Nicole Alvarado Sanchez / Neekolul / Nialvar / "Ok Boomer Girl" - Hypocritical socialist who mooches off her sugar daddy



Nicole Alvarado Sanchez was born July 14, 1997, in California and currently resides in Dallas TX. She created the neeko twitch channel in 2017 but almost nobody watched her until she went viral in 2020. She was arrested in 2018 in Fresno County for domestic violence.


Rise to Fame
She rose to fame in March of 2020 when she uploaded a video on her TikTok account lipsyncing to senzawa's "ok boomer" (archive)

Since then, she has constantly advertised herself as a selfless socialist "teenager" and even once made a "eat the rich" speech:

"I just ate a cup o'noodle myself, but Jeff Bezos is out there eating a $1,000 steak, in his trillion dollar mansion, and then what are you doing, what are we doing, we're here on my stream eating a cup o'noodle. Alright? Exactly, you got to eat the rich, exactly."

"Girls should be worshipped" Fiasco
In a livestream fail, she said the following words:
"I just don't understand what's wrong with like to worshiping a girl there's nothing wrong with that okay girls deserve to be worshipped all right not saying specifically me okay but girls should be worshipped!"
It had a backlash as you could imagine. Here is the clip.

Twitter Simp Wars
This has no relation to the rest of the story, but nevertheless a noticeable event in the timeline. She once said on a stream that she had a boyfriend and she lost 250k followers and her account was locked by twitter due to suspicious activity.
Screenshot (95).png

Charlie's video covering the initial topic: (Archive)

Which lead to a "simp witch hunt" and a second video from Charlie: (Archive)

Outed as a Hypocrite
She was outed as a hypocrite in the May of 2020 when old tweets of her reappeared making fun of low wage workers.

It didn't help that this "eat the rich" girl was found to be dating a rich man in his late 20s and had spent thousands of dollars on her boob job.

More info: (Archive) (Archive)

A photo of her and her sugar daddy:

She has registered Neekolul as a company in Texas ( under the name Neekolul LLC, the reason is probably to be able to copyright strike content that uses her username under the pretense of an actual brand.

Also here is a video explaining the recent expose by @Memology 101 about her massive hypocrisy:

Nicole Alvarado Sanchez
2619 McKinney Ave #604
Dallas TX 75204
DOB July 14, 1997 (age 22)

Family home address
2593 Menlo Ave
Clovis CA 93611

parents: Teresa Sanchez Padilla and Mauricio Alvarado ( (

Twitter: (Archive)
Tiktok: (Archive)
Instagram: (Archive)
Twitch: (Archive)
Facebook: (
Youtube: (Archive)
Backstage: (
Neekolul LLC: (

Partner name: Nick Brotman / Nicholas Arianto Brotman (DOB September 13, 1990)
Instagram: (Archive)
Linkedin: (Archive)
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In ancient Greece statues tear you down
This is probably the best example of modern leftwing women, shes only intrested in displaying the virtues of the leftwing becuase its widely seen as acceptable, all the while at the same time shes maintaining the pampered lifestyle that can only be afforded by capitalism. I recall there was a massive shitshow when her loyal fans discovered she had a partner, she lost several thousand tik tok followers in a short space of time.

I recall there was a massive shitshow when her loyal fans discovered she had a partner, she lost several thousand tik tok followers in a short space of time.
Yes, the biggest blow as I said was on her twitter, where she lost 250,000 followers in a day, which was about 66% of her followers at the time.

Also can anyone please find her "eat the rich" clip? It's approximately about the same time jeff bezos's donation. It's arguably the most important clip regarding the recent events.

How old is she? How old is her sugar daddy?
How did she get so many followers?
Does she really have fake-tits?
She is supposed to be 23 although she might be lying, according to the first news article above.
Her partner is 30 and supposedly a talent manager, his instagram is @NickBrotman
Yes, she admitted that she had a boob job. View attachment 1311570
She hasn't released nudes (yet) if you're too horny check out her instagram
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True & Honest Fan
Can't help but feel *a little* bad for this girl.

Getting plastic surgery to get rid of perceived imperfections is something that should be heavily discouraged. It just kinda shows how warped society's idea of "beauty" is.

Plus being married to someone who's significantly older and rich implies some grooming and emotional manipulation.

If she is 23 or someone who's around that age, I can't really blame her too much for getting sucked into this poisonous kind of lifestyle. You're still young and stupid at that age and susceptible to outside pressure.

Doesn't excuse her behavior regarding simping and low wage workers though. She's clearly a spoiled little brat in that regard.

EDIT: Just realized something about the rich part. Nothing wrong particularly with marrying someone who happens to be rich. It's the significantly older part that bothers me.
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In ancient Greece statues tear you down
Hundreds of thousands of simp followers, married to a rich guy, and set for life? I can respect the hustle.

I'm also not at all surprised she hates wagies on minimum wage, all these 'eat the rich' types who are made of money do as well
Its again what the modern left has devolved into, the middle classes advocating for the rights of workers from an ivory tower is great but they cant hide their disdain for the unwashed masses when they come face to face with them.