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Most likely grape soda/Kool aid. But most adult Negros substitute it for a mixture of numerous alcoholic beverages that turn black or purple like
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Sailor Haumea
I remember meeting Tom Shelly at a party for the first time. He walked up to me, shook my hand, and introduced himself: "You know, even though niggers are only 13% of the United States population, they account for over 80% of the violent crimes. Nigger chimps are subhuman scum that need to be shipped back to Africa." Then he offered me some coke. I didn't accept it, partly because I didn't have any money, but mostly because he wanted me to use his asshole as a straw.

nagant 1895
Necro'ing this thread to post one man's masterwork of speculative fiction about a world where everyone outside of Africa is killed in a nuclear holocaust.

"I began to insert typos into this story because it was supposed to be written by a fucking nigger. "
Post the text then. The IT guy here covers for my browsing the farms because he's cool but I don't wanna push my luck with

Cryonic Haunted Bullets

Niemals schlafen! Alles Lügen!
Post the text then. The IT guy here covers for my browsing the farms because he's cool but I don't wanna push my luck with
It's long as fuck, with a cohesive canon and frame story that puts The Arabian Nights to shame, but I'll bite the bullet:
Main Story said:
Chapter 1 Nigger World

May 26th, 2058

Lagos, niggeria

Nigger John Adebisi was staring at the local TV, very worried.

Three weeks ago Pakistan launched a sudden nuclear attack on Israel causing the Israeli Samson Option to activate and strike most of the Muslim world. Within a few days the United States, Russia, China, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, India and many other states were dragged into the total war. Drones, ethnic biological weapons and other WMDs were used. Humanity was completely exterminated by dangerous military AIs used by the nations above as well as the WMDs.

Only niggers were left. They were too dumb to create any WMDs and nobody bothered to use WMDs against them. Niggers alone survived. Dangerous military robots out of control were still roaming in Europe, Asia, North America and North Africa though some robots had already ceased to function due to lack of electricity. Dead robots from many nations were already lying in the Saharan Desert. Human civilization was destroyed forever simply because humanity was no more. With the entire world reduced to niggerdom there was no more civilization left. In fact the news nigger Adebisi was watching was mostly from old news of America and other human countries before their unfortunate disappearance. Niggers obviously did not have the ability to even verify what's going on outside Sub-Saharan Africa. There was no more internet due to the malware and military robots released during the war.

Nigger Adebisi was a really intelligent Yoruba nigger with an IQ of 105 from a family of corrupt senior Lagosian officials. It was a apefirmative action Computer Science major at Columbia University. It avoided the Russian nuke targetting New York because it returned to niggeria for the summer break.

Despite being literally the student with the worst GPA in the department whose main interest in life was seducing white women despite having a niggerian girlfriend, nigger Adebisi was still very knowledgeable by nigger standards. Nigger Adebisi immediately realized that there was a serious supply problem, namely how were the niggers ever going to obtain supplies as they were extremely dependent on humans for everything? Since niggers could produce almost nothing by themselves how were they even supposed to get their food, medicine, computers and literally everything else? YTs used to provide them wheat flour, chicken and medicine. All their mobile phones and roads were from China. All their vehicles were produced either by whites or Asians. All their airplanes were built mostly by whites. Without humans how can Africa function at all even by nigger standards?

Drinking a cup of palm wine nigger Adebisi decided to forget about the problem at least for a while. "Whatever." thought the nigger, "I will finish the cup of wine, fuck 10 women (i.e. sheboons) and then think about what should be done."


Chapter 2 Global Chaos

May 28th, 2058

Tokyo, Japan

A group of formerly owned dogs were roaming on the streets. Tokyo was completely destroyed by a Chinese nuke and biological weapons. Completely depopulated, nobody remained in Tokyo other than a few illegal niggers and nigger diplomats.

Nobody and certainly not the niggers there knew what would happen in the future. The nuke caused many dogs to become mutants, several groups of them would later evolve to an intelligent species that would replace extinct humans and revive civilizations. The niggers in Tokyo definitely could not imagine that there would be one day when intelligent dogs would cross the Red Sea on dog-designed boats and would defeat the niggers. The descendants of niggers would not be able to escape from the dogs for the dogs would be much smarter and much more competent than their descendants.


May 30th, 2058

Detroit, United States

It had been 16 days since YTs and other humans mysteriously died. The local niggers were very angry because there were no more gibz left. It was the end of May and niggers really wanted gibz right now.

Angry niggers were looting human-owned (seriously how many nigs own businesses?!) stores. Niggers also used pistols to fight against each other leading to many niggers getting deleted. After the death of humanity even a minor injury could often be fatal to a nigger simply because niggers did not understand medicine nor can they replenish medical supplies. A lot of medicine in hospitals requiring low temperature was no longer usable simply because niggers forgot to supply electricity to the hospitals.

Gunshots were already less common compared to what happened when law and order first broke down simply due to lack of ammo. Niggers didn't even know how to manufacture bullets which is why ammo supply rapidly declined. Many niggers simply ran out of ammo. Nigger gangs began to look for weapons and ammo in formerly YT-owned stores in the suburbs. This was very hard since Detroit already almost ran out of gas because niggers were neither capable of preserving the oil industry nor were they capable of maintaining the oil supply from Texas to Detroit. As a result nig gang members mostly rode bicycles. Only gang leaders still drove vehicles.


May. 31st, 2058

Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw was entirely depopulated by ethnic biological weapons. Nobody knew who released such weapons at all. Only niggers were left. A few illegal niggers as well as nig diplomats were all that were left in the Warsaw Metropolitan Area.

These niggers were basically scavengers. They ate food from the stores without producing any. Many also raped female and male corpses. This weird group of niggers would live like that for many years. When intelligent Tokyo dogs arrived at what used to be Warsaw about seven thousand years later they would find a weird nigger hunter-gatherer tribe which would call itself "da Dyplomots[1]" who would probably be their descendants. The dogs would defeat them in a single battle simply because they would be so primitive to the point that they would not even develop agriculture.

What was happening in Warsaw was also happening in many other capitals with only very few niggers who were mostly diplomats. They often evolved into hunter gatherer tribes with the name a corrupted version of "African" or "Diplomat" in English or some local language. Since the word "diplomat" was so common as a word many niggers would use to refer to themselves in the lingua franca for dogs many years later, Abmish, the word for niggers would be "daplam". "Daplam" would refer to both niggers and violent animals because to dogs niggers would be just one species of violent animals.


Jun. 1st, 2058

Different groups of niggers were mostly completely isolated from each other. In fact niggers from Maine still had no contact with niggers from California at all since the calamities. Globally a serious shortage of oil took place as niggers were almost entirely incapable of refining any oil. There were no more planes, internet or even a functional mail system any more. Other than very few elites as well as very rich niggers living near low-quality refineries such as nigger Adebisi nobody could drive any more.

A very dark future lied before the surviving niggers simply because they were incapable of self-sufficiency.


Chapter 3 Cannibals and Snow

Dec. 12th, 2058

Cold regions with a high nigger population density suffered the most in the first post-WWIII winter. While niggers in places such as Warsaw and Moscow were so few in members that they could continue to eat food from the stores and wear clothes taken from them. On the other hand in North America, Britain and France niggers were reduced to acute mass starvation.

Gangs no longer dealt drugs any more as niggers were utterly incapable of replenishing their supplies of drugs any more. Since they had almost no supply of guns niggers had been using knives as their primary weapons for at least three months. One single city was a world for niggers as intercity travel became almost impossible. Here "city" simply refers to an urban area without any political implications as these niggers were largely utterly without any government or law. "Country" was no longer a meaningful term as lack of communication had made effective governance of even a Maine-sized entity impossible for the niggers.

Even gang leaders and the richest niggers no longer had any access to any gas in North America any more. The same was true in Europe. There was technically natural gas in Russia. However it was not produced in Moscow so the Moscow niggers could not access it. All over the world outside a few places such as some parts of angola and niggeria oil and petro products no longer existed.


Dec. 17th, 2058

Flint, United States

It was a very cold morning. The weather was snowy. The frozen nigger, Quantavious Jackson, was eating a meal. What was it eating? Well, it was eating a part of the body of its sow, Shanaynay. One day before the hungry nigger Quantavious killed its sow because there was literally no more food it could afford, not even at DeAndre's Shop. Nigger Quantavious did not even cook its breakfast simply because it had no idea how to cook anything without natural gas paid for by YTs. Nigger Quantavious was eating the uncooked flesh of its ugly sow which was no longer that obese after the sow not having eaten much in the past 4 months. Unlike Warsaw niggers and Seoul niggers who enjoyed much higher quality of life due to very low population density Flint niggers did not even have enough human corpses let alone animals and plants to eat. Instead they simply began to eat grasses, leaves and kill each other for food. One piece of sow flesh, snowflakes and some leaves were all nigger Quantavious had for breakfast.

Quantavious saw less and less niglets and sheboons on the streets over time. How long would it take until all that would be left in Flint would be adult bucks? Eating a snowflake the nigger was sad. It would miss the muh coochie of niggress Shanaynay simply because it had already digested it. "When will I fuck another woman (i.e. sheboon) ever? Most women (i.e. niggresses) in Flint have already been eaten." thought Quantavious. It desired to leave Flint but did not even know how to do so.


In the city center of Flint there were a few nigger bucks armed with knives because they no longer had ammo. They were members of a nigger gang. A few niggresses were stripped and tied lying on a bloody ground. A lot of pieces of nigger body parts piled up beside them. The bucks were selling both sheboon flesh and sheboon sex. This place was known as DeAndre's Shop, named after the gang leader DeAndre DeShawn Quantavious James.

A buck yelled at passerbys, "250 dollah for muh dikking, 40 dollah for a pound of meat!"

After a nigger customer paid about 9000 dollars a gang member beheaded a sow begging for its lives and cut it into pieces. The customer then used several bags to take the pile of niggress flesh home. The customer was of course armed with a knife for there were many robbers that were interested in robbing its food.

The remaining tied niggresses were crying while the gang members were laughing. They were all kidnapped by the gang that instead of selling drugs began to sell nigger flesh.


Chapter 4 Early post-catastrophe Apefrican trade

Mar. 10th, 2059

Lagos, niggeria

Nigger Adebisi did not really know whether niggeria existed any more. Theoretically niggeria still existed. In practice it was no longer real as communication between Abuja and Lagos was very hard to maintain. "Niggeria" had a lot of oil, even oil refineries staffed by niggers. However since almost all the oil was in the Niger Delta oil was now very expensive outside it. Igbo traders now regularly delivered oil to Lagos and other Western niggerian cities as well as coastal parts of cameroon on boats. Oil was expensive but it at least still existed. On the oil boats other things were also delivered such as letters and other goods. For all purposes coastal niggeria still existed in the sense that the niggerian flags were still flying on the government buildings. However local governments were more or less independent fiefdoms. The Niger Delta was now the de facto center of niggeria, West Apefrica and in fact the entire world.

Nigger Adebisi had become a merchant. The sea route was almost entirely monopolized by the Igbos. However it was still possible to get on an Igbo boat, bringing some merchandise and selling them along the way especially since it had an Igbo girlfriend. During the last 3 months nigger Adebisi had been to pretty much all the major coastal cities of niggeria as well as cities along the Niger River. Now based in Port Harcourt nigger Adebisi pretty much only returned to Lagos to see its relatives and sell & buy goods.

Niggeria was actually the richest place (not really a country any more, right now it was only a geographical concept) in the entire world right now. Well, or at least the part of it connected to the oil trade. Abuja wasn't entirely cut off from the oil trade. However since land travel was required to deliver anything from a port to Abuja oil and goods produced in southern niggeria tended to be fairly expensive. Sahelian niggers did maintain a desert trade route using camels and horses so it was actually possible to buy Somali goods in cities such as Kaduna. Gold and oil were the universal currencies all over Sub-Saharan Africa.

After saying goodbye to family and friends, nigger Adebisi took its niggress, the Igbo Jessica Udene of Enugu and jumped on a ship owned by the Udenes in the Lagos Harbour. This time they would travel to northern niggeria and buy some metals from the Hausas. These metals were from dead human-made military robots left in the Sahara Desert. Niggers couldn't build robots. However high-quality metal was very expensive precisely since niggers couldn't produce it. After returning from the trip it planned to marry Jessica in its hometown and formally start the Udene-Adebisi business empire.


During the winter there was about a 10% population decline in Sub-Saharan Africa mostly due to hunger and diseases. However there were few examples of cannibalism comparable to the horrors in Detroit or Flint outside what used to be DR Congo because African niggers mostly did have simple agriculture and did not revert to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. They could also make simple tools unlike YT-coddled niggers who had literally no survival skills.

