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Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Wesley Willis, Aug 7, 2017.

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  1. Boogieman? Hardly. SJWs have been causing shit for years and as far as I am aware this website has been covering them for years, you people should know. When they've taken over workplaces, academia, science, getting in to real life politics, they're no boogieman.
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  2. NBS, is that you?
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  3. He's actually the guy behind the camera, but you see him at the beginning of the video
    Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 3.44.40 PM.png
    looks like a faggot tbh
    EDIT: no that's wrong that IS him, they just have similar -show usernames
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  4. Hey, I'm all in favour of good anti-SJW work, but that dosen't mean every anti-SJW gets automatic asspats just because of their stance.

    Fact is, this guy plucks low hanging fruit as the target for his videos, presumably because it's all he can reach. And he's not even all that good in that, except for a couple of decent burns he's laid down.

    So no, he isn't 'good' simply for being an anti-SJW.
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  5. NoBS' recent argument with a few people (which includes a YouTube feminist) it's a huge thread: https://twitter.com/TheNoBullshit/status/906338852570251264

    Basically NoBS insulted peoples' intelligence because he thinks that Journalism & Communications is a science degree, then it shifted to talking about supporting incest.

    After he got proven wrong, he blocked the YouTube Feminist and gave a justification that she's a liar and incest supporter :lol: And I thought alpha males aren't supposed to fear this type of stuff. Especially arguing against feminists and left-wingers.

    The True Alpha's Response: https://twitter.com/RantingF/status/906341267499397122
    His "Justification": https://twitter.com/TheNoBullshit/status/906347233674633216

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  6. No Butthurt

    EDIT: Oh dear fucking lord, is the source of his twitter cover image from Gorn?
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  7. I N T E L L E C T U A L P O W E R H O U S E
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  8. http://archive.is/mzdwg
    Archived the twitter argument just in case.

    I also think it's funny that he thinks people say Destiny won because he suspects they agree with him on incest and not because Destiny was able to articulate something other than "durr you're dumb I'm a pro debater #rekt. subscripple for more."

    Also threadbanned the whiteknight.
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  9. The first (and only) I've heard of this dude is when Internet Comment Etiquette completely destroyed him in one of his episodes. Love that guy.
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  10. I was actually thinking of giving NoBS a thread around the time I first watched this very video but then he left the comment up (unlike Sandman and his other MGTOW ilk) so I believed for a short while that NoBS was capable of handling criticism, but more recently he's gotten a lot worse at it.
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  11. I tried finding the comment from Internet Comment Etiquette but I couldn't find it and some people are theorizing he deleted it

    EDIT: Nvm just found it and the comment has 1.7K likes :heart-full:
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  12. I smell the autism miles away from this post.
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  13. The whole "race realism" talk is basically just this though. Trying to systematically prove something that was scientifically disproven centuries before anyone put together the letters "s j w." These people have just been conditioned to think that anything they disagree with a liberal politically correct conspiracy and not a fundamental concept our society established long ago.
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  14. A large part of this whole anti-sjw movement is basically racists and white supremacists attempting to spread their views without being called out for what they're doing and being exceptional. It's also killed the reputation of the actual skeptic community who do actual needed review of a variety of subjects and papers. Fuck these guys.
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  15. Well, most people consider high-school dropout as the leader of "rational skeptic" community. The same guy that can barely have a reasonable live debate with anybody with IQ above 80. But that's talking about another cow.

    I too remember times, when skeptics were the guys and communities that "reviewed" products and services that claimed to do something, but were just a scam. I miss those days.
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  16. The guys who exposed scams and hoaxes are the best.
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  17. shillin out for black coffee matters or some shit in the first few seconds. that's interesting. i won't watch all of his videos but from clicking a bunch at random it doesn't seem like he's done this before. sign of things to come perhaps hmm.
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  18. I do feel like I should bring attention to his recent video. While I can agree with him on some aspects, but I have to disagree with him on this:

    Now I'm a fan of XXXTentacion. I bought his recent album, 17, and it's good. I think his recent music video is actually great as well. He did a good job attracting people that only knew about him through Look at Me (like me), and did a bait and switch move showing some deep shit. What he's trying to represent is how the killing of anyone, regardless of skin color, is wrong. And he shows this through him hanging a white boy, which was for both showing the consequences of what a good portion of BLM members want, and for those who are affected by what has happened in the past and what the newer generation to pay for what those of the past did.

    Meanwhile, No Bullshit has no idea who he is and what he does, so he goes of on his mindset of X agreeing with BLM. Which he has gone on record as saying he prefers the All Lives Matter movement, which No Bullshit would agree on. No Bullshit hasn't done any sort of research on X, not even looking at the lyrics to Riot.

    Anyways, here's a time-stamps of the video I'll be talking about and going over each point he brings up that I want to cover:

