Lolcow Nikocado Avocado - Gay faggot who cries because he eats and eats because he cries.

You think any of his crying is legit?
He's straight up admitted fakes it all because it gets clicks.
There's no doubt that he exaggerated a lot and plays into this whole thing but it becomes the Trisha Paytas situation where sure they're likely smart and manipulating to get the money but at what cost? This guy was legit deported, he destroyed his body, he destroyed the ability to have a normal life past this, his husband seems to want nothing to do with him, his mental health must be affected by the manufactured drama regardless, etc. Not to mention when your life is the performance it's hard to seperate your fantasy life from the real one which can create problems when your fantasy life is as insane as his is. Actors can play a character and go home and be normal (though actors have trouble with mentally exhausting roles like Nick's and need support with them), this guy stays home and is this character both in videos and on his social media
Maybe he didn't intend for it to go this far, maybe he did. Doesn't matter at the end of the day


obtuse, rubber goose, green moose, drug abuse
This is the only lolcow ive seen that has made me nauseated, theres so much about this guy that grosses me out. (Sorry if this had been said multiple times before)

Also what the fuck does "mukbang" even mean?
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It's pretty clear this guys health has gone down over the year. He looked at least somewhat healthy when he started out.

Not that I'm surprised though, mukbang is unhealthy as hell and is barely possible even with a healthy lifestyle between videos.

To be honest tho, I don't get why they have to overeat. Isn't the point of muks basically to keep shut-ins company? So..just have a normal bowl of food like a normal human being? I still believe it's largely sexual with female ones though.

To be honest tho, I don't get why they have to overeat. Isn't the point of muks basically to keep shut-ins company? So..just have a normal bowl of food like a normal human being? I still believe it's largely sexual with female ones though.
Mukbang from Korea often include eating unusually large amounts of food as well as audience interaction. I found this on Wiki, which is hilarious considering the gluttonous and nauseating mukbangers out of the US:

'In July 2018, the South Korean government announced that it would create and regulate the "mukbang" guidelines by launching the "National Obesity Management Comprehensive Measures". It was to establish guidelines for mukbang because it could cause binge eating and harm the public health. As the 'mukbang' has become explosively popular on the broadcasting and the Internet, the news of the establishment of the guideline has been announced. The Ministry of Health and Welfare, which announced the measures, was protesting, and the public opinion on the Blue house petition board was also raised. There were about 40 petitions against mukbang regulations, such as 'there is no connection between mukbang and binge eating' and 'why the government infringes on individual freedom'. In particular, 'Mukbang' has become a 'Korean wave' sold abroad, and it has been pointed out that the government is blocking the export route.'

I haven't watched Nik for a while; he just got back on my radar with this Trisha drama. Is he still pretending that he's going to lose weight soon?

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How common are feeders in the gay community? I'm assuming most of his fans are either feeders or hate-watchers like ALR.

this idiot started an Only Fans account to post himself naked.. his deluded ass would
To be sort of fair, it's a pretty good bet his audience has a bunch of gay feeders in it considering how sexual he makes his eating (it's so gross). I don't think his whole audience is just middle aged women if they're watching videos containing the moans with the drama. He's also on the verge of being too repulsive to hate watch anything but the drama-exclusive videos. And even then you can't hear him beyond his blubbering.
I hope he doesn't get much from his many fans account though. He shouldn't be rewarded for his awful personality and behaviour any more than he already is

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