On the other hand New World niggers with no farming skills at all were heavily devastated. The population of Detroit had declined to about 10,000 with only about 50 niggresses left. Ironically Haiti actually became one of the more functional nig places compared to Detroit or Bahamas even though the Haitian government collapsed simply because Haitian niggers almost only had agriculture.


Chapter 5 Early post-catastrophe New World

Summer, 2059

Due to inability of Western Hemisphere niggers in producing and refining any oil at all and the fact that they are fairly unused to commerce and in many cases even agriculture New World trade was fairly chaotic and primitive even by Apefrican standards.

What's even worse was that in many places not even any form of governance, even tribes was established until many years after WWIII. As a result a lot of trade was done by gangsters.

Inland coons often wanted food other than nigger flesh and leaves. Nigger flesh obviously couldn't be sold even to coastal niggers who were not dying en masse because even niggers prefer not to eat other niggers when they had other choices.

The inland cities gradually disappeared after it was increasingly clear that they were death traps for niggers. So they gradually dispersed. Since the buck to sow ratio was about 5.5 : 1 after most sows got eaten North America became an extremely violent place that made even old pre-WWIII Detroit look like Tokyo in comparison.

Nigger trade and travel in North America in this stage mostly took place through cycling and walking because niggers mostly couldn't find nor could they ride horses. Cycling was feasible because there were still enough existing bikes even though niggers couldn't really manufacture new ones. Only gangs and individual niggers remained for niggers were essentially matrilineal but since their mummies were mostly eaten or dead before WWIII it was basically every nigger for itself in North America. Sows in particular were very afraid of bucks because instead of just muh dikking them every surviving sow was right in assuming that the next buck it saw was likely to kill it for a meal instead of having some niglets with it. Hence nigger fertility rates had become very low at least for a while. Niggers had reverted to a really dysfunctional form of hunter-gatherers that sometimes "hunted" other niggers especially niglets and nigresses and had no clans or tribes at all.

Trade was pretty much restricted to food and loot. There was almost no more drug trade simply because niggers didn't even know how to manufacture drugs other than marijuana and coca leaves that were pretty much only available near where they were grown.

In Latin America trade was mostly as boring as North American trade because niggers there had also mostly returned to hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

On the other hand in a few traditionally heavily niggerized coontries such as Haiti and Jamaica there was actually more interesting trade as niggers traded food and other goods at least within an island. Swimming and boats helped in inter-island trade.

Some particularly interesting trade routes are between Caribbean islands and mainland Americas. Niggers in Americas gave island niggers bicycles and other manufactured goods in exchange for food especially during winters. Some mainland niggers especially from the United States had sailed to the Caribbeans to escape from the horrible lawless and cannibal world and to get some sows to muh dik.


Chapter 6 The temporary recovery and final collapse of Apefrican industry

Apefrican niggers did have industry both before and after WWIII. However their industry was inherently unsustainable since they heavily depended on humans for supplies and repairs. As a result with time progressing at first Apefrican economy and industry first recovered but after a few years as the human-made machines gradually got broken things got worse and worse. Usually some goods became increasingly expensive as fewer and fewer niggers all over Sub-Saharan Africa could manufacture them. Eventually nobody could manufacture them any more and they became incredibly expensive just like gold. For example nigs pretty much completely lost the ability to refine oil by 2080. An even worse hit took place when the ability to manufacture paper was lost around 2085. After that it was increasingly hard for niggers to pass down and spread any information despite a few niggerian, ethiopian and kenyan merchants attempting to revive some form of clay tablets as manufacture of clay was still possible. Illiteracy rapidly increased in the generations growing up after 2085 to the point that by 2125 only very few really powerful niggers such as members of the former Udene-Adebisi dynasty could read and write on clay tablets.

Nigger Christianity and nigger Islam often syncretized with traditional religions were a motivation for travelling in addition to trade as both Christians and Muslims looked for new converts. This was also a reason why the entire Apefrica was always connected as caravans and boats never ceased even though technologies kept declining.


Apr. 13th, 2090

Onitsha, Onitsha Empire

Kang John I and Kween Jessica I were sitting comfortably on their thrones made of gold. That young nig apefirmative action college student, John Adebisi had become a kang. Yes, it was really a kang. Now a 50-year-old nigger, Kang John I was now ruling over an empire comparable to a nigger and monarchical variant of Republic of Venice. Even though the Onitsha Empire actually included Lagos as a province the imperial capital was in Onitsha for the power actually mostly lied in its wife's tribe (Igbos). Moreover Igboland had become much richer than Lagos after WWIII. From a merchant this nigger gradually bought its own boats and then started its own teams of security guards. Eventually the security guards became a military and John actually became a Kang in 2076 even though it was obvious that the Kween, Jessica Udene had more real power than it as members of the Udene family occupied almost all important posts.

The last oil refinery, the Kween Jessica Refinery in Yenagoa, Onitsha Empire was shut down in 2080 which was probably the last refinery in existence in all of Apefrica and in fact the entire world. In East Apefrica the last refinery was shut down in 2075 and in gabon it was 2077. The years up to 2080 was really sweet as the entire Apefrica was increasingly dependent on Onitsha for refined oil. Well, even after Onitsha itself could no longer produce refined oil it still had the largest supply of it which was why refined oil was worths travelling to Onitsha all the way from Mombasa for.

Well, in fact niggers from East Apefrica had to travel to Onitsha Empire or as East Apefrican traders liked to say, the Niggerian Empire for other reasons as well. The cunning Kang John and Kween Jessica also had almost complete monopoly over relatively high quality pistols, paper, sulfuric acid, etc. Even sugar. Onitsha had become the de facto commercial center of the entire world just like pre-WWIII New York City. Boats and caravans all the way from Cape Town, Antananarivo and Mogadishu can often be found there.

Slavery was revived in the Onitsha Empire and slaves were imported all the way from ethiopia. However Kang John I despite its horniness did not have even one concubine or sex slave simply because the kween did not allow it to have sex with any other sow. The kang still remember the days in Lagos when it got that last girlfriend in early 2059. That seemingly random sow selling stuff with its brother on the streets of Lagos was its last girlfriend, one and only one wife, the kween and real power of its empire. Of course in state propaganda the kang was portrayed as a devouted and virtuous Christian who only had one wife and would never want to have sex with any other sow.

The kang and the kween were really happy, watching boats coming along Niger River. The kang and the kween were the richest niggers on the entire planet as Onitsha became a city of gold. Diamonds from Freetown Province and platinum from the Tswana-majority Republic of botswana that survived WWIII and remained a democracy filled Onitsha. The kang and the kween ate salted fish from Madagascar (niggers picked this up from humanity) and wore diamond rings made by YT before WWIII. Their subjects in the central provinces of Onitsha Empire enjoyed the highest living standards among all niggers. Even the Somali Sultan and the President of ethiopia who themselves were highly honored in East Apefrica marvelled at the prosperity of Onitsha after travelling from Mogadishu and Addis Ababa respectively.

However being niggers they did not foresee the future decline of their empire after the wealth created by human tech gradually dried up. To their north the ethnic Tuareg Azawad Sultanate based in Timbuktu was gradually rising as they were the last niggers to control the border between niggerdom and the formerly human and currently almost entirely depopulated area. They were also very interested in taking over Mecca and Medina, both largely depopulated due to WWIII and only visited by a few rich Muslim niggers every year.


Inland and southern Apefrica became increasingly impoverished compared to the Sahel region after human technologies gradually dried up. By 2125 Congo Basin and any place to the south of it including botswana had already regressed to Iron Age.

Meanwhile the first intelligent Tokyo dogs had entered stone age. As dogs gradually improved niggers gradually regressed. In 2075 the Tokyo dogs were definitely no match for local hunter-gatherer diplomat niggers. On the other hand by 2125 the diplomat niggers were already deleted and their kids and grandkids were only hunter-gatherers who had to live on using pre-WWIII Japanese tools. It would not take very long for the niggers in what used to be Japan to be surprised by the ability of dogs.


Chapter 7 The final stabilization and stagnancy of nigger societies and the rise of dogs

The Azawadis[1] annexed ethiopia in 2097, the Somali Sultanate in 2113 and captured Mecca and Medina in 2117. After that Sultan Fahid IV declared itself the Caliph. The Azawad Caliphate was established. In 2121 Fahid IV declared war on the declining Onitsha Empire. Kang Abraham I of Onitsha was captured and Onitsha was taken. In 2127 the last Onitsha resistance led by the brother of Abraham I, John II was defeated at the Onitsha outpost of Boma near Congo River. Fahid IV was now the de facto ruler of Apefrica.

Despite being Muslim there were very few copies of the Qur'an in the Azawad Caliphate. More importantly very few niggers could read Arabic as Arabs no longer existed after WWIII and the cultural influences from the Middle East got completely cut off. Fahid IV did speak Arabic. However fewer and fewer niggers could speak it as even textbooks that teach the Arabic language became increasingly rare since Azawadis couldn't make paper at all and old textbooks gradually wore. Caliph Fahid tried to make a lot of standardized clay tablets of Qur'an and other Islamic books. However even that was not very easy though Clay Tablet Factories were established all over the empire.

Caliph Fahid was also very interested in mapping its empire. However this could no longer be done. Provincial borders and the border between the caliphate and other states and tribes were pretty much unclear.

Living standards during the Azawad period further declined compared to living standards during the Onitsha period.

The Caliphate was not very Islamist at all simply because it was no longer logistically possible to preach Salafism en masse as religious textbooks could no longer be printed.

After the death of Caliph Fahid in 2147 due to bacterial infections that could have been cured by antibiotics which no longer existed any more since the last dose of antibiotics were used up by the Onitsha ruling house back in 2107, the caliphate disintegrated as provincial governors seceded.

By 2200 Apefrican history no longer existed. Christianity and Islam gradually died out as a consequence of no nigger being able to memorize either the Bible or the Qur'an and the post-Azawad wars destroyed many clay tablet factories as well as clay tablets. When dogs tried to dig artifacts up in 11007 they didn't find anything after 2250 +/- 50.

As for niggers in outside Apefrica New World niggers completely reverted to paleolithic age by 2150 and niggers in isolated Old World cities reverted to paleolithic age even before that.

There was one exception though, namely Japan. In 2143 mutant Tokyo dogs all over Honshu began to attack the niggers with stone weapons and their claws and teeth. After a conflict of 4 years Honshu became nig-free. Mutant dogs swam to other islands of Japan such as Hokkaido and eliminated much smaller and even more primitive nigger populations there.

In 2274 the first Tokyo dogs arrived at the Asian mainland near what used to be Busan. The local hunter-gatherer nigger population was no match for the dogs who (yes they were more human than niggers) gradually took over the Korean peninsula.

In 2307 in Busan a group of dogs discovered how to start a fire. By 2600 mutant dogs had completely overcome any previous fear they had for fire.

In 2705 Tokyo dogs near what used to be Beijing discovered how to manufacture bronze. As mutant dogs spread niggers became increasingly rare.


Chapter 8 The extinction of niggers and the revival of human civilization by dogs

Dogs started their first states in 2597. The Woomi Kingdom near what used to be Hiroshima was the first canine state in the world.

It took the dogs 2000-3000 years to gradually displace niggers from East Asia. 4000-5000 more years were necessary before dogs could take over Europe, Central Asia and mainland Southeast Asia. Wherever the dogs went nignogs were eliminated.

In 10375 the canine Munami Empire invaded Apefrica for the first time in canine history. The dogs always suspected that there used to be some civilizations before them but couldn't find out what they were. In the Saharan Desert Munami Army discovered very advanced military robots left by humans. Some of them looked suspiciously similar to a certain species of dangerous wild animals (i.e. niggers) that can use stone weapons which they called the "dupalami". This caused a huge debate all over Munami Empire and nearby countries. The dogs still hadn't figure out what was going on.

Then in 10743 the Kingdom of Abmi and the Republic of Wufim began the canine Age of Discovery. Dogs began to sail all over the earth and discover new lands.

Jonah Gethii Nyagura, "Seven trips to the Niger Basin"


This is an interesting book even though it was written by a nigger. Two years ago archaeologists Animo Bumasch and Krup Wudzam dug up a book in Tumnim, Republic of Azham. It was the first time in history when artifacts were ever dug up in Daplamwoom [1]. The quality of papers of this book is extremely poor compared to much earlier human examples, proving that they must have been made by niggers. Right now the book itself is on display in the famous World Nigger Museum for it serves not only archaeological but also educational purposes.

