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Watched last night's video on the way in. Dam Vic laid it out like a BOSS. VIc doesn't need to rant and rave or call people names to be powerful.

Vic's was really good in his unlocked stream. The dude firmly laid it out there in a classy, commanding way that got his point across. Vic comes across as a man. The spergs on the other side come across as fatherless betas that attack in packs because they are too cowardly to go toe to toe against a real man.

Someone should do a Virgin Nick vs. Chad Vic Meme.
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Who the fuck is Casanova? Kasanova. However the fuck you spell his name.

The hell kind of name is Mekel?
He’s the host of the Hawaiicon podcast and has interviewed many voice actors, including Vic back in September. He also incurred the wrath of Amanda Winn Lee and a few voice actors because of his interview with Vic. Going to be very interested to hear his thoughts tonight.


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Nick knows about Tahiti?
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EDIT: So, Sean Chiplock (Revali in Breath of the Wild) is a KickVic douche canoe.
And Corey Marshall (Ryo Hazuki in Shenmue III), too.
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Kasanova mentioned the voice for Revali from Breath Of The Wild. That's Sean Chiplock.

Who apparently can't tell the difference between a criminal sexual assault case and a civil defamation/interference case.

Welp. Another VA I liked for the disappointment pile.

another VA (from Shenmue 3) is also KV it seems. From behind the voice actors, we have Corey Marshall, Kyle McCarley or Greg Chun.


how could you
All of Sean Chiplocks tweets involving Vic:

View attachment 1110863

I had NO idea I could archive advanced search results until now. That's helpful to know.
Well, at least he hasn't gone full anti-Vic sperging.

A charitable interpretation of his warning to Kasanova was he didn't want the KickVic harpies badgering him, but I dunno. I don't have much charity left.