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That's nice.

... All of Ron's posts have been archived, right?

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Edit: Looking at it, it looks like someone archived each and every page of his forum thread. (Hi Ty's Tech Guy!)
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I figured for the people who didn't have their heads and their wallets stuck firmly up Nick's ass, it would be funny to laugh at the potato tranny going around doxing actual women and calling them whales.
Nobody cares about trans people for being trans people. We care about trans people who do shit like suing cosmetologists that won't wax their balls or who get put on trust and safety councils of popular websites after complaining about the supposed bigotry of the majority of the site's users. Again, not all trans people are toons.

The reason they wanted to hide their identity is because they helped run Cons and were using private information they gathered to dox people.
That's lame if true (feel free to provide evidence). But that has nothing to do with her being trans.

Especially funny when Nick wants to act uppity and like he has the moral authority when people dox Dax on his show.
It was pretty clear from that stream that Nick didn't condone that at all.

Emperor Pilaf
It still amazes me just how much Ron and Rial sound like broken records that skip with everything up to this point. I am thankful Nick has been covering all this in an entertaining way. Gonna watch the rest of the stream after it's over to see the first guest segment before Ken was called in.