The contents of this book have already been translated into Abmish, Numansh, Woomish and four other languages. All canine intellectuals should read this book for it clearly illustrates how absurd the niggers were. We dogs as successors of human civilizations shall never tolerate any nigger-like elements or we may suffer from the same fate humanity suffered from.

In this stupid nigger book, nigger Jonah illustrated not only its own ignorance but also the ignorance of all niggers. Instead of progressing like humans and canines, niggers always regressed. It was as if time actually flowed backwards whenever they were involved. As a species who loves free speech which niggers hated we decided to let you read the unabridged "work" (more accurately ranting) of that nigger for yourselves.

Kuman Bratz
Aug. 13th, 11254


In 10746 Australia was discovered and was found to be largely unpopulated. A lot of dogs emigrated to Australia or in Abmish the lingua franca of contemporary dogs, Sutawoom (i.e. southern land).

In 10758 dogs began to cross the Saharan desert en masse as dog-mobile invented in 10750 in Abmi spread to North Africa even though dogs already crossed the Red Sea back in 10747, defeating local niggers. Dogs easily subdued all of Africa, eliminating niggers.

In 10827 dogs landed on a small island in Fiji. The entire world was discovered. In 10829 the last niggers became extinct.

In 10973 dogs managed to dig up mysterious stones in Abumi Ujano (i.e. Washington, DC) that seemed to have unknown letters on them. Canine archaeologists all over the world started digging. More and more artifacts of mysterious ancient pre-canine civilizations were dug up.

In 11074 a scientist from Republic of Saminu managed to decipher the first human language, English. The discovery of English shocked the dogs all over the world. By 11076 the first English-Abmish dictionary was written.

In 11091 dogs invented modern computers. In 11114 a human-left harddrive in Abimi Uzam (i.e. Ithaca, NY) was decrypted successfully. A lot of STEM papers on arXiv written in English were discovered. Dogs managed to find a lot of human science, most of them agreeing with dog science. More and more human science was discovered that way, helping dogs developing their science faster.

In 11143 dogs discovered another seemingly usual human harddrive. In it they discovered random stuff including some pictures. The pictures were those of students in an American school. There were whites. There were Asians. However there were also niggers. The dogs were surprised that these niggers looked very similar to the recently extinct daplams. The Daplam Theory i.e. some weird relatives of Daplam apes used to build pre-canine civilizations became really popular

In 11164 WWIII was discovered as dogs found that artifacts all disappeared after 2055 +/- 10 everywhere outside Sub-Saharan Africa and Australoid-inhabited regions. But if some calamities spared these regions why did civilization also collapse in them some years later?

In 11174 the last puzzle was solved. In a human harddrive a lot of HBD materials together with an archive of Niggermania posts were discovered. The dogs finally understood why the pre-canine civilization collapsed, namely niggers fucked up everything.

The canine researchers were very happy to find out the true reason why human civilization collapsed: What they used to consider "humans" were in fact two separate species, humans and niggers. The calamity around 2055 caused humans to be extinct, leaving niggers alive. Niggers couldn't sustain human civilizations and degenerated into daplams.

After learning about that dogs all over the world were happy because they knew that thankfully there were no longer any niggers any more. As a result there would be no horrors like Detroit in the happy canine world.

Niggermania posts became really popular among dogs. After reading story after story about niggers the dogs had learnt a lesson, namely they should never tolerate nigger-like entities.

Even today the English loan word "nigger" is still popular just like the Abmish word "daplam" as a curse word among all dogs for every single one of us knows how awful niggers were.


Azari Woom (dog historian who ostensibly wrote this book )

May. 17th, 11203 at home
Seven Trips to the Niger Basin said:
Jonah Gethii Nyagura, "Seven trips to the Niger Basin"


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Kuman Bratz
Aug. 13th, 11254


Trip 1

I. Introduction

Before the Calamities I was a pilot working at Kenya Airways flying between Nairobi and Lagos. I did work during the early days of the Calamities. However the Kenyan government suspended all flights on May 11th, 2058 as one of our planes was lost in Riyadh when the city got nuked.

After the calamities the flights were not restored because President George Odinga was very worried about the fuel situation in the surviving world. As a result I lost my highly-paid job.

I felt painful for my years of training were no longer useful. Nobody knew when pilots would ever become a professuon again since even the Kenyan Air Force was completely grounded and then disbanded. As someone who loves flying I really hate the situation. However compared to the billions who perished during the Calamities I counted myself as being lucky.

I decided to become a cross-Africa merchant. Since my wife was in love with the luxurious shopping malls in Eko Atlantic, Lagos we always wanted to see Nigeria again. It was the center of global black development before the Calamities. So it is reasonable to assume that in the post-Calamities black world it would become the new New York. This is why we decided to go to Lagos on our yacht. The Kenyan government hadn't banned yachts yet.

On Jun. 13th, 2058 my wife Grace and I got on our yacht in Mombasa and sailed for Lagos. We took a lot of US Dollars and Kenyan Shillings as well as many local goods from Kenya. We had enough money and fuel so no worries.

II. Tanzania (or more accurately, Dar Es Salaam)

The situation was still OK when we left Mombasa. However things began to go south right after that. Our first planned stop is Dar Es Salaam, the former capital of Tanzania. When passing by the Pemba Island Grace told me that Tanzanian flags were no longer flying on the island any more. I was shocked. Knowing that a rebellion may have happened I told her, "We'd better really be careful. There may be a rebellion on Pemba island. Maybe Zanzibaris have declared independence." When we passed by the Unguja we didn't see the Tanzania flag either. Despite worrying that there may be an armed conflict we still arrived at Dar Es Salaam.

It was the third time we sailed to Dar Es Salaam. However this time things were weird. Not many ships were in the port....other than...uh..warships. What's weirder is that the Tanzanian flags didn't fly in Dar Es Salaam either. It seems that Tanzania had collapsed. After all we had no idea about what's even going on simply because news from Tanzania were no longer known by Kenyans. We began to listen to some local radios because Grace and I do speak English and Swahili fluently. After listening for 30 minutes things became more clear:

The brigadier of the 2nd Infantry Brigade, John Lengete, had rebelled two weeks ago in a military base near Dar Es Salaam. He wanted to declare an enlarged Republic of Zanzibar as a separate state from Tanzania. After that two more armed rebellions broke out near Mwanza and Mbeya respectively. As a result Tanzania was pretty much four separate states now just like DR Congo during the Congo Crisis. I realized how serious the situation was. Hence we immediately left without buying or selling anything.

While we were sailing along the Tanzanian (or Zanzibari?) coast we kept listening to radio in what used to be Tanzania. It seems that the navy in Mtwara just rebelled against both the government AND Zanzibari rebels and Tanzania seemed to be engulfed in pure warlordism. Damn.

We decided to get away from the Tanzanian coast in case things got even worse. Thankfully we hadn't encountered any pirates...yet. We planned to stop at Beira, Mozambique. However we had to change our plan. If Tanzania, a country with few ethnic conflicts managed to deteriorate into pure barbarism what can we expect from Mozambique? We had enough fuel to at least get to Durban. This would be our next stop.

III. Durban

While sailing towards Durban this time we were careful in listening to South African news, well, assuming that South Africa continued to exist. It's amazing that South Africa didn't break apart unlike Tanzania. That means we could finally at least get some fuel without getting robbed by literally theory at least. In practice..uh...

Well, we did manage to buy some fuel. However..hell it was REALLY expensive. It was pretty much 20-30 times more expensive than usual. But at least we got the fuel. That would be enough until at least reaching Angola and Angola produces oil!

With a gun in my pocket I began to sell Kenyan tea and coffee. (Black) South Africans did seem to be missing agricultural exports from Kenya. I managed to sell everything and got 1.5 million rands. However since a pre-Calamities rand is worth only 1.1 Kenyan Schillings that's just about $3,400. Assuming that the rand would be one of the most important post-Calamities currencies in the world, which was just Sub-Saharan Africa as far as I knew, I was fine with that.

However when I returned to the port shit had hit the fan. Both Grace and the yacht were missing! Damn. WTF? Now I got the fuel but my wife and yacht were gone?!!! Fuck South Africa! Fuck Durban! So..what's up?!! Well, they were gone. I immediately called her. She didn't pick up the phone. I went to the nearest police station.

After paying 500,000 rands as bribe the police began to look for my wife and yacht. Since there was a tracker on the yacht the police did manage to find it. It was stolen by some thieves who left when the police appeared. However where the fuck was Grace? Nobody knew. Her phone could also be tracked and it was found in an abandoned building when the police entered. Still...where was Grace? Well, really nobody knew, not even the police..until a week later when the police finally tracked down and arrested her kidnappers while handling an unrelated case. According to the criminals Grace had been gang-raped more than 100 times....and passed away during one of the raping. DAMN! So I fucking lost a wife in Durban?! But where was her corpse? THEY..FUCKING..ATE..HER because they apparently believe that people are food. The only reason why I knew it was her is that...the cops got her head.

I took her head and left this fucking city. South Africa fucking sucks. My (! because she passed away!) next stop will be in Namibia.

IV. Capturing some girls

It is true that I lost my wife to a bunch of fucking cannibals. However I really need sex. Moreover I want some revenge against assholes in Durban. As a result I returned to Durban just one hour after leaving. This time I didn't leave the port. Instead I just began to look for girls. I went into a random local restaurant and asked women to come to my yacht for sex in exchange of money or fuel. Five women agreed. When they entered my yacht I said that we would first leave the port and then have sex. They didn't realize my real plan, which was making them my sex slaves or even just kill them for fun. I immediately sailed towards east to get out of territorial waters of South Africa. was....RAPE TIME!

I gave the girls money and asked them to strip. Then I fucked all of them one by one. The sex took 2 hours. When the sex was over I picked up a gun and asked them to stay with me or I would kill them. I tied all the girls up one by one and left.

Huh..what shall I do with the girls? Could I really take them back to Kenya without people noticing that I had become a kidnapper?? Maybe..I should actually kill them lol, capture more girls and repeat? Lying on the bodies of girls I was thinking about what to do about them.. More importantly I really need someone to be able to take care of the yacht.

Wait..I didn't even know the names of the girls so I asked for their names. They were Precious, Minenhle, Amogelang, Princess and Faith. I pretended that I was a fucking cannibal. I warned them that any rebellion would lead to their deaths and I would actually eat rebelling women. Well, I won't because I'm NOT a fucking cannibal but whatever. However if they stayed loyal with me we would have a lot of profits together because I was really in need of new wives. I told them that I'm a pilot educated in Britain who lost my job and that I have become a merchant. I also showed the pic of my house to them. They seem slightly more relaxed after that. After another round of sex I started the autopiloting system and asked Faith to stay awake and make sure that there was no emergency for the night. Of course the penalty of her failing to do her job would be...death.

V. The taste of women

When I woke up I found out that Faith was fucking asleep. Now..uh..I really had to kill and eat her.

As a healthy black man sex is one of my favorite activities. I have fucked a lot of different women from white British women to Nigerian women. Wherever I go I fuck their local women. Well after marrying Grace I obviously only saw her as a primary woman to fuck. I still had 4 sidechicks. I have fucked women all over the world including sisters together because women can't resist my huge dick. However I haven't actually commited cannibalism yet. Well, whatever.

I woke all the other women up. I told them that we would have a part of Faith as breakfast. They were very scared. Then I woke Faith up. She was frightened and began to beg for her life. I immediately cut her into pieces alive while she was streeming. Then I cooked some of her flesh in a pot. I ate a piece and found her flesh tasty. I also asked the girls to taste her flesh. They ate the flesh as well. After the meal I asked them whether they would obey my rule from now on and they agreed.

We sailed towards Luanda. The four girls had gradually become my reliable sex slaves and sailors at the same time. Life was so sweet that the loss of Grace was no longer that painful. After weeks of sailing we finally arrived at Luanda.

VI. Luanda

I didn't speak Portuguese. However I did have an English-Portuguese-Swahili translator on my phone which I used in Maputo four years ago.

I arrived at Luanda and reffuelllled the yacht. The price was a lot more reasonable. After that I began to look for girls again. I asked girls to come to my yacht because I ostensibly want to sell some Kenyan tea. After six girls came I just locked the door and took out my gun while Precious turned autopilot on. I told the new girls to shut up and pointed at the heads of Grace and Faith. The girls were frightened. I tied them up while my yacht slipped out of the harbor.

Our next destination is Calabar. Meanwhile I got to know 6 more girls and they also became a part of our team. I hoped that they would become useful employees of my business.

VII. Calabar

My ten girls and I arrived at Calabar on a morning. Calabar, Nigeria was a peaceful and prosperous city that looked richer than even Durban.

