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"Now I can say I ate Monica Rial."

That's exceptional. But based on the utter stupidity of HR that I've dealt with, if they had a real HR department, that would be enough to get him in trouble. Basically, if the wammyn complained, they'd coddle them and punish him because he's less likely to throw a tantrum.

I forget what reason Nick gave for not sharing this story. But I think it's cause I wouldn't believe him weeks ago when he first got it relayed to him. This is so dumb.


So the investigation is based off some stories
First one is after talking to a co worker for something like a year by text message, vic had a consentual kiss with a coworker. 100% consentual. the other story is vic is at a convention with Monica Rial, they are at tables near eachother. talking back and forth and monica has jellybeans and vic asked her for a jellybean or she offered. consentual. so monica picks up the jellybean and autographs the jellybean as a joke and throws the jellybean to vic and vic and eats it and says "now i can say i ate monica rial"
This is the FUNi investigation's hard evidence

WOW. I was sure of my prediction because then at least you've got he was a molester trying to touch up the genital / arse area under the cover of jelly beans.


Welp, this satisfies the "one Monica Rial gross-out joke per stream" quota for tonight. And no one had to donate to give one this time.

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