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I'm sorry but that isn't really a good argument at all. Look at it like this;

Hurt hearts seek answers. If your friends are right about one thing and you have a great deal of hate, wouldn't it be easy to believe the other things?

Don't hold these statements against Specht just yet. Look at this objectively and you'll understand.
I'd like to respond with "hurting people hurt people" - it's a natural response to lash out against something that hurt you, and even more when you've let it get so close to you. Misery loves company, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and so on. If you're going to use the statement of a person hurt by another person, then you have to understand there's going to be bias in that statement.
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You make some good points. Was she pretty good friends with Monica, or other VAs? Then again, a hurt person may believe someone they are lightly acquainted with if they show sympathy to your situation and offer you a chance for retribution. Add in that the retribution is in the name of justice, and it seems like a good offer, in the short-term tho.
I don't personally know if they're well acquainted. I'm just hesitant to berate what appears to be a hurt ex girlfriend until I have more information.

I'm sure we will eventually see Spechts true colors, especially since her affidavit appears to be more like upset venting than damning evidence. Maybe MoRon offered her a method of revenge and she took it without thinking too hard on it. She may also not know as much about what is going on as us.

MoRon will probably want a more concrete statement from her if their TCPA bites it, especially since statements from her might carry some weight (if not in court then especially online).

Basically, stay tuned and evaluate. I'd need more info on her before I made a judgement call myself.
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Re: toxic debate
Wasn't this a huge shitshow before Nick even was involved? Looking through his archives I put it at Feb 11 when this first got brought up. The ANN debunk and the fake swatting and the Pensacon "bomb threat" and Rial talking with DHS etc all that crap was in the rearview by then.


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According to The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition:

shock jock
For what that's worth. I don't think Nick's deliberately offensive, though. Unless taking the time to make sure you're right about something before saying it is offensive. In which case, sure.
Its what their boomer minds percieve Nick's internet work as. They're stuck in the 90s with the shock jock Howard Stern era.
A man who normally goes out of his away to avoid using swear words clearly meets the definition of "deliberately offensive."
The strange thing about "offensive"'s only offensive to people if they choose to be offended by it.
ANd these boneheads are choosing as hard as they can
I'd say he's deliberately provocative
At least Rekieta is capable of roasting any asshole on sight while having no shits to give. (I'm actually a Rekieta fangirl BTW.)