We didn't even know the date. So I asked a local woman in English. She told me that it was already Jul. 13th, 2059. My trip to Nigeria took more than a year. I asked her whether Nigeria still exists and whether she has heard news about the rest of Africa she told me that she didn't know anything. I told her that I'm a British-educated Kenyan pilot who used to fly to Nigeria regularly. She didn't know the fact that Kenya exists at all. Since she wasn't pretty or young I didn't kidnap her. Instead I thanked her and brought Minenhle and Precious with me together with tea and coffee to a local market. Princess was the leader of the rest of the crew. I didn't bring any Angolan girl to the market because their English skills were not good enough even though we had already been teaching them English for some time.

We managed to sell all the Kenyan goods for oil and gold since oil and gold were already de facto local currencies together with the Nigerian Naira.

I read some local newspapers. Calabar locals were aware of what's going on outside Calabar. There were news from places as far as Cape Verde to the west and Kinshasa to the south. There were also news from the Niger Basin all the way up to what used to be Guinea. From the news I found out that at most one month was required for information from these places to reach Calabar. That's not really bad.

Walking in Calabar city I saw a man leaving a boat with a lot of mails. I asked him whether the mail service had been restored in Nigeria. He answered that yes it had even though Nigeria as a state had already been crippled and local power was de facto hold by the mayor of Calabar. I asked him where to buy goods in Nigeria to sell in Kenya. He did know that Kenya exists and recommended that I meet with his boss, Jack Udene in Port Harcourt. That means I needed to be on my way.

I began to think about the possibility of partnering with Mr. Udene. It seems that locals already had a good trade network. It was up to me to extend it to Kenya, Somalia and Eritrea.

With gold bullions and oil we returned to our yacht. The next stop was Port Harcourt.

However before that I still need to have some sex and maybe kidnap some local girls. As usual I asked some random girls to come to my yacht to buy some Kenyan tea. When 5 girls showed up I just locked them in my yacht and began to rape them while Precious sailed it towards the sea.

However the yacht began to sink. As a result we just threw the local girls overboard. The girls struggled, screamed and tried to swim towards the riverbanks.

This time things had become crazy. There were guys trying to rescue the girls while we rapidly exited Calabar River and then Cross River. Finally we were in the Atlantic Ocean again. Thankfully I wasn't going to be arrested.

VIII. Juliet

I was having sex with both Precious and Princess when Lucinda told me that we had arrived at Port Harcourt. I left the yacht with Precious and Princess this time and began to look for Mr. Udene. After asking five locals I managed to find the Udene house.

Mr. Udene wasn't there. Instead a young woman opened the door. Her name is Juliet Udene. She told me that her brother Jack was on a business trip to Kinshasa as he wanted to expand his family business to the Congo basin. According to Juliet, Jack was the only son of James and Deborah Udene. They also had three daughters, Jessica, Josephine and herself, Juliet. Jessica was recently married to John Adebisi and Josephine was dating Jacob Anozie, another trader. They were both far away from home trading with Jessica & John in the Hausa lands and Josephine & Anozie in Accra, Dakar and other cities to the west of Nigeria. Juliet was right back from a business trip to Lagos and other parts of coastal Nigeria to the West. As for their parents they were living in Enugu.

I seduced Juliet and had sex with her. I asked her whether she was willing to be my wife and she agreed even though she had to talk to her family before leaving with me to Kenya. As a result I stayed with her for a few days having sex with both her and my sex slaves. She wasn't mad that I had a few sex slaves because I definitely mostly had sex with her.

Juliet agreed to my business plan. She told me that her family was already running a mail service and it would be great if we could make it cover the entire Africa and maybe even the entire world. She even semi-jokingly said that we should expand our service to Europe.

IX. Sorrows & Cops

Two months later while I was having sex with Juliet as usual a messenger of the Udene Company knocked on the door of the Udene house. Jack Udene was murdered by some unknown Congolese militia because Congo had become a terrible shithole highly unsafe for any trader. Only two members of the Jack Udene Crew managed to return to Port Harcourt alive.

Saddened Juliet cried. She then immediately phoned her parents and sisters.

Meanwhile something crazier happlened. When I read the local newspapers I found out that Calabar police had found out that a Kenyan trader with a yacht attempted to kidnap and almost killed 5 local women. Right now they hadn't identified me yet. However even the Port Harcourt Police was already trying to look for that Kenyan man with a yacht. I confessed to Juliet that the enslaver was me. She was fine with that and said that nobody in the city dared to touch her finance. However it was indeed time to go because Udenes had no control over Calabar or most other cities in Nigeria.

We left the yaht in Port Harcourt tended to by her employees. Instead we left on a much faster and much larger product tanker her family owned. We loaded the tanker with ship fuel and left with my 10 sex slaves and her employees including a lot of heavily armed security guards. Our first destination was Freetown which Josephine bypassed because it was tremendously chaotic and as a result trade requires a large armed group.

X. Battle of Freetown, 2059

During the trip having sex with Juliet was pretty much what I was doing when I was not having sex with the sex slaves, eating, drinking, shitting or sleeping. In fact we often had sex at least four times a day. She was really horny so was I.

In the 2059-2085 period electricity did exist. However its availability was heavily dependent on availability of fossil fuel and rivers. The Udenes were of course capable of telecommunication at least on their ships. Hence unless when their ships were all destroyed as in the case of the Kinshasa Disaster (Jack got killed) it was definitely possible for them to keep in touch with each other. However communicating with Kenya that way was still impossible because Central African Republic and DR Congo suck. We did want to open the land route. However this requires us to somehow be peacekeepers or rulers in these two FUBAR regions. Even before the Calamities they were already terminally fucked up by African standards, what can we expect about them after the Calamities? Well that's something we needed to deal with later.

We managed to arrive at Freetown which was already in complete chaos which was exactly as bad as what Josephine described. Random warlords had sacked Freetown repeatedly. Cannibalism was widespread. We were of course already aware of the chaos even before arriving. So this time we were there not only to sell our ship fuel but also to see what else we could do there.

Sierra Leone was no more, at least temporarily. We landed with 100 Udene Security Guards (USG) in Freetown. There were not even a lot of ships in the port any more and definitely almost no petro products. We were essentially the best armed people in Freetown with 2050s American weapons. After fighting against bandits mostly armed with 2010s Russian and Chinese weapons we surprisingly found that we were literally the only force that could keep the peace in Freetown. We asked Josephine for
reinforcements and she told us that they were in Cape Verde and couldn't arrive at Sierra Leone ASAP. Then what were we supposed to do about the city?

Well I suggested something radical, namely we taking over it and declaring a new state. In fact that's also something Freetown residents supported because they were worried that if we left they would be robbed by bandits again. Hence we decided to actually make Freetown a new state, Republic of Freetown with Juliet Ms. President and myself the Vice President. We also recruited 2,000 local men to be the Freetown Defense Force (FDF). After that we immediately began to expand the state for the purpose of controlling the diamond mines. I of course also increased the amount of my sex slaves by enslaving female relatives of bandits we defeated. We also asked USGs in Nigeria to send us modern weapons. As for local criminals we basically shot all violent felons and enslaved all their female relatives. Now I had a harem of more than 2,000 women. Life couldn't be happier.

XI. Pacification and reconstruction of Sierra Leone

After communicating with Mr. and Mrs. Udene in Enugu, Jessica who was near Abuja, Josephine who was on her way back from Cape Verde and Port Harcourt people we set out to conquer the rest of Sierra Leone.

The highway system in Sierra Leone was simply shit compared to Nigeria and Kenya even though it was actually usable compared to basket cases such as DR Congo. We definitely couldn't rely on maps to get to Bo or the diamond mines. As a result we basically rehired several unemployed bus drivers who used to drive to other cities and send the troops in. On Jan. 7th, 2060 USG and FDF took Pepel. Two days later we secured the entire Sierra Leone River area which became our first naval base. Then we set out to conquer the diamond mines. We took ownerless boats in the region and used them to transport troops to Sherbro River. On Jan.14th we took over Sherbro Island. Then we landed troops close to the diamond mines and started marching towards them. At the same time we recruited about 3,500 more FDF and sent them to the mines by bus. The warlords occupying the mines were swiftly defeated by FDF because we outgunned them. After cleaning up the warlords we enslaved all the female relatives of the warlords and militia members who commited atrocities and refused to surrender and brought them to Freetown. By April, 2060 we pretty much secured 60% of the former Sierra Leone. By June we managed to conquer all of Sierra Leone. Through taxes on diamond mines and palm oil we managed to become wealthier than ever.

Now we needed to improve the infrastructure of the republic. Jessica and John joined us at Freetown after they were back in Port Harcourt. They thanked us for cleaning up the country and suggested that we need to do more. John warned us that we might had to prepare for war against other Igbo merchant groups for some of them were as wealthy and as armed as us. English-speaking West Africa other than Nigeria traditionally had heavy Nigerian influences so it was possible that rival trader families may attack us for the diamond mines. Jessica agreed with us that for our fortunes we had to unfuck the infrastructure of Sierra Leone ASAP. As a result I set out for work. I ordered my sex slaves to clean up the presidential palace and then the city. Then we paid people to bury all collapses throughout the republic and started rehabilitating highways, ports and airports.

Currency was another serious issue. Sierra Leone could never print its own banknotes because the British company De La Rue used to print all of them! As a result after Calamities nobody other than counterfeiters introduced any Sierra Leonean leone any more! As a result we had to somehow start printing banknotes. Damn. How? Well we asked Josephine to get banknote printing machines from Nigeria and ship them to Freetown. Then we would start printing the new currency, the Freetown Dollar (F$).

John and Jessica left for Port Harcourt on Sep. 19th. I of course know Jessica's body well because I fucked her multiple times when John was asleep or drunk. When Josephine came I would have sex with her as well. Well compared to my wife Juliet Jessica was older but sex with her was still fun. I was looking forward to sex with Josephine so that I could compare the three sisters..

XI. Conquest of western parts of former Liberia & the beginning of the first war with Igwebuikes

Josephine delivered the machines on Dec. 14th, 2060. The machines were wonderful, so was her vagina. After having sex with all three sisters I realized that they were all great even though my wife Juliet was indeed the best.

What used to be Liberia was as chaotic as Sierra Leone before us. Certain warlords began to raid Sierra Leone from Liberia. What's fortunate for us was that we restored telephone service in the Repulic of Freetown by Aug. 2060 which is why any shit done by foreigners was known by the Freetown gov within an hour. On the other hand telecommunication no longer existed in Liberia. Knowing that certain shitty people were trying to start shit from Liberia we immediately set out to annex diamond-producing western Liberia. Within three weeks the campaign was over with Freetown forces less than 10 km from Monrovia.

However shit began to hit the fan in Mar, 2061. We did not openly announce the Republic of Freetown everywhere due to John's warning. However the existence of this new country was indeed gradually known. As a result there were people who wanted to take over our resources. There was a French, Spanish and Portuguese-speaking Igbo armed trader named William Igwebuike who wanted to take over our land. He tried to replicate our success by taking over Equatorial Guinea in Nov. 2060. Enriched by the oil resources he decided to take over diamond mines in West Africa. His crew of Nigerians & Equatorial Guineans launched a surprise attack against Guinea-Bissau.

When Freetownian traders arrived at Bissau for trade weird English-speaking soldiers began to shoot them causing many to perish with a few escaping from Bissau back to Freetown. They told us what's going on. As a result we had to send some troops there to first figure out what's up. We also contacted Jessica & Josephine. John told us that it was likely that either some Nigerian or Ghanaian armed traders may be messing in the region. The Freetownian Navy (FN) arrived at Bissau on Mar. 12th and could overhear Igbo officers of Guinea-Bissau talking in Igbo. We immediately phoned Jessica & Josephine. This time the Udene family would actually send troops from Nigeria to defend Freetown. We landed 2,500 troops in Bissau and asked Guinea-Bissauans why they shot our traders. Their officers were not really surprised at the Sierra Leonean dialect of our soldiers. Instead of responding they simply started shooting. The First Udene-Igwebuike war broke out.

We declared a general mobilization on Mar. 13th and decided to free Guinea-Bissau from both the land and the sea. We decided to send 55,000 troops through western Guinea by land and send 33,000 troops to eastern Guinea-Bissau by sea. Guinea had collapsed after the Calamities which was why we managed to pass through it without much loss. On Mar. 18th the FN began to land troops in eastern Guinea-Bissau. On Apr. 4th the first Freetownian Army (FA) met the enemy while they were in Guinea (!)..It seems that neither group of mostly Nigerians actually gave a shit about Guinea at all!

