something so bad that it reverted all the way back to her, got him banned from ever speaking to his first ex ever again, and caused court mandated anger management classes. He also, I think, stopped paying support and ended up $20k behind at some point.

Unless I missed something, there doesn't seem much more to get out of the rest of the papers. The exciting stuff got dropped in first.

Well looks like he is gonna be bringing up different cases discussed awhile back.

edit:well not out of a job technically as it could still expand coverage to different people.
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Nick is late to start his stream because he took a serrated bladed arrow to the knee. Also because he's gay.

I'll be here all week. Try the London Broil!

Edited to add: are we sure there's no cap on how exceptional one can be and still be mod of Nick's chat? Because holy fuck, the mods are some goddamn tards!

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