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I'm very much a race realist, but I would still feel worried associating with people who make a big deal out of race due to my neck possibly being on the line one day. Many others no doubt feel the same.
That says more about you than it does about racists.

If you're gonna judge people on their merits and not their color, you need to stop saying things like "we should kill the (insert racial group here)" because it alienates people who are part of that group or have loved ones who are part of that group. Wording is important.
We want to alienate you.


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The GOP and Trump basically nuked the demographics are destiny meme that liberals love. Trump basically just basically proved he is not a racist with in increased turnout from every minority. My only fear is, that the GOP drops all the outreach Trump did if he loses 2020.


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I'm black, I grew up in an apolitical household, and social justice shit is awful. Virtue signaling white people and their insane commie Jew masters were a mistake worse than any Jihadi or Evangelist. There's not much I can add other than me barely paying attention to politispergery till the Trump insanity vortex happened, and I wish politics became boring enough to not pay attention to (Biden will prolly do that, but fuck Biden and fuck Kamala Harris).


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I grew up in Thailand, in fact being exposed to how race works in Western world fucks my brain up. I have never thought that there's any biological unity between different 'white' ethnicities, Or that I am supposedly have to be allied with 'Asian race'. A Korean is as foreign to me as a Scotsman. (I don't believe in racial category some French guy came up in 18th-19th century. Today's Biology is better than caliper and phrenology) But that doesn't mean that I think people are fundamentally separate by ethnicities - ethnicity is simply a mark of culture and langu
If you want to understand how the west has grown to be confused about this, watch what Breitbart had to say about this. He understood well. Then he died rather mysteriously.

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To me it's a way to divide and conquer. The media is always looking for an us versus them.

Oppression, violence and conflict have existed since the dawn of time and will continue to do so.

Even monolithic groups eventually split and war or conflict emerges.

If everyone looked identical, conflict would still emerge.

The conflict might be along racial grounds, but is often more cultural in origin. If people look different but share a culture or religion, they are more likely to get along. It is differences in culture, values or beliefs that tend to trigger the conflict.

There is also no way that white people are the worst. People ignore the barbarism everywhere else in the world and I'm not sure why. I also find it weird how white men get castrated but Middle Eastern men, Indian men and African men with their own hideous brands of brutal patriarchy are totally glossed over.

I also think in the long run, the backlash will be awful. White people are being stomped on badly now, but history repeats et cetera.


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It's fucking dumb. A very calculated brand of dumb that plagues my daily conversations with both strangers and pepole I know.

It also showed me how easy it is to gaslight significant crowds of pepole into believing your junk, and let simple peer pressure make sure your movement snowballs and lasts no matter how retarded, destructive, or how accomplished they are in life as long as they look good in the eyes of others. I suggest you read about the Asch conformity experiments.

I find all of this pretty disturbing but the greatest pros out of this is that it highlights which loony I should avoid at all costs and which person is a massive narc.

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It's a lazy trick that the Democratic Party uses to avoid having to actually do anything. Kamala "Supercop" Harris putting pronouns in her bio on twitter is just the latest example.

Random people at my work who are CLEARLY men and women and who have always been known as men and women are starting to put pronouns in their sigs. I have no idea why...

John, if I've always called you he and you've always been a man and still are a man and still intend to be a man, why do you now have to tell people you're a 'he' so badly?


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I expect the minority working classes to be even more decimated by a Biden administration as well as reintroduction of CRT. He also wants to naturalize a shitload of pajeets and encourage more illegal mud people to run to this nation by termination g agreements with central American nations.

The neoliberals and their progressive allies have succeeded in destroying class consciousness permanently in the black community. Now they will try it with Latinos and Asians after the Proposition 16 failure and Trump getting the minority turnout for the GOP in 60 years. They will fail though since the masks have fully dropped.

As for the future, unless there is some French style Revolution where neoliberalism and neoconservativism is destroyed or even a Russian style one, stuff will get worse.

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Asians officially got kicked out of the POC club at one elementary school. They're literally redefining POC to mean dumb.
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Glad to hear you're on board. Now cancel Affirmative Action in all forms and pay Asians and White Men who would be effected by this racist policy all over the planet reparations just like the Nazis paid the Jews.

Not fucking joking!


If you placed me in a crowd of white dudes, then besides the clothing i would look just like them.
So I'm certain I'll be called a whateverphobic by the woke crowd for saying something un PC until they hear my name and where I'm from. So i think SJW's need to relax and grow a spine.