XII. The war, the peace treaty and the Enugu League

When the war broke out we immediately withdrew troops from Bissau which got ambushed by Guinea-Bissauans. At the same time we asked my father-in-law and mother-in-law to immediately retreat from Enugu to Port Harcourt so that the other side could not kill them. The entire extended Udene family got evacuated by John & Jessica's people to Port Harcourt the current main power base of Udenes in Nigeria. The main reason why we couldn't control Enugu was precisely that it was Igbo and as a result not a single Igbo family could dominate it. On the other hand Udenes pretty much dominated Port Harcourt for the same reason why we actually have an empire in Sierra Leone, namely because it was NOT Igbo. We still maintained some USGs in Enugu just in case things go south and because we want to keep in touch and get along with other Igbo armed traders.

Our naval forces immediately took Catio. However the enemy counterattacked almost immediately causing our troops to be pretty much bogged down in the Tombali Region. After finding that the enemy was also in Guinea we immediately began to expand in all directions in Guinea and Liberia, causing a frontline to appear in Guinea while securing all of former Liberia.

We ambushed the Igwebuike navy on Apr. 25th near Melo Island, sinking 26 ships while losing 18 to them. After the battle we stayed on Melo Island while Igwebuike forces retreated to Bissagos Islands. We planned to take Bissagos next because the land war pretty much became a stalemate.

Meanwhile an Udene ship got attacked by random well-armed militants near Sao Tome Island leading us to suspect that somehow the enemy was controlling it.

In May news about the war already reached other major Igbo traders. The Udene-Igwebuike War was obviously very bad for the West African coastal trade. After a gathering of major Igbo traders the Igwebuikes admitted that they were the other side of the war and agreed to have peace with us. On Jun. 19th we signed the Treaty of Enugu that established several principles:

1. The Enugu League (EL) of traders and territories controlled by traders is established.
2. EL territories must not wage war on other EL territories.
3. Free trade must be respected in all EL territories.
4. EL will collectively punish anti-trade warlords and militants all over the world.

As for the war it immediately ended. The EL recognized Igwebuike rule over Equatorial Guinea, Sao Tome & Principe, Guinea-Bissau, Boke Region and Labe Region of former Guinea. The EL recognized Udene rule over Sierra Leone, Liberia and the remaining regions of Guinea. This required us to retreat from parts of Guinea-Bissau and parts of Boke Region while they had to evacuate from northern Kankan Region and northern Faranah Region. As for territories in Nigeria even though Abuja can not control anything the country still nominally existed. So the EL didn't nominally recognize any one's control over any territory in Nigeria. Even Enugu itself was still nominally not EL territory even though in practice it was the center of EL.

After the war we reorganized the Republic into three provinces, Freetown, Monrovia and Conakry. The Conakry province was essentially a bit autonomous because it was very Muslim and we didn't wish to offend Muslims. After all we need to get along with and trade with them for they have high-quality metals, plastic and other goods even though we hadn't figured out where these things were from. We knew Mandingos and Fulanis couldn't produce them so they must be from some place we were unaware of.

The Igwebuikes declared themselves to be the Malabo Empire after the war while we were still a Republic.

XIII. Three expeditions

After signing the treaty a new Scramble for (most of) Africa happened as all EL members began to expand into weak countries. Just as we and the Igwebuikes stopped fighting we immediately set out to conquer The Gambia and Cape Verde. In order to make sure that things don't go south I left Juliet in charge of the domestic situation and asked Jessica & John to immediately come to Freetown from Port Harcourt. Bringing 20,000-25,000 troops with me I only took Precious and 50 Freetownian sex slaves to the expedition for sex.

We basically used our fastest ships with speed near 30 knots for the first stage of the expedition while other ships can take the remaining troops there. Our navy sneaked past Bissagos Islands at night because we really didn't want Igwebuikes or anyone else to reach these places first. At 3:27AM, Jun.22nd the elite 2nd Freetownian Marine Battalion landed at Praia Harbor, surprising the Cape Verdeans. We immediately announced that Cape Verde was now under Freetownian protection and that we wouldn't interfere with the internal affairs of Cape Verde. At 3:41AM Banjul was stormed by the elite 4th Freetownian Marine Battalion and a similar announcement was made. We intentionally attacked Cape Verde first because it was more important than the Gambia. When Gambians and Cape Verdeans woke up they were very surprised to find out that Freetownians were in control.

Our elite troops jumped on ships again when the majority of the troops arrived at the two countries several days later. I went to Praia and personally told the President of Cape Verde why the protection was necessary. He reluctantly agreed. The elite troops went to conquer Canary Islands and Azores both of which were almost entirely depopulated after the Calamities as almost nobody there was black. Our troops brought West African food to the startled stranded black tourists in both places. What's particularly funny is that some were actually English-speaking African Americans which is why we understand their language. They basically lived like wild men and women for two years and were very surprised that there were actually people who would find them. We immediately annexed both regions and informed Enugu League of the new development. The Enugu League was startled but it did accept our claims.

We left 18,000 troops in Cape Verde, 5,000 troops in the Gambia and 500 troops each in Canary Islands and Azores. I returned to Freetown on Jul.17th. Juliet, Jessica and John met me at Freetown. They congratulated me and told me that things were going on well in the Freetownian mainland. New roads were built, telephone services got restored in newly conquered territories and pacification was complete. Now we had a standing military of about 100,000 soldiers after demobilizing some after the war. Freetown did look cleaner than ever. The circulation of Freetownian Dollars was normal.

John told me something worrying. He reminded me that he used to be a computer science student and I used to be a pilot. Why can't people be computer scientists and pilots any more? He told me that he really wanted to restore the internet. Right now the main issue was that DNS services were nonexistent because all Root name servers were down. Restoring some form of internet using IP addresses only might be possible though. I told him that I do want to restore air travel. As there were nobody other than black people any more we had to colonize the entire world and if we Udenes don't others will. Juliet smiled and told us that she wanted to travel to the moon one day and that eventually we would have to restore the space programs for humanity.

I smiled for a while and began to worry again. I told Jessica, Juliet and John that the lack of black participation in literally almost all key technologies before Calamities is a crucial weakness that we had to make up for ASAP. I told them that the situation was sort of like a much worse variant of the problem of Sierra Leone not being able to print even one banknote. The solutions should be possible if we immediately begin to travel to Europe, North America, East Asia, Israel and any other place with the technologies. John also remembered the libraries in Cambridge. He said that we need to fetch the books, USB drives, hard drives from these places outside Africa. He told us that we should try Portugal first as it was very close to West Africa compared to other places. Then we needed to go over Britain, France and Germany for these things as well. For things to work we need to start recruiting STEM people all over Africa or at least Nigeria and Freetown for now for the project. This was a pan-human project which was why we let everyone know about it.

This time I would also lead the expedition with Juliet accompanying me. Within a month we managed to recruit 5,000 STEM scholars educated outside Africa. Our destination was Lisbon. However....only one day before the trip we received an emergency phone call from Enugu. It was Joseph Ijeawele, the president of Enugu League speaking. I asked him what's up and he told me that about 100 EL traders got murdered by "Congolese gangsters" near Matadi and we need to start a joint punitive expedition immediately to teach the Congolese fuckers a lesson. We decided to participate especially since we were both a key responsible player in EL and because Jack was murdered by Congolese fuckers. This time Malabo Empire would also participate in the punitive expedition so would other EL members. The expedition to Europe would obviously continue just without us. Juliet and I were going to Congo to deal with the Congolese fuckers once and for all.

While 60,000 Freetownian troops were sailing towards the destination from Harper, Monrovia Province and 20,000 EL troops were gathering at Port Harcourt the 80,000 angry Malabenos had already landed at the mouth of Congo River. They were marching on their first destination, Boma. The League wanted to solve the Congolese crime problem once and for all. Seriously we didn't hate the Congolese. However they needed to fucking stop murdering our traders.

XIV. Fucking ferals

On Sep. 14th, 2061 I landed at Matadi together with 40,000 Freetownian troops. I met William Igwebuike in the EL GHQ there. He greeted me and we chatted for a while. It was the first time we ever met with each other. We shook hands and drank some wine together. I flattered him about his conquests near Congo River and he flattered me about my expedition to Europe for humanity. Finding that William was still unmarried I suggested that he could marry my beautiful sister, Anne. He asked me where she was and I said that she was still in Kenya. He was shocked and asked me about Kenya but even I didn't know what's going on there any more because communicating with East Africa was extremely difficult because Central African Republic and Congo suck so much to the point that communication while these FUBAR and chaotic regions stood in the way was almost impossible. I suggested that we should pacify these two stupid regions ASAP so that trade routes can be shortened. He agreed.

We got on a train to newly secured Kinshasa protected by both Freetownian and Malabeno troops. However Congo was Congo and we both realized WTF that meant soon. We got stuck in some unknown place because nothing in former DR Congo including trains fucking worked. We didn't even have time to get engineers from Nigeria to unfuck the railway. At least we brought 4 * 4s. So what we eventually did was...driving towards Kinshasa on what didn't qualify as roads. Well we didn't even have reliable maps because again DR Congo was fucking FUBAR. William, Juliet and I got into a 4 * 4 and a Freetownian soldier drove it towards Kinshasa. As for the troops some drove and some walked. Nine hours later after getting stuck 3 times we amazingly managed to reach Kinshasa. We radioed troops asking for help but few could help us even though locating us was easy..again because infrastructure of DR Congo fucking sucked. We couldn't communicate with Nigeria, Malabo or Freetown at all. William and I were enemies but now we became good friends because we had a shared and deadly enemy, the fucking environment of DR Congo! Thankfully we didn't meet any militias or we would have been literally their meals.

We managed to make it to the Presidential Palace of DR Congo, Palais de la Nation(Kinshasa) which looked quite broken due to it being a former war zone. In fact nobody knew where the president of DRC was any more or even whether he was still alive. Likely not. Hell maybe they ate him and his family. The flag of EL and the flag of DRC were flying on the palace.

The next morning we toured around Kinshasa. Kinshasa was fucking terrifying much more than even pre-Udene Freetown. We could see human heads and cooked human bones everywhere. It fucking degenerated into full cannibalism due to aid and local food supply being cut off due to the chaos. EL soldiers were patrolling the streets which is why nobody dared to openly commit more cannibalism. Worried, I asked William about the food supply. He said that we had to cross the river and purchase food in Republic of the Congo. We couldn't even do it in Brazzaville because it was pretty much ruined by starved and desperate DR Congolese. I told him that we had to fix the supply problem ASAP or we won't be able to proceed. Rehabilitation of highways and railways immediately began while all 160,000 EL troops gradually arrived at the Blue Line which was something we drew between Kinshasa & Kongo Central and the rest of DR Congo. All former DRC territories to the West of the Blue Line were now the Enugu League Protectorate of Congo (ELPC) with headquarter in Matadi (for now, could we really move our HQ to Kinshasa? Hell no. It was not only a bad idea but also outright fucking physically impossible). All we did in the next two months were pacification, construction, burying corpses, buying food and crucially, farming. At least we were never reduced to cannibalism. The gender ratio of the ELPC was probably 6-7:1 as women largely got eaten after the crucial Kinshasa-Matadi trade route stopped functioning after the Calamities. Now we could feed both ourselves and the civilian ELPC people.

On Nov.3rd the highway between Kinshasa and Matadi was finally rehabilitated. Then I heard some really horrifying news about the expedition to Portugal.

Basically our STEM elites protected by 1000 troops did reach Lisbon. However they were attacked by gangsters as they tried to reach the University of Lisbon. To protect our STEM people the leader of the expedition retreated immediately and got to Azores. Thankfully we only lost 27 STEM people but unfortunately 209 soldiers. Jessica and John ordered 20,000 soldiers from Freetown to secure Lisbon and EL managed to send 10,000 from Nigeria to do the same. They were still on their way. William immediately agreed to send 20,000 soldiers from Guinea-Bissau to help humanity clean up gang-infested Lisbon and I thanked him.

Fuck ferals. Seriously. Fuck them.

(P.S. The reason why the Matadi-Kinshasa section of Congo River isn't navigable is due to the Livingstone Falls.)

