Nikocado Avocado / Nicholas Perry - Gay faggot who cries because he eats and eats because he cries.

Sep 13, 2021
The kind of people triggered by fupacado besides penguin stans



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Sep 4, 2019
Can't find the screenshot, but this pasta about nikocado being BASED needs to be reposted.

>voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020
>acts gay to show negative stereotypes about gays
>his whole personality is to satire homosexuality, consumerism and the jews
>leaked emails of him commenting how many jews there are in media and government
>leaked search history of him watching Nick Fuentes
>allegedly donated to Stormfront
>spic (((("boyfriend")))) broke up with him because his chadness / fucking other women was too much for him
>off-camera footage of him speaking in a normal voice and wearing a body suit; he's actually a 28-looking gym bro (how else could he hold up the suit?)

Evidence for all these claims are in the video below,


1:01 --> Voted for Trump evidence
1:56 --> Wears body-suit / lies about everything
3:17 --> evidence of watching Nick Fuentes
6:27 --> donations to stormfront / jew rant

(note that some of the timestamps may be inaccurate since I use UTC not PST)

Please watch all the way - there's loads of evidence I didn't even mention on why Nikocado Avocado may be the most based man on the internet but the Jews are hiding it from you ever realizing.

Nikocado Avocado is our borat, he's proving the degeneracy of the West and how we can stop it and you all are ignoring it because the Mighty Jew tells you to.

You're all slaves. Take the Avocado pill.


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Jan 27, 2014
Can't find the screenshot, but this pasta about nikocado being BASED needs to be reposted.
Even if that was all true (definitely fat for reals--unless he has a team of full-time make-up artists), it would even make him more of a grifter than he already is.


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Apr 16, 2013
Someone was saying earlier that Nik might not have played the violin in years. I'm gonna be optimistic and say that he probably has played it, partially because the fingerboard in the 'my new diet as a disabled person' is all covered in dust from the resin you use on the bow hairs. Maybe it's just because he did several takes of that shot, but the way he was playing seemed too skillful nd controlled for someone who hasn't playerdfor years and is rusty.

It made me wonder- if your fingers and arms get fat, does it change the way you play a stringed instrument? I can imagine that it might be more difficult to play if there are rolls in the way and your fingers are too thick to be delicate, especially with something small like a violin. Plus, having all that chin fat on his neck would mean having to change the position that he holds the instrument. If he hadn't played for years and had experienced rapid weight gain in the intervening time he would probably struggle to play in tune or at all.

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Dec 12, 2018
The reason you’re getting downvotes is because you’re stating the obvious. You’re describing his business model. The guy sells fucking t-shirts that says stuff like “I identify as skinny” or “it’s just water weight”. The reason that nick is a millionaire is not because he is fat and eats on camera. It’s because he makes money selling the tomatoes people throw at him. He is the clown in the dunking booth and he knows this. To follow this analogy Charlie is basically shaking his fist at the dunking both clown while it pretends to cry and wag it’s finger lol.

And one more point. I keep seeing people say YouTube gave nick an eating disorder. Or implying it or something. Nick had an eating disorder WAYYYYY before he became obese. A lot of people think nicks eating disorder is a product of his YouTube career. But nick was actually a hardcore underweight like clinically sick fruitarian vegan before YouTube. He wasn’t just skinny. He was starving himself almost to the point of Eugenia Cooney levels of thin. Nick isn’t joking when he says he was insanely sick in his vegan days. He’s so manipulative. But I wish he would get actual help for his eating disorder that he’s had since he was a child. YouTube isn’t what gave him an eating disorder. It’s just a cope for the one he’s had since a child.
I agree but
>The reason you’re getting downvotes is
Reminds me of this: