Nikocado Avocado / Nicholas Perry - Gay faggot who cries because he eats and eats because he cries.


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Feb 10, 2013
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Mukbang is a online phenomenon where lonely shut-ins with eating disorders are enabled by people online by video taping themselves eating large and often unhealthy amounts of food for money and attention.

Meet Nikocado Avocado

Nicholas Matthew Perry
DOB: May 19, 1992
Alumni: Lower Dauphin High School

2185 Pretty Ln #3
West Palm Beach, FL
Voter ID #: 122508179


Nikocado is prominent in the Mukbang community for two major things: one his former-veganism in a community that was mostly focused on eating meat-based meals, and two his unending and constant montages of him crying over insubstantial and minor bullshit to get attention.

If you're noticing a health-related drama to his breakdown videos, good that means you're paying attention! Most Mukbang youtubers and streamers usually follow a very strict schedule of "cleansing" in between takes. People like LA Beast for example take the time to eat normal and balanced meals with plenty of work outs before making a new video of eating 4 pizzas in one sitting.

However with Nikocado, the unique thing is that he does Mukbang videos nearly every single day. One day he's eating 20 omelettes, the next he's eating a bowl the size of a table full of Taki noodles. Without anyone being surprised, it has lead to situations like this:


He also holds the distinction of being the only American ever deported from COLUMBIA

Why is he being deported from Columbia? Well he applied and was rejected for a marriage visa to be with his one true love Orlin...whom he cheated on multiple times in London and the USA and even caught chlamydia and passed it on to his husband.

And in true Nikocado fashion they vlogged about it!

Recently Nikocado is having another weekly breakdown due to valid criticisms and concerns over his health evil and mean comments about his appearance and emotional state of being! So much so he's threataning to delete his entire channel because reasons!

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Nov 15, 2014
I think its just a stye.
Its cum, look at him.
Not to mention he latches onto huge morbidly obese mukbangers for kicks. But never call him out on it, he will say you are shaming him for exploiting fat peoples "life choices" I've seen his YT comment section, he loves throwing himself on the cross. Notorious liar as well, he is trying to latch onto ALR for something in the future.

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Jun 6, 2015
LA Beast is my YouTube crush :(

And he's a fucking idiot for violating immigration laws while trying to immigrate to another country. Even a shithole like Columbia doesn't let stuff like that fly. lol and he has the gall to bitch about how Columbia is a 'third world' country and that somehow has something to do with it. No fucking country will let you overstay your tourist visa by 100+ days and stay legally.


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Mar 22, 2017
Emotional fat people make the best cows

What the hell happened to his finger in that first video? That's gross

He managed to acquire a pet sloth somehow, which he ironically named Kiwi. It bit him on his finger when he was feeding it, and he stopped loving it and sent it away to a sanctuary. Now the story has turned to being "attacked" by a sloth.

This guy acts stupid for views, cooking with mass quantities of butter and cheese while complaining about his weight, and things like that. He often goes on younow and takes shots for likes. Or he will do provocative dances and tell stories about his promiscuous past.

He's adopted, but his own parents seem to want little to do with him. When he found out he could be deported it took them days to even return his phone call.