Nicole Alvarado Sanchez / Neekolul / Nialvar / "Ok Boomer Girl" - Hypocritical socialist who mooches off her sugar daddy

e of book “reviewers” that the YA community attracts.
I've seen this pic floating around /pol/ for some time now. Seems to match:
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Anyways, I'm convinced she'll age like milk.
An hero have remembered to archive her tweet with


She deleted the original.

EDIT: Link and archive:


So, this really her on the picture, lol. She looks like an average latina.
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@LiarTranny OP could use some work and some fixing:
  • Give us some kind of introduction and some background into who she is. Starting off with her viral clip doesn't tell us much beyond, "Oh I recognize that video!"
  • Sections help break up information to be a lot easier to process. As is, there's practically no reason to have them. Provide more info for each one.
    • Particularly for the "Twitter Follower Loss Meme" section, see if you can incorporate people's reactions to it – mainly the guys who were simping hard for her and were then upset to hear about her relationship. A single image of a graph is boring.
  • While I don't entirely believe that the tweets and videos are fake, try and add sources (links and archives) for them. Don't just rely on lifting them off a single online tabloid as your main source.
  • Either add to OP or remove any extraneous attachments you have.
    • Download, attach and add the video that @LeCoq provided. Right now it's simply appearing as "View Attachment."
  • Not at all necessary, but it would be helpful to have a full name and/or dox available.
  • Lastly, what has she been up to lately? Is she trying to scrape by what little popularity/recognition she has left from that viral video? She's still got it clearly pinned to her Twitter and has been fairly active on that platform, so it's not like she's completely vanished.
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How old is she? How old is her sugar daddy?
How did she get so many followers?
Does she really have fake-tits?
If you're that horny for her, just look at shadman's drawings of her and Belle Delphine.

If you're a deviant looking to jerk to some ethots. :POGGERS: :MONKAS: :OMEGALUL:

Did I do the simp twitch emotes right?

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We have a saying in Spanish that goes: "Aunque la mona se vista de seda, mona siempre se queda."
I don't remember the English equivalent of it.
"Although the monkey is dressed in silk, it always remains a monkey"?
My Spanish is more than a bit rusty from disuse, but I hope I got the gist of it right.
It's a cool expression though, and very true. I will have to keep that one in mind.

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Getting real sick and tired of this heavy blush use on noses. These thots are a dime a dozen and none of them want to break the mold.