Non Lolcows in Voice acting -

So I am new to KIWI farms and I first found KIWI farms when I was looking to see if other people were ignored at TV Tropes for their stupid SJW shit and I found this place. Anyways I learn that voice actors get a noticeable amount of coverage here.

Now it's no secret that Hollywood is very liberal and are Orange man bad!!.
But for a while I was hoping that the voice acting community was a little better.

I remmber when I was sowly learning that some voice actors I knew were super Lolcows.

I Belive the first was Ron Perlman who I know most see as live action actor. But he voiced notable villains that I liked like Slade from Teen Titans and The Litch king on Adventure Time. He was the voice of the voice actor community who I saw suffer from TDS.

Then I found out Mark Hamil was nuts

Then third was Tara "I'll get you fired, if you disagree with me" Strong.

Then John Dimaggio who legit threatened a group of teenagers.

And finally I found out about Steve Blums TDS on here.

I also discovered that Grey DeLisle is also kind of Spergy. But not as bad as above. Which is good to hear.

But it wasn't to bad. I later found out Jim Cummings is a Republican.

and throw KIWi farm's thread on Tara Strong i found out that Rob Paulson and Tom Kenny were non-political.

And with the Weebs Wars drama revealing a bunch of Anima actors being shitheads too.
And learning that Vic mignogna is a Conservative.

It made curious me what every voice actors are either non- Political or non liberal.

So this thread is pretty mush me asking what voice actors are non political or either conservative leaning.