XV. Conquest of the Congo Basin (Part 1)

Our troops were finally on the move again. Since Congolese road transportation is all but impossible the newly formed EL Forces in Congo (ELFC) are pretty march an army on boats. The ELFC was literally divided into corps mostly named after nothing but river names. The 4th Kasai Corps was responsible for the Kasai River. Bandundu was their first target followed by Kikwit, Ilebo, Inongo and Lusambo. The 3rd Ubangi Corps was responsible for any place near Ubangi River. They took Bangui, the former capital of the former Central African Republic and Zongo. The 2nd Middle Congo Corps was responsible for the navigable parts of the Congo River between Mbandaka and Kisangani. It managed to take Mbandaka, Lisala, Basankusu, Bumba , Boende, Ikela and Kisangani. The 1st Lower Congo Corps guarded the old ELPC territories. The 5th Lower-Middle Congo Corps guarded the Congo River between Kinshasa and Mbandaka. More troops were basically moving towards Kisangani with the 2nd Corps because we would need to repair the railway between Kisangani and Ubundu. Due to the Boyoma Falls the Congo River is not navigable between Kisangani and Ubundu. As a result we have to rehabilitate the Belgian-built portage railway. The advancing took us 4 months. Then we had to spend 3 more months in cleaning up these territories. EL had already recruited some experts to get to newly pacified Kisangani to start their work on the railway. This would probably take two more months. Right now law and order existed near the major waterways and major towns. Everywhere was still left to bandits and cannibals for now because we simply could not manage to clean everything up within such a short period of time.

Meanwhile I stayed in Kinshasa. Besides cleaning up Congo as much as possible I tried to enjoy my life fucking Juliet, Precious and other women. Well, I tried because Congo was pretty much the same as hell on earth.

After talking with other Udenes, William and other EL people we decided that we would finish the Lagos-Mombasa Highway within 10 years. The Nigerian portion wasn't great but at least it existed. What we have to fix right now is the part that is inside former Central African Republic and former DR Congo. I also would like to return to Kenya to fetch Anne and see what's up before returning to Congo again because Congo needs me. EL folks in Nigeria agreed to repair and upgrade the Nigerian section. If Cameroon wouldn't do its part which was unlikely we would somehow pay them to do that. As for the Ugandan and Kenyan sections they were not that bad and probably just needed some upgrades. All we were worried about was again what we could control so no worries. We could already start the Bangui-Kisangani section now but right now we had to prioritize the Kisangani-Ubundu railway.

There were several more interesting places. There were several diamond mines in Kasai which we need to capture. So were the copper mines in the former Katanga Province, tin, cobalt and coltan mines in Kivus and gold mines in Ituri. What's particularly concerning was whether Tutsis in Rwanda or Ugandans had already annexed these regions. We bet they had because that's what they had been doing since 1996. This was a reason why we had to speed up. Letting them taking a part of Congo at least temporarily was inevitable. However it's better to at least reduce the damage. Hell because of these more serious concerns even the diamond mines were already low-priority.

Thankfully Angolans didn't try to stir up trouble these days. Seriously even all of EL would not necessarily be able to win a land war against them. Republic of Congo looked like a slow-motion disaster as the Chinese-built N-1 highway between Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire hadn't been maintained since the Chinese went home in the 2010s. Our agents found more and more chaos there to the point that we were already planning to take over that country since random gangsters there were trying to infiltrate Kinshasa these days.

In Jul. 12th, 2062 I was formally appointed by EL to be the Enugu League Protector of Congo and EL recognized all of former DR Congo and Central African Republic to be the territories of the Enugu League Protectorate of Congo which could further expand if chaos that may disrupt trade need to be stopped elsewhere. As the Protector I was responsible for elevating my Protectorate to EL standards in terms of infrastructure, crime, etc. My job was hard but it was also extremely important as future African trade highly depended on ending the lawlessness in the Protectorate. EL experts and merchants were now migrating into the Protectorate looking for opportunities because Congo was pretty much in need of everything. We were more than happy to accept them and provided them troops to protect them.

XVI. The Second Scientific Expedition

While I was doing my best in pacifying the ELPC and protecting the Congolese people, John was focusing on the scientific expedition to Portugal. He didn't personally go with the troops. However he and Jessica did send the most elite troops who were still in the Republic. Juliet and I had daily communication with Jessica and John because we were still concerned about the situation in Freetown and more importantly the expedition I didn't take part in. John told me that pacification of Lisbon was surprisingly hard as the ferals there pretty much used advanced Portuguese weapons against us. Throughout Africa there are surprisingly not that many troops that were that strong. We had 2050s American small weapons. They did as well. Moreover these gangsters even had better American and European weapons such as tanks that they stole from the old Portuguese barracks. I reminded him that they were probably incapable of refining any oil at all. He agreed but said that they still rolled out the tanks against our troops using existing fuel. We discussed the situation and agreed that we must avoid places with too many Westernized formerly welfare-dependent blacks. Since even the smaller towns in Portugal had the same situation I suggested that he redirect the troops to the formerly fairly national conservative countries in East Europe and the Middle East close to the Mediterranean Sea especially Croatia, Greece and Turkey. In particular Athens and Istanbul are worth trying. He agreed and ordered the commander to take Athens and Istanbul ASAP. I also suggested that he consider coastal cities along the Black Sea such as Odessa and Sevastopol. There must be good military technologies and maybe even some good ships there that we need to bring home. We also discussed the possibility of utilizing the industry in Iran, Pakistan, India, Australia and the Far East. To achieve that we should reach the Indian Ocean ASAP, take Madagascar and then trying to get something in Karachi and Mumbai. There are a lot of good stuff in East Asia and that region should be largely free from feral gangs. However conquest of Singapore is necessary. Singapore itself has enough cool books, hard drives etc that need to be brought home. Controlling Singapore and the Strait of Malacca are necessary to get whatever we want in the Far East. A lot of heavy industry, machines, etc in East Asia are coastal which makes them easier to bring back to Africa. For the Eastern expedition Jessica and John gathered 5000 troops and immediately sent them towards Madagascar. We wanted to conquer Madagascar ASAP. William was now a friend and we didn't really worry about him. This is why we did inform him. Neither us nor William bothered to inform the NL which was pretty much unnecessary as they would approve our conquest anyway. William agreed to send troops to the East if we don't have enough troops.

John got his appointment as the Enugu League Governor of the Mediterranean Region in late July even though EL hadn't officially declared any part of Europe or Turkey as a new EL protectorate or colony yet.

EL troops reached Athens on Aug.12th, 2062. Due to Greece having few ferals the campaign was successful. We raised the EL flag at the Port of Piraeus. There were so many ships there that looked much better than African ones even though many were broken for unknown reasons. These were ours now. We also reached Thessaloniki and got a lot of great ships there. We also managed to get many books, hard drives and machines. On Aug. 24th EL declared the entire Greece to be an EL Colony. EL troops also reached Istanbul. What happened in Turkey was fairly similar to what happened in Greece. There were some very broken stuff that looked like they were destroyed by war, probably the Calamities but who knows? We got a lot from Istanbul including ships, machines, hard drives and books. Oh and we got tanks, sophisticated war planes and other stuff as well! On Sep. 1st the entire Turkey was declared by EL to be an EL colony. John sent troops to Sevastopol, Rostov-on-Don, Odessa, Dubrovnik, Burgas and Constanta. He also sent troops to secure Crete and Malta. We were obviously very interested in securing some coastal cities or islands in the Mediterranean Region. However we were very concerned about losing more troops to well-armed ferals.

(P.S. Niggers in the story didn't understand the fact that some cities got nuked during WWIII while others didn't. However they did get a lot of good machines, ships and books! Can they utilize them though?)

XVII. The Conquest of the Congo Basin (Part 2)

The railway was finally rehabilitated. Our troops began to attack again after being basically police officers for months. I also managed to recruit 300,000 Congolese Police. We also taught all the EL troops French and English. Juliet and I openly took a French course in Kinshasa together with other high-ranking officials. I ordered all the non-Congolese who work in the public sector to learn French because Congo is Francophone. I also set up the ELPC French Exam. Everyone in the pubic sector including Juliet and I was supposed to pass the exam within a year. Juliet, William and I openly took the exam in Aug 2062 before the troops and reporters and got our exam papers copied on local and West African newspapers. We all passed. I got a 98 out of 100. We of course didn't cheat because we did want to do our job well and set a good example for the officials and soldiers.

I ordered the soldiers to report to their officers whenever anyone had overheard an unknown English-speaker in the new campaign because he/she is likely to be from Rwanda, Uganda or maybe Zambia.

I didn't expect the railway betweem Ilebo and Kananga to work because I literally don't trust anything made in pre-EL Congo. My view was of course right. I ordered the 4th Kasai Corps to seize Mbuji-Mayi and the diamond mines. Mbuji-Mayi used to be a place mostly only connected to the rest of the world by air. Right now all planes had been grounded and we hadn't figured out how to resume air travel yet. So we had to somehow get in by land. It took our troops about 2 months (I assume since nobody knows) to even reach Mbuji-Mayi and supplies immediately became a problem. They essentially ate local vegetables, fruits and hunted. I ordered them that the ELFC must never commit robbery, theft, rape, murder or cannibalism against the citizens under any circumstances. However...THEY FUCKING DISOBEYED ME. Since nobody could even get into that area easily they managed to rape, rob, murder and commit cannibalism. What's even worse was that the local Lubas were actually pretty well-armed as some of them used to guard diamond mines. In fact they were better armed than the old Congolese military! All hell broke loose. Our troops pretty much gradually poured into the region, commited atrocities and then some troops became disorganized and got badly beaten by locals. The news only reached me several months later as I wondered where the fuck was the elite 7th ELFC Division? I even lost contact with the division commander. We didn't take even one diamond mine. On the other hand Lubas and other locals united against us. They declared Kasai to be an independent state and began to "kill all Congolese motherfuckers". Eventually Kasai rebels actually took Lusambo from us on Nov. 7th, 2062, killing the 8th ELFC Division commander and a few EL officials. Then they openly burned captured ELFC soldiers alive.

We became very mad. However bad news did not seem to end here. They now began to march on and sail towards Ilebo! We already had a full-fledged rebellion even before taking over Congo ! WTF?!

While we were waging the Kasai Campaign we also waged a campaign to secure the borders of ELPC. We managed to secure the Congo River between Ubundu and Kasongo. As for Lubumbashi well we can't even get into Katanga at all for now. Hell the copper mines there were important but we simply couldn't even get in.

The march towards East was pretty much a logistical disaster. The 60,000-65,000 troops we sent there pretty much became murderers, rapists, robbers and cannibals. Just like the 4th Corps they basically ignored my orders to be kind to the civilians. This time they caused a lot of chaos along the way, causing millions of civilians to flee towards Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi. These folks were not unfamiliar with Congolese chaos. However even they hadn't seen anything like that before. In particular the presence of a lot of speakers of a French-like language (i.e. Spanish) completely confused them because no locals behaved like that at all. Rwandans, Burundians and Ugandans were convinced that Portuguese-speaking Angolans were invading DR Congo. As a result they were fairly concerned. They had of course annexed a large part of DR Congo. However even at that point our troops hadn't met them yet. The unruly troops rolled into Rwandan, Ugandan and Burundian territories carrying the ELPC flag. Perplexed Rwandan soldiers asked them in English and French who they were and what the fuck was this new flag. Some English-speaking officers said that we were the Enugu League Protectorate of Congo. Rwandans were completely confused. "What is the Enugu League? Is it something made up by Angolans?" asked them. The officers explained that we were from West African countries such as Nigeria. They said, "OK. I have heard of Nigeria. But why are you in Congo and why do Congolese people complain about you?" The officers explained our mission. The Rwandans laughed and told them if the ELPC exists to free Congo from atrocities why the fuck does the ELPC itself commit so many atrocities? They also told them that they were now illegally in Rwanda. Not willing to let me know WTF they did they just got the fuck out of Rwanda without informing me at all. What happened near Uganda and Burundi were similar. I only heard WTF was wrong after Jessica (!) told me what East Africans thought about the EL after EL troops reached Madagascar and took over a bunch of other islands.

We were really struggling to solve the Kasai problem which can not be resolved militarily as they took Ilebo on Nov. 30th. Finally I apologized for the atrocities and agreed to retreat from Kasai altogether and recognize the Republic of Kasai if they recognize our control over the rest of DR Congo. Thankfully they did. I also invited Kasai leaders to sail to the Protectorate and talk to random ordinary people and tour Kinshasa, Matadi, Boma and Bandundu. They were convinced that we were good guys who loved Congolese people and the only problem was with unruly soldiers. So the Kasai problem pretty much ended at least for now.

Right now we probably can only set up a smaller protectorate. Katanga and Kasai may need to be abandoned forever. We really just want to get the Lagos-Mombasa highway built and protect trade on Congo River. That's it.

