Nikocado Avocado / Nicholas Perry - Gay faggot who cries because he eats and eats because he cries.

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Yeah the image he reused, he took a couple weeks ago.

He has a video of himself freaking out for a minute and it's all complete gibberish. I can't make out a word he's saying.
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That has to be the most blatant fake drunk typing i've ever seen. I mean fucking SAD. A retard could see through that shit.

I have often wondered how much of his crying and flipping out in videos was calculated vs. genuine outrage.
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After the Dimensional Merge, pussy eats YOU!
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Feeding his parrot a chicken leg.View attachment 586084
So? Do you think birds don't eat other birds? Unless they are nothing but seed and fruit-eaters, many birds eat the eggs and/or young of other species, and sometimes their own.

I have no love for Nikado, but jeesus, bash him for shit that deserves bashing. There's no shortage of it.


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@FierceBrosnan how does this make you feel?
Well I once let my birb try a bit of chicken because she wouldn't stop screaming at me until she got some. The look of horror as she realized... "oh no...this is birb" was both hilarious and sad. She took off with the breading though.

The only real worry here is how those wings are cooked. Too much salt and fat can make the sturdiest of birds sick. A little meat from time to time isn't bad though, cheese is alright in small bits as a treat too. So if he just gave the bird a bone then it should be fine but if he let it eat a whole lot he deserves a slap.


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So, I give it two or three days until he's cry-eating and wailing about his husband again.
That long?
We all know he needs his daily ass-pats so he doesn't realize how much of his life has been wasted away crying and eating on youtube.
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