Disaster Nine American Citizens Killed in Highway Attack in Mexico -

Should the US make war against Mexican cartels?

  • Yes. We have to take revenge for American citizens killed by these bastards.

    Votes: 20 8.8%
  • No. It will be just like [Vietnam/Iraq/Afghanistan], except more costly and inefficient.

    Votes: 30 13.3%
  • Maybe/I don't know/I'm not sure

    Votes: 14 6.2%
  • Only if the GOOD weed isn't touched

    Votes: 24 10.6%
  • We need to just glass Mexico. The cartels run that state at this point.

    Votes: 138 61.1%

  • Total voters

break these cuffs

Blue Falcon Actual
While it is tempting to yell "AMERICA!" and go in guns blazing into Mexico this is probably just going to make the situation much worse. We should just rely on Ol' reliable and do a shit ton of spec ops raids on the cartel(s) suspected of this act, kill some VIPs, and call it a day.
What I want to know is whether or not this CIA psy-op is going to get a meme name.

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Mexican drug cartels make the mafia and yakuza look like boy scouts in comparision to the amount of collateral damage they're willing to create.
It's not collateral if you own what you shoot.


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador refused that approach, however, saying at a Tuesday news conference, "The worst thing you can have is war."

"We declared war, and it didn't work," Lopez Obrador said, referring to the policies of previous administrations. "That is not an option."
So what is the option he's going with, exactly? The US territory has supplied cartels with anti-tank rifles, for fuck's sake. You have to be either an idiot or in the cartel's pocket to think you're not already in a war. If the previous administrators could not wipe out an organization capable of fighting an entire nation, you need international help.

All this shit is missing is another "but the overall violence statistics are the lowest in 50 years!"-fluffer at the end and it'll be perfect.


Just curious. But is CIPO-RFM connected to the Cartels as well, or are they a separate odd entity at odds with them?

Because I think that is going to dictate a ton of woke Twitter and leftist responses.


Voltor for Glick
All we have to worry about is local support. Honestly in recent history that is the only thing the United States has had to worry about when going to war.

Mexico is a failed state. Criminals operate openly, some towns prefer to be governed by said criminals than the government, and a lot of police and military are on the payroll of criminals. The only reason it hasn't exploded and turned into warlord era China is because it is in the best interest of the US to keep its neighbors as stable as possible.

If we were to invade Mexico they couldn't do anything past insurgency. They can barely handle a bunch of monkeys with AKs never-mind the full might of Uncle Sam. They would probably step out of the way while the US military sieges out and tries to clear out a state of cartel influence until we catch their leader and fuck off back home......in a decade.

Yep. We can't be too soft unless you want American tourists and citizens being easy targets anywhere south of the US border.

Regardless of whether or not these were upstanding citizens doesn't matter. They were US citizens that were killed in broad daylight right outside of it's own borders. Hell the entire Western Hemisphere might as well be called "The American Empire" at this point. There is no nation on this side of the planet that doesn't answer to the US government or isn't heavily influenced by it.

While it is tempting to yell "AMERICA!" and go in guns blazing into Mexico this is probably just going to make the situation much worse. We should just rely on Ol' reliable and do a shit ton of spec ops raids on the cartel(s) suspected of this act, kill some VIPs, and call it a day.
The reality is this. "Mexican" cartels are just proxy groups controlled by different politicians (FROM BOTH SIDES OF THE BORDER) , banks, federal agencies,etc
The real Capos are usually AMERICAN CITIZENS that no one really knows who they are.
They have more than just cheap chinese AKS. They have hired Russian, American and other European SpecOps vets/mercenaries to train their sicarios.
90% (if not more) of the cartels arsenals come through US Customs UNCHECKED and pretty much gifted by Uncle Sam.

When asked about where the Zetas acquired their weapons, Rejon said they are all purchased in the United States. He said they used to be transported to Mexico on international bridges, but amid stricter security measures, they now are smuggled through the river.

“It became harder, but we can still get them,” Rejon said. “The Golfos (Gulf Cartel) get them a lot easier; we don’t know why. (It’s) impossible to buy them and smuggle them in a trunk (of a car), but they do it.

“There must be a deal somewhere; I don’t know.”

The former Zeta lieutenant implied that the Gulf Cartel’s arms smuggling must have owed to an arrangement with the government.

But recent court cases in the Rio Grande Valley show that the weapons are bought by arms suppliers and crossed on bridges, at times with the aid of bribing certain agents.

Last month, U.S. authorities arrested and arraigned on weapons charges Jose Manuel Reyes, a man who was tasked with purchasing 200 Arsenal AK-47 assault rifles and 36 Beretta pistols for the Gulf Cartel, court records show.

The man had planned on delivering 10 to 20 guns per week to his Gulf Cartel buyers, the records say."

Also look at these fancy FN-SCARs,Browning MGs, M-249s,M-60s etc that these CJNG hitmen are showing. These are not cheap chinese AKMs or cold war weapons, they came directly from the cocaine Import Agency aka CIA, not some random gun runner.

All this mess is a direct result of prohibition and the puritan who had the incredible idea to start a war against molecules. Imagine if alcohol was still illegal in the USA, i bet Jose Cuervo tequila cartel will be fighting Don Julio tequila cartel with sicarios instead of lawyers whenever they had a problem.