XVIII. Construction in Congo & more expeditions for science

After the failed Kasai campaign there were some people in Igboland who wants Enugu League to sack me because some EL people lost their lives. I apologized through Josephine for the failure, saying that we won't allow anything similar to that to happen again. Thankfully most of EL still supported me. William also intervened on my side, explaining that we really worked very hard in making Congo great for both EL traders and the Congolese. We couldn't afford to wage any military campaign for now. Instead what we did for the next a few months was building of infrastructure. We began to build the Congolese portion of the Lagos-Mombasa highway because this is what EL wants the most besides protection of traders. I personally went to Bangui with Juliet to supervise the construction work. We recruited two construction crews and began to construct the bridge over Ubangi River. Photos of the construction sites were then sent back to Igboland, Freetown and Malabo Empire, ensuring everyone that we were doing our job well. At the same time we began to work on the highway from Zongo to Kisangani. Our administration in Kisangani began to construct and rehabilitate highways near the city both towards Zongo and towards Bukavu which was annexed by Rwanda.

Meanwhile I invited Kasai people to travel to the Protectorate. We asked them to set up an embassy in Kinshasa and politely asked them whether we could maintain an embassy in Lusambo? They agreed but asked me why we couldn't set up the embassy in their capital, Mbuji-Mayi? I apologized to them again and told them the honest truth that there was literally no way for us to discipline our staff if they got to Mbuji-Mayi. We want to prevent future atrocities. They agreed. Thankfully neither EL nor Kasai folks were mad at us about Kasai now.

I think we could complete the highway within 5 years. Meanwhile we had other projects. The most important ones were a highway from Kinshasa to Kisangani and a highway from Kinshasa to Bangui. We started them as well. Congo now looked like a huge construction site. EL businesses got to start cement factories in Congo and provide the construction sites cement. ELFC and Congolese Police provided security. Military discipline had significantly improved after I openly executed 519 war criminals in Kinshasa before the officials, the troops, the people and Kasai observers. I didn't execute Nigerian war criminals though because I really don't want to make EL mad. However I did incarcerate them and asked Enugu what should be done about them. EL didn't favor execution but did agree that they needed to be in prison. So be it.

We didn't phone Jessica for several months because we were in Bangui and it didn't have telephone service. However we did manage to resolve the problem. Jessica told me what happened while we hadn't been in touch with them.

John asked the EL Mediterranean troops to annex Cyprus and then Israel. Cyprus was easily taken and we did get a lot of weapons on both the Greek Cypriot and the Turkish Cypriot side. Even more and much better weapons were found in the former British Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia. All of them belonged to EL now. Then John's troops landed in Tel Aviv both for the weapons and in order to control pilgrimage sites. What happened next was completely different from anything he expected. Israel was pretty much destroyed completely before we landed. However it did have a few very weird armed black people who spoke Hebrew. In fact both black men and black women in Israel were extremely well-equipped. They had tanks, missiles and were actually well-organized. Screaming in Hebrew they basically tried to completely annihilate our well-equipped troops. We did manage to not be annihilated. However out of 17,500 troops who went there only 5,912 even managed to return to Cyprus. They managed to use artillery and missiles to sink 14 of our ships. EL was completely shocked. WTF?! Currently EL assumed that these fuckers were probably Beta Israel who just like almost all other Israelis all served in the IDF and they probably thought that we were Sudanese who fought for Arabs, hated and killed many Jews during the Calamities which was why they shot at us right after spotting us. Hell Israelis really made some goooood stuff. We need to somehow get them. I suggested that a landing be made at Gaza City because it was definitely not Jewish but on mainland Asia so there shouldn't be black IDF troops there. John agreed.

As for the expedition to Madagascar it was fairly successful because Madagascar was very chaotic. EL supplied 25,000 troops to secure the island in addition to our 5,000 troops. As for William he was in Kisangani supervising the construction work with no contact with Kinshasa which is why he hadn't sent any troops. We basically left Kinshasa to the Enugu-appointed provincial governor, Joshua Maduka of Asaba who we trusted would do a good job. After securing coastal Madagascar we also began to secure Comoros, Seychelles, Mayotte, Mauritius, Reunion and the former British Indian Ocean Territory. Everything worked well other than the campaign at Mauritius because we encountered a very weird Muslim naval force that for some unknown reasons were there. They told me that the Zanzibar Sultanate controlled Seychelles. We didn't try to evict or destroy them. Instead our troops returned to Madagascar and began to focus on pacification of the entire island. Worried I told Jessica & John that we'd better not try to pacify all of Madagascar fearing that the Kasai Campaign-style shit would happen. Moreover for the purpose of trade this was pointless. They agreed and called off the offensive.

This was not the end of trouble though. A much worse disaster was coming. On Mar. 17th, 2063 Jessica called me and told me that according to the troops Nigerians were very hated all over East Africa. I asked her why. She told me that they said some shit like Nigerians invaded Congo, murdered, raped, robbed and ate many Congolese people. There were even Congolese refugees rescued by Rwandans, Ugandans and Burundians spreading the information about "Nigerian atrocities in Congo" regularly. During each "Fuck Nigeria" event there were even a few women who travelled from city to city, town to town, got naked before crowds regularly, displayed their bodies that were supposed to having been maimed by the supposed evil Nigerians and cried about the evil Nigerian soldiers. Then the crowds tended to torch Nigerian flags. When a few troops paid friendly visits to Kenya at my request angry Kenyans (or more accurately those who were previously considered Kenyans) actually tried to kill them after knowing that their leaders were Nigerian. This caused a huge uproar among the troops and then EL. Now EL was very mad at Juliet, William and especially me. I apologized repeatedly and told EL that just like the Kasai Campaign it was literally unruly soldiers who commited a lot of atrocities and this time I literally had no knowledge of the atrocities before hearing from Jessica. I offered to resign and go to East Africa, Mediterranean region or return to Freetown instead. EL agreed and appointed me the EL Protector of the East with my new HQ Diego Garcia. Joshua Maduka became the new EL Protector of Congo.

Before leaving I asked Joshua to finish the construction work, discipline the troops and not expand anywhere because we were not strong enough for that.

XIX. In the Atlantic Ocean..again

When Juliet and I boarded our ship at Matadi William came with me because he wanted to marry my sister Anne. We sailed towards our first destination, Toamasina. We didn't stop at any other port because we didn't want to cause any trouble in Angola and because Namibia, South Africa and Mozambique were absolutely chaotic according to reports from earlier EL traders and we didn't have the ability to unfuck them at all. Seriously Madagascar itself was already chaotic as fuck.

Jessica and John left for Athens to lead future expeditions in and technology transfers from the Mediterranean region in Apr. 2nd. Since we won't return to Freetown anytime soon we relinquished our posts in Freetown to Josephine and her husband Jacob Anozie respectively. Josephine was now Ms. President of Freetown and the leader of Udenes in West Africa. The other two Udene girls basically became colonists in search of technologies. Thankfully we could still be in touch with each other.

Enugu League was now trying to re-establish some form of the Internet. Nobody really knew how to set up a DNS Root name server. However we could indeed get some form of low-speed internet using IPV15. The STEM folks were working on that in Onitsha.

While we were about to enter the Indian Ocean, Joshua Maduka called me and told me some very awful news, namely random militas probably backed by Ugandans or Rwandans were disrupting highway construction near Kisangani. Local Congolese outside the major cities in the east also seemed to increasingly dislike us. Random attacks became increasingly common and ELPC & Congolese Police were struggling very hard to contain them.

What's even worse is that the temporary commander of Enugu League Forces in the East (ELFE) told me that EL spies in East Africa reported that East Africans were now aware of the presence of EL in the Indian Ocean and were extremely mad. They were screaming "Nigerian cannibal colonists out!" and were organizing a force to destroy all of ELFE. I was alarmed and told EL the new developments. Now we might need to fight a two-front war with East Africans in both Congo and the Indian Ocean.

Several days later Joshua called me again, informing me that the so-called Congo Liberation Movement (CLM) had been formed and its military wing, the Congo Liberation Army (CLA) was now attacking ELFC near Kisangani, Kasongo and Kindu. The 2nd Middle Congo Corps and the 6th Upper Middle Congo Corps managed to stop them temporarily. However more and more enemies were coming. Their supply line was long. However ours was much worse because ELPC did not have a lot of crucial industries, did not have any defense industry at all and as a result good weapons were mostly imported all the way from Nigeria. If the problem was not somehow solved it wouldn't be long before the ELPC was completely destroyed or reduced to the Boma-Kinshasa strip and most troops wouldn't even be successfully extracted from Congo. As for the Lagos-Mombasa Highway we should just forget about it unless we could somehow subdue East Africa.

Fuck. There was nothing I could do other than fucking Juliet and Precious again and again.

XX. African Union and preparation for the African World War

Some said that the Second Congo War was known as the African World War before Calamities. I didn't really know. Well this was nothing compared to the war we were waging right now. This war is known as the "African World War" today because it was so serious and involved so many African countries.

On Jun. 2nd I reached my first base, Toamasina in Madagascar. After getting more supplies we left for Diego Garcia immediately. Joshua personally went to the Kisangani frontlines. The situation was fairly stable as our enemies didn't have weapons better than ours. We also tried to show Congolese in East Congo that we were their friends by building more infrastructure and refuting Rwandan/Ugandan propaganda. This at least worked near Kisangani.

Our spies told me that Zanzibaris pretty much controlled most of the East African coast between Somalis and Christians in Mozambique. As a result if we could reach an agreement with them the Rwandan and Ugandan instigators won't be able to do much. We sent some envoys to Zanzibar City. They didn't get along with East African Christians. We didn't get along with East African Christians. Hence surprisingly we could be friends. Zanzibaris told me that a Christian warlord conquered most of Tanzania and declared himself the President of Tanzania after the chaotic civil war and was thinking about conquering Zanzibar Sultanate since it was mostly previously within Tanzania. As for (former) Mozambique it was a mess neither Zanzibaris nor us wanted to get into. Zanzibaris told us that South Africa still existed but it was extremely chaotic. I asked the envoys to ask the Zanzibari Sultan, Ibrahim bin Faisal whether he would be willing to marry my other sister, Emma. He agreed.

With Zanzibaris on our side we could basically keep the enemy from the Indian Ocean. However we needed more allies. By early 2063 most West African countries including Cameroon, Ghana, Senegal, Benin, Togo, Ivory Coast and Gabon were affiliated with the EL as states. EL declared a general mobilization in Jun.7th and asked all West African states to sign the new Treaty of Lagos in Lagos to form the African Union. The old African Union basically disintegrated after the Calamities. It's time we start it again. According to us the headquarter of AU should of course be Addis Ababa and Johannesburg. However since they weren't in the AU at all the temporary headquarter would be in Lagos. The Nigerian government was right now basically a rubber stamp of the EL anyway so if something was nominally controlled by Nigeria it was controlled by us. We also asked Zanzibaris, Somalis and all other African countries to sign the treaty. Thankfully Angola, Kasai and Somalia actually signed. Zanzibar of course signed the treaty.

South Africa refused to sign the treaty for they claimed that it was mostly a West African thing and being Southern African it saw no benefit to join the treaty. We sent envoys to South Africa to convince them to be on our side. They still disagreed because they didn't want to be subordinate to Nigerians. Well that's fine. Even neutrality was good enough for us. Our envoys also tried to reach Botswana. Amazingly it still existed. The Batswana, tired of chaos all around them became a highly militarized Tswana-majority state that wanted to sell their diamonds but had to sell them through the mess in the neighboring countries. They signed the treaty and became affiliated with the EL.

It's amazing that even Angolans did mobilize their troops. They told us that they were on our side because they were tired of Congolese cannibal gangs entering Angola and murdering, eating and robbing Angolans. Right now the ELPC-Angolan border was completely peaceful. However the Kasai-Angolan and the Katanga-Angolan borders are still as chaotic as ever. We agreed to them taking most of Katanga if they could help pacify it. Angolans also mentioned the situation in Zambia, saying that it was still a stable state. At least Zambians sold their copper instead of killing Angolans. As for Rwandans and Ugandans Angolans told us that they were pain in the ass that never understood the fact that Congo was not their territory. They kept destabilizing Congo all the time causing chaos and stealing coltan during the past 67 years.

The African Union forces mobilized and rushed into Congo to prepare for battle. Joshua amazingly handled the logistics well, offering the troops food, interpreters, transport and housing. We declared that it were the criminal governments of Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi that were the real enemies of the Congolese people while AU was their friend. We spread evidence that ELPC construction crews who were trying their best to build highways for the Congolese people and all Africans were murdered randomly by the illegal "Congo Liberation Movement" which was a puppet of the three criminal East African regimes. The AU joint Navy sailed towards Madagascar, preparing to join existing Zanzibari, Somali and ELPE forces in patrolling the Indian Ocean and Red Sea for "anti-Congo bullies", "bandits" and "enemies of peace, prosperity and trade".

