Nikocado Avocado / Nicholas Perry - Gay faggot who cries because he eats and eats because he cries.


XQ 076

Holy shit how do you lose your 1+ million dollar apartment in LESS THAN A WEEK???
Please tell me he's talking about a different house? I would go verify myself but I'm legitimately too disgusted by him to watch any videos. :semperfi: to any kiwis that can stomach this fat slob.
He's trolling? (If you can even call it that). He spends 13 minutes fake crying and reading a script about how him doing a cannonball into his pool caused a tsunami and crushed the building. Also he looks enormous and gives many shots of his double chin from below.
I hate myself for having watched that.

>chimping out about chicken

I'm sorry, i didn't realize I wandered into a Walmart deli.
Uh excuse me if you think any Walmart or regional mega-supermarket has a REAL deli, you should probably go swiming with the fishes.

Jokes aside, I cant believe either of them even fathomed the idea of having a collab after their public fight. Well, his public fighting. Trisha looks terrifying but also terrified and honestly is probably more real and simultaneously more and less unhinged and able to handle herself on substances than Nikocado. He seems like he just aped her "thing" and dialed it up to 11 and his demanding to work with her because he think it would be a good look and she's like his surrogate youtube mom or something is bothering her.

Man this guy is disgusting. I'm half expecting him to release a video where he puts on a gimp suit and lowers himself into a septic tank before crying about how bad it smells.
Have you seen his weird arthouse video where he pours a bunch of scrambled eggs on a bunch of ramen noodles and then shaves his head into it, and the whole thing is shot in grayscale?
He's definitely playing a sort of character, and trolling, he went on Tosh.O over it once.