"He who dies with the most stories, wins."
I do not justify at all the death of innocent children and women, criminal groups look very cowardly. BUT THE MORMON LEADER JOEL LEBAR SOTO AND SEVERAL OF HIS CHILDREN AS BENJAMIN whom they executed for beign a narco in 2008, and the supposedly activist Julián Lebaron, and the brother of joel lebaron, Daniel lebaron whom they also executed for narco years ago in Sonora, they have DECADES beign dedicated to drug trafficking, and that is known by many people in the municipalities of Buenaventura and Galeana, Lebaron etc, and in addition to committing many abuses against many humble people, such as land spoils, exploitation of clandestine aquatic wells to the detriment of hundreds and hundreds of peasants etc etc.
Even to the mother of former deputy Alex lebaron González, Ms. María González was arrested for drug trafficking in the CD Juarez prison from 2002 to 2011 approx.
In fact, in the municipality of Galeana, the Lebaron family is known as "the Galeana Cartel" and they are repudiated by many people.
And 3 years ago Joel Lebaron was accused of sending a hit against a rancher named Cruz because he was one of the few who did not put up with him, and Mr. Cruz sued Joel Lebaron, and one day before starting the trial for the Mr. Cruz filed a lawsuit he was executed, and everyone knows that the intellectual author was JOEL LEBARON SOTO.
And many more things that could be told about this Lebaron family ..
They exercise an iron hand worthy of reports nationwide, but since they are gringos and have the backing of the US government, they pretty much can do as they please in Mexico .
Yeah, as soon as I saw the name "LeBaron," I knew about the backstory here.

The LeBaron clan's most infamous member was Ervil, "The Mormon Manson." He and his many wives and children waged a bloody war against other polygamous leaders and groups that's claimed about two dozen lives in the USA and Mexico. Ervil's been dead for many years, but his successors are still out there.

Here's a good collection of articles about Ervil LeBaron and the Church of the Lamb of God.

Bunny Tracks

Nothing equals the splendor
The problem is that it's not just Mexico, but pretty much all of Central and South America, too. Even if you did take out the cartels, and set up a proper government in Mexico, you'd have to permanently station the actual US military down there, or else the cartels are just gonna swarm back up from Columbia, and shit, and take over again. And even then, you didn't actually solve the problem as the cartels are still functioning, and making life hell for everyone.

Taking out the Mexican cartels would simply be like just cutting the head off a vampire-pointless unless you commit to destroying the rest of the body. Something that takes a lot more effort, and bloodshed than I think most people realize.


Drown in the cesspool of darkness
It would still hurt the cartels.
Even if you legalize all drugs, it won't hurt the Cartel. Drugs are not the only way they can make money. Slavery, (legalize slavery! /s), pure militant murders and taking over. In regards to drug if you legalize it, they will just offer cheaper variations that will be more dangerous and most idiots will buy it in the same manner in America people buy cheaper products despite them being dog crap quality.

---End response.

In regards to Trump, I think something needs to be done, MS13, and more are already in America to some degree. How long until they start gaining corruption control of our government if they haven't (spoilers: They have) already? We're kicking a can down the road that could blow up in our face instead.

murdered meat bag

And the fact that those are legal drugs doesn't prevent there being a black market for them. In fact, the legal market is what indirectly increased the black market.
legalizing drugs means taxing them, regulating tbem and increasing their prices. the Black Market cigarette trade in the us is millions of dollars. its insane


True & Honest Fan
The reality is this. "Mexican" cartels are just proxy groups controlled by different politicians (FROM BOTH SIDES OF THE BORDER) , banks, federal agencies,etc
Man, I'll own up to the fact that cartels are abusing gun laws in the US and/or are getting guns because the ATF is incompetent. But cartels are Mexican born and bred and you can't seriously believe all the cartels are secretly run by the US.

Spooky Bones

hahahahaha how the fuck is bonespooking real nigga
True & Honest Fan
"Mormon Drug War"--some background (disclaimer: 7 years old and VICE news, and therefore gay) video (this shit has been going on for a while) -- it is probably not random at all nor just targeting gringos for the sake of it

(incidentally, the Mennonites in Canada were involved in trafficking drugs from Mexico)

The drug cartels have an inordinate amount of power and hold down physical control of parts of Mexico. The importance of this can't really be overstated. Drugs really have little to do with it as such anymore it's just a means of revenue for perpetuating statelike power within a state. Kidnapping is something that appeals as a terror tactic, and also for a profit motive.....which is one of the reasons that legalizing/decriminalizing drugs would not help the violence; the cartels, looking for other sources of income, would move on to kidnapping and people trafficking and other shit. And, fighting over a smaller piece of the pie, the violence would be WORSE! Indiscriminate violence like this is generally bad for business though especially on gringos so I would look for a deeper story than is generally being portrayed as to why these Mormons are involved. It would not be a good look for Obrador's still-new administration to allow carto blanco (so to say) to the gringos to fuck shit up south of the border. Obrador's drug policy is shit because it is all about centralization, which is to say making corruption easier, instead of having the Army, Navy, FJP, etc all quasi-independently undertaking their own investigations which was still a shit-show but gathering eggs into one basket is asking for the fox to guard it.

He's also all about a more velvet-gloved approach and human rights and stuff so I don't imagine him wanting Trump involved, at all, and already I think has been undermining/scaling back some DEA ops, etc. Now, Trump could just pull his dick out, and do some airstrikes or something, which would be interesting. Certainly given what we do in MENA all the time it's not really unprecedented by any means, but doing it so close to home and to non-Muslims would be relatively unprecedented even though we have been undertaking quasi-military action as part of the drug war for a long time. I can imagine it happening and the fallout would be pretty epic. Tantamount to declaring Mexico a failed state on par with yemen or at least Pakistan's FATAs, though, that's pretty hardcore thing to do to our siesta-taking neighbors to the south. It's not necessarily not true and probably in all consistency makes sense, but you can imagine a lot of autistic screeching from one side and exceptional hooting from the other, without much honest discussion of the issues as such.

Air strikes or spec-ops insertions could do some damage to cartels but for every bit that's done to them more damage is really done to the legitimacy of Mexico, such as it is, that's the most important take for me.
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