    0:09- It's pronounced X-X-X-ten-tah-she-on
    (He does address his "thesis statement" of the video at 0:34, but I'll address these as we go along here)
    0:53- This is probably one of the only points I can kind of agree with him on. It is odd that his video isn't age-restricted (as of September 14th, 2017) with the amount of adult topics the video covers. However, I wouldn't pin the blame on X for this, more likely it's his publishers preventing the video from being demonitized. Thus, he should be more mad at his publishers and YouTube than X himself.
    1:30- X has stated that Look at Me is one of his least favorite pieces because it doesn't reflect who he is. He only had Look at Me at the start to lure in others who only know him through this song.
    1:36- And like I mentioned, while the Look at Me portion was to be click-bait into his actual music, I think if you're going to click-bait for the sake of delivering a positive message, then I see it as a good practice rather than for the sake of publicity for money (e.g., Sam Pepper). Riot wasn't made to be controversial for the sake of being so. X wanted to deliver the message that supremacy is wrong regardless of skin color.
    2:07- Excuse me? "Violent tendencies" isn't what this is. It's like saying the Twisted Sisters made I wanna Rock to deliver the message that all high school teachers should be blown up with a hand-grenade. This portion of the music video does mirror I Wanna Rock somewhat with the rebellion of the higher ups through ridiculous means. And No Bullshit along the lines of those Conservative Christians in the 80s who said that the Twisted Sisters were really explicit and not for children. I just feel a sense of deja vu listening to No Bullshit on this part.
    3:01- If you only wanted to laugh and have fun, then why even cover X's video? You could have simply ignored it, or if you really had to just make a Tweet chain summing up your thoughts about it. Also the footage of those girls exercising you show is kind of distracting at points. Sure you may like it, but why not show drone footage of mountain scenery, or even a city? But that's probably why you don't, to hide your horrible arguments in front of, "Look, bewbz!"
    3:09- Again, X dislikes those sorts of things (probably excluding hitting someone with a dildo, since anyone who has played Saints Row 3 in the past would agree), but he wants to for the sake of delivering a message he likes. After all, that's why 17 exists. To show the world what's going on in his head.
    3:38- Here he discusses about how he doesn't want to show the Felando shooting and readdresses how Youtube didn't demonitize the video. Which I can agree that Felando was in the wrong, but again why not skip it if you already addressed it in the past? Just say, "He brings up the Felando case, and I already covered it in another video." and move on.
    Also nice move with "cause he's black." Not like only white people get demonitized. :dumb:
    (He then goes on to show the other re-enactments. Which makes you wonder why he even bothered to say why he wouldn't show the Felando shooting footage)
    4:43- Yeah, let's have all rap songs have a constant structure to them that creates a bland, unoriginal ecosystem of songs. Sure, it's a great fallback when making pop songs, but that's not what X's songs are, they are rap. Rap focuses mainly on the flow and rhyme scheme of each line, and how those lines can impact the listener. And while they may sometimes follow this constant structure (and some are good with it), not all artists have to go with this structure to create a good song. X has a good vocal range, and good writing skills to boot. He does have talent, and for the most part, he's using it quite well.
    4:49- Well then, if you don't understand what he's saying, go look up the lyrics. It's not that hard to Google "XXXTentacion Riot lyrics" after all. Just goes to show how much effort you actually put into these videos. Also, while you say this adds to your point of "X is a horrible rap artist", Eminem's Rap God was also hard to understand when he reached the part where he was rapping extremely fast. Does that mean Rap God is a horrible song? Absolutely not. You can just go and look up the lyrics if you want to understand fully what he was wanting to deliver.
    6:05- Again, if it ain't your "cup of tea", then why even cover it?
    6:08- If you were to look up X's past, you would see that he doesn't support the violence of anyone, regardless of skin color. He doesn't have a "chip on his shoulder" for white people or cops.
    6:34- Now to address this part of X's video. The purpose of hanging the white kid was to play devil's advocate. He wanted to show that it is fucked up as much as the situations shown before. And to say that putting the blame on the next generation because of what the generations did before is wrong as well. That's why they are shown as kids, rather than adults. In other words, it's supposed to fucked up for the purpose to shock others to deliver the message that killing is wrong, especially if it's for skill color.
    6:46- Another nice buck shot there. Yeah, No Bullshit has no idea on what rap culture is and symbolism.
    7:47- And that's the same rhetoric X is going against you dumb ass.
    7:52- Technically, nah. His grandmother raised him. Make a joke that's actually correct next time.
    7:56- And again, he is against Black Lives Matter. He stated that himself.
    8:25- He brings up a Black-on-white incident a few seconds later. Let X actually finish that portion before you go on ranting on how he's a "BLM supporter".
    10:00- Okay now you're just being a fucking asshole. Instead of picking on how he's being "an edgy teen", actually address his points and realize that, "Hmm, maybe he isn't a support of these extremist movements."
    10:35- There's something called implying. While he doesn't directly state it, he does assume that the audience knows that blacks can be replaced with any other race, which while can be a bad idea it's not that much to process. And he also addresses the other insulting words like spics and faggot used out of malice in that same song.
    10:57- No, his songs aren't meant to be fun. They're meant to be educational and thought provoking. Reading Plato's Republic isn't fun for most, but it does engage a discussion.
    11:19- No Bullshit also hasn't heard of what an EP is.
    11:30- X isn't trying to be The Beatles. He isn't wanting to write songs for the sake of romance.
    11:52- So here's also where I sort of agree with No Bullshit. X does have anger issues. But he's also apologized in the past for those outbursts from what I've viewed (and if anyone wants to counter-point me, then do it). And if the recent accusations are proven true, which I hope isn't then case, then X might need some help with his life. But as it is, he isn't a bad person. He's actually well-spoken as has been proven on multiple twitter videos he does, one of which detests the Dear White People series.

    TL;DR- https://youtu.be/bJfgC4S19pI
    Do your fucking research No Bullshit

  19. To be fair it's a pretty stupid fucking video. But it's the kind of low-hanging fruit NBS loves.

    The irony, like you pointed out, is that XXXtension cord basically "all lives mattered" the video at the end, ruining any impact the hanging visual could have had. so really this should be the sort of thing NBS would praise. But he's too fucking lazy to realize that.
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  20. He needs those clicks so he pumps out more outrage videos without much thought.

    ON an unrelated note, I'd be interested to know if he mentions xxxtension being a woman beater but I'm not interested enough to actual give him a youtube shekel to find out.
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