Ships after ships arrived at Kisangani inland port bringing troops, weapons and supplies to the front line. Crews were working hard on rehabilitating the railway from Kinshasa to Lubumbashi in both ELPC and Kasai in order to send AU troops to defend Kasai from aggression. By September 2063 450,000 AU troops are now in the ELPC and 150,000 more are in Republic of Kasai.

Meanwhile we sent 5,000 troops to take Singapore. What happened next was completely absurd and disastrous. When troops landed on Singapore they got attacked by military robots in all directions. As a result we lost 3,518 soldiers and the rest settled in Johor Bahru in what used to be Malaysia. We couldn't continue to sail to East Asia now that we lost 70%+ of our troops. We couldn't afford to send more troops either due to the war. Damn. We had to postpone the scientific expedition. Thankfully at least Singaporean bots didn't blockade the Strait of Malacca. Hell, Singapore had no humans but a lot of fucking military robots. They may even have the internet and a DNS root name server. Yeah that shit is called the "Internet of Things" that fucking did not exist in Africa at all after the Calamities. Or yeah there is also this fucking AI shit. But no humans can even get into Singapore and use them safely. Sigh. FUCK SINGAPORE! Seriously. Fuck it. Our troops can see the pretty buildings but can never enter them. They are just closed forever to the black man. WTF? Fuck these racists! Hell they even prefer a ghost town filled with nothing but robots to a city with black people!

Oh wait! They were good friends with Israelis. Did Israel also have this system or something even more horrifying? Why the fuck did missiles automatically hit our troops in Tel Aviv? Was that really just the work of black IDF troops? I told John that. He told me that they just conquered Gaza City and were planning to sneak into Israel again. I warned him that it can be extremely dangerous as some IDF robots may be patrolling the border. He agreed and decided to avoid entering Israel semipermanently. Hell even a few robots left behind by dead Jews still managed to beat our elite troops. We didn't even fucking know what powers these systems at all! WHAT THE FUCK?!!!!!!!!

Wait! The commander of the troops at Johor Bahru called me again. This time the fucking Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) drones were bombing them and the ships. What's funny was that there was an American flag flying on one ship because we didn't have enough EL flags. That ship was NOT ATTACKED so the Singaporean robots can even fucking recognize flags! All other ships that had the Enugu League flag got sunk within 30 minutes. The land forces were also bombed by RSAF drones. The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) ships fucking showed up and began to bombard our troops at Johor Bahru. Then fucking robots landed at Johor Bahru. The commander called me for the last time saying that he was about to die and the entire force was about to be destroyed. After I said a prayer for him the connection no longer existed. Hell. Fucking Singaporean robots completely destroyed our troops. Next time we had to bypass Singapore and sail through the Sunda Strait instead. I guess that the Strait of Malacca is forever closed to the black man?! What if there are similar robots in China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan? If that's the case who dared to sail to East Asia any more?!!! We should go to India instead I guess?!


(P.S. Robots 1 niggers 0 lmao. The nig rant is hilarious. Yeah having military robots that have nothing to do with niggers is muh racism.
In my story Singapore had never been nuked. As a result despite complete depopulation Singaporean military AI managed to completely destroy a nigger invasion force to the last nigger simply because nigs were not smart enough to get into that ship with an American flag to avoid getting killed by robots. Pretty much only 3%-5% of the Israeli system was actually working (and crucially the coastal defense system near Tel Aviv was NOT working at all) due to nuking and bombing which is why Israeli bots did not destroy all the niggers in the Mediterranean region despite being even more advanced than Singaporean bots. EL niggers could not defeat even just the Beta Israel IDF niggers because the latter were better trained and better armed than them. However the majority of casualties were caused not by Beta Israel niggers. Instead it was caused by Israeli AI. Nigger invaders did not even realize that the missiles that hit them were not controlled by anyone! The niggers in Athens were REALLY lucky. By WWIII robots were still slightly weaker than humans which is why they could only overpower humans who were already caught in a total war, however they were already stronger than niggers).

XXI. More woes about the scientific expeditions

This time EL and AU did not blame me for the mess. Instead AU simply passed a new law, namely the Protect Africa From Hostile Robots Act of 2063 (PAFHRA). According to PAFHRA all citizens of AU countries must stay at least 12 nautical miles from any former non-African state assumed to process deadly and functional robots. In particular the area around Israel, including Gaza City was now considered forbidden and all troops must be withdrawn from it immediately. The Suez Canal was still considered safe though anyone who get anywhere close to Israel including the Suez Canal and Cyprus must respect Israeli robots.

Moreover Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Singapore are declared to be Dangerous East Asian Countries (DEAC) and nobody from AU is allowed to be close to DEAC. In particular the Strait of Malacca is forbidden to enter. Anyone wishing to enter the Pacific Ocean must use the Sunda Strait instead. The Bashi channel between Taiwan and the Philippines is also forbidden. Those who wish to visit certain northern islands in the Philippines must always stay to the south of Mavulis.

Meanwhile John was leading a team of researchers doing work in Athens, Istanbul and several other EL-controlled territories. Researchers who were not doing any work directly related to the war were mostly conscripted all over AU and sent to either the Mediterranean colonies or the research centers in Igboland. We were very concerned about the problem of fuel supply in our Mediterranean colonies because the attempt to rehabilitate the gas fields in the Energy Triangle didn't work out as expected. We can probably try oil fields in Libya. However they are extremely hard to reach as they aren't coastal and are probably unsafe. DAMN! We also don't have enough ship fuel to transport all the ships back to West Africa. FUCK! But what about using the existing infrastructure? Hell our people didn't read Greek, Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian or any other relevant language. We didn't bring dictionaries either. In fact we don't even know whether anyone in AU can actually read any of the languages we require and whether any such dictionaries are available at home. Hence our troops broke into apartments and libraries to look for dictionaries. This is how we managed to get dictionaries. Right now we had very serious problems. The people didn't know how to operate European and Turkish machinery at all. The researchers didn't have much to do. We couldn't even reopen chem labs simply because we had no electricity outside ships. Ship fuel had to be supplied all the way from Senegal and even Nigeria using oil tankers and obviously the tankers themselves use some of the precious fuel. Fuck. We were in an oil-rich part of the world but we couldn't do anything about the oil!

Jessica told me that she had to go back to the ships to take a hot shower. What the fucking hell?!!! Right now she and John basically lived on the ships and could only contact with us if they were on the ships. Hell the EL colonies in the Mediterranean region were fucking hellish.

We couldn't start any military operation in the Indian Ocean simply because some ships in Diego Garcia need to be fully refueled and as usual we had to ship fuel all the way from Angola simply because Zanzibaris couldn't get the oil fields near Seychelles to work.

(P.S. Niggers can't build new refineries or take over existing oil fields and get them to work without human help. Unlike human colonialism and neocolonialism EL colonialism simply tended to overstretch supply lines to completely hilarious degrees simply because they can hardly even get existing human-built stuff they are unfamiliar with to work. Right now they have stolen human-built American and British ships but can not easily refuel them nor can they repair and maintain them at all. The human-built oil fields in the Middle East were pretty much just unusable. The human-built factories just sat there doing nothing because niggers just couldn't operate them. Niggers had to use existing infrastructure but could hardly build new ones. The only thing that still works in the area are Israeli robots that may kill niggers.)

XXII. African World War

In order to wage the war we need to build infrastructure and industry in Congo first. Joshua invited major AU businesses to start manufacturing guns, cement and other goods right within Congo near Kisangani. He also tried to increase agricultural output by continuing my work in promoting modern farming. Machines were moved from other places in AU to Congo in order to start production ASAP.

The Western front a.k.a. the Congolese front of the war was essentially us defending our lines and then marching towards the Ugandan/Rwandan/Burundian (a.k.a. BRU countries) border. The Eastern front a.k.a. the Kenyan/Tanzanian front was not ignited yet and would be coastal EL, Zanzibari and Somali forces fighting a land war against allies of BRU countries. After Angola joined the AU we began to help them rehabilitate infrastructure so that they could enter Katanga and Kasai. Being cautious we were unwilling to start any major offensive until November.

Meanwhile the EL was already testing airplanes in Onitsha. Joseph Ijeawele the EL President, Josephine & Jacob all watched the pilots training after the Calamities for the first time. Even though the planes weren't modern we at least had them while our enemies were still grounded. We immediately began to rehabilitate the Bangoka International Airport, airplane-related infrastructure at Diego Garcia and Abeid Amani Karume International Airport. The AU Air Force (AUAF) was established. We immediately established the 1st AU Air Force with HQ in Kisangani and the 2nd AU Air Force with HQ in Zanzibar City. We couldn't produce airplanes, bombs for bombers or cruise missiles at all. This is why every single bomb or missile is precious. In order not be discovered we mainly used ships to transfer planes to the front. We also trained and retrained paratroopers for surprise attacks.

Zanzibar city became a major naval base of AU after the AU ships arrived there. We also tried to recruit draftees from Madagascar, Comoros, Mauritius, Reunion and Mayotte for the war. New recruits were sent to the mainland Zanzibaris controlled to help them defend themselves.

While the enemy kept pouring into East Congo they found our troops to be increasingly better and increasingly numerous. However they didn't change their tactics. We tried to court South Africans, Ethiopians, Eritreans, Djiboutians as well as Zimbabwean and Mozambican tribes but they didn't respond. On Oct. 19th Tanzania began a surprise attack against Zanzibaris on the grounds that they needed to reunite Tanzania. We immediately responded by counterattacking and warning Tanzania that the entire AU would conquer them if they kept messing with us. Tanzanians were very surprised that the AU existed. After knowing about our strength they signed a peace treaty with us at Dar es Salaam. We also sent them news about what actually happened and was happening in Congo. They agreed that the mess was really unruly soldiers being unruly and that BRU countries were intentionally exaggerating ELFC atrocities for political gain. They agreed to let us send envoys to former Kenya through their territory.

In Nov.20th the fist envoys reached Kenya. We spread true information about Congo, EL and AU, convincing most people to stop believing BRU lies. Moreover they managed to fetch Anne and Emma from Nairobi. In order not to endanger the girls and gain more allies we decided to postpone the attacks until December. By Dec. 19th when we got the girls very few in Kenya supported BRU and hated us any more. Instead they agreed with us that we need to build the Lagos-Mombasa Highway and help the Congolese. I didn't have vaginal sex with my sister Emma because she was still a virgin and Ibrahim definitely wouldn't accept a non-virgin as a wife. However I did fuck her mouth several times because sister-fucking was very enjoyable. On the other hand Anne's sexuality was fully enjoyed by me in Dar es Salaam before I sent her to William. Well she wasn't a virgin anyway.

At 10:30PM on Dec.20th Operation Congolese Freedom began. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Airborne Battalions landed in Kigali International Airport, Entebbe International Airport and Bujumbura International Airport respectively. The airports weren't even guarded because nobody believed that air forces actually existed in the post-Calamities world. Almost everyone was asleep due to lack of electricity. Transporters from Kisangani and Zanzibar immediately began to bring AU Special Forces and then vehicles and troops into the airports. The airport in Kigali was in fairly good conditions. The airport in Kampala sucked but was still fine. On the other hand the airport in Bujumbura really sucked but was still usable. In all cases the troops suddenly left the airports towards the homes of their leaders. Within 4 hours our troops managed to detain all three presidents, prime ministers, ministers and other high-ranking officials as well as their wives and in some cases children simply because most of the enemy including some presidential guards were asleep. We managed to take our their capitals at night. Transporters began to leave these airports again starting at 4:35AM, bringing all the detained to the Murtala Muhammed International Airport. Then we immediately began to broadcast to the people of these countries as well as the East Congolese, apologizing and providing the truth about the atrocities in Congo and then providing evidence of us developing Congo and helping the Congolese people, pleading with both BRU and Congolese citizens to support our vision of African development and pan-human renaissance. We asked them to support the AU and our roads. The entire operation caused us to lose only 2 soldiers while killing 19 enemies. The operation was almost perfectly executed because it had been rehearsed for about 50 times.

The war ended because the leaders of the enemy had almost entirely been kidnapped and transported to the AU headquarter and without authoritarian rulers and with us explaining the truth and vision who wanted to fight any more?

(P.S. The infrastructure in Congo was so poor that a frontal assault to BRU coontries would have taken forever. The anti-AU side didn't believe that a direct strike on their capitals could even be possible. This is why AU niggers came up with this weird idea. Surprisingly it fucking worked because the anti-AU side sucked a lot.)
That's the first six pages. The author ("NiggersAlwaysSuck") wrote fifty more pages of this shit and is still going.

BW 182

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It should've been called Ruckus's Declassified Nigger Survival Guide

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