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Ass eating cunt

I come home from work this past weekend and hear noise in my backyard.

I go and look, and the gate is open, and there is a truck parked in my side yard, but at least the house is secure (it has an alarm with about 7 motion detectors, entry sensors for every door/window, glass-break sensors, etc.)

Anyway, the only way to open the fence is from the inside, so it turns out a buck jumped my fence and opened it for its friends.

I tell them to get the f*** out of my pool and leave immediately. One looks at me and asks, "who is you?"

*I have my wife calling the cops, and I take down the licence plates*

I answered, "I am the property owner, and you are trespassing - leave."

It responds, "Why is it you has dis nice poo and you not willin' to share. We ain't hurtin' anything bein here. Why can't we stay?"

Me, "I am NOT debating this with you. Leave. Now!"

Nigger, "Why can't we all just get along? Do you want a conflict?"

Me, "I want you out of my pool off my property."

Nigger: "Why is you creating all this conflict?"

Me: "I am NOT creating conflict. You are."

Nigger: "How is my swimming here is creating conflict?"

Me: "You jumped the fence of private property and just started swimming. It is YOU who created the conflict, and you need to leave my pool."

Nigger: "What makes it just your poo?"

Me: "I f******* paid for it. Leave."

* I then take pictures of them *

They have the audacity to then *prepare yourself* call the police and report that "I am a creeper taking pictures of their children."

Anyway, the police sent a fucking nigger who asks them to leave. I explain to the nigger that I want them all served no-trespassing warnings such that if they EVER trespass again they get arrested, and he won't do it.

Instead, he wants to spend 20 minutes asking me questions about what fucking pictures I took of wild animals in my back-yard (AKA children).

As they left, one lady smiled, waved and said, "we will be back to swim next weekend."


I do NOT live in a nigger neighborhood. These assholes came from 5 miles away just casing neighborhoods nicer than theirs to swim.

*UPDATE* The Chief of police is white and called to apologize (though he never said sorry) he basically indicated he understood why I was taking pictures and acknowledged that is my right to do. That said f*** him for hiring niggers.


Well, it just so happens that coincidentally, I bought 90 pounces of shock, and I am going to sanitize my ceastpool throwing in a little too much super-chlorine friday night. ....................


I love the way these inbred wonders just buy into any tall tale someone posts, no matter how far out it is.
The Virgin schizophrenic vs The Chad nigger pack

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You mean purple drink?
Isn't purple drink a mix of cough syrup, sprite and alcohol?

I was convinced this site was mostly racist boomers but I see there must be /pol/ rejects too if they have people sperging about superhero moving pictures.
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