World North Korea Megathread - Dear Leader and his shenanigans

Will our great nation The Democratic People's Republic of Korea succeed?

  • Dear leader will guide us to glory

  • Everyone goes to the labor prisons

  • Trump nukes Kim Jong Un a new anus

  • DPRK starves to death before anything interesting happens

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Deep Penetrator
Did I say I was updating this thread last night... Yeah I totally meant tonight.

So, today in the DPRK: The imagery houses STILL haven't put out new shit.
Looks like that train from the Sanumdong factory is/was heading to Sohae.

We still don't know if a missile was on the train.
Moon Jae-In's approval rating has fallen for the second week straight. This time falling 3.1% to total 46.3%.

North Korea not playing ball hurt Moon more than anything else right now because he isn't able to claim any other victory.

wow, look North Korea evading sanctions without major repercussions.
Meanwhile: Moon Jae-In claims that he is not the top spokesman for Kim Jong-Un. By trying to censure and legally punish an opposition politician who called Moon the top spokesman for Kim.
Here is an article that summarizes the recent missile test indicators. The article isn't an absolute trashfire, so it has that going for it.

That's all for tonight folks.


Deep Penetrator
Today in the DPRK:

New satellite imagery out shows that there is no more construction work being done at the Sohae Satellite Launch Facility. Construction is complete.

RoK government confirms "physical restoration" of the launch site.

But don't worry says the ruling party of South Korea: "North Korea repaired the Punggye-ri site before an inspection team visited it to see its demolition (in May last year). We've guessed that the Dongchang-ri restoration this time had the same purpose," -Democrat controlled defense ministry.

The thing about the Punggye-ri site was that it was an active site that basically needed the grass cut before outsiders showed up. So North Korea putting so much effort into Rebuilding a disassembled test site is unlikely as all hell.

Nathan J Hunt is an expert on DPRK missile testing, and has a modicum of common fucking sense.

Punggye-ri was ballistic missile testing site that they had no use for anymore. As any straight-up ballistic missile tests from here on out will be using TELs (Transporter Erector Launchers, i.e. mobile launchers). Sohae is a dual use facility, North Korea needs it to launch satellites, and give ballistic missile test a least a paper thin disguise.

OwO, what is this? An RC-135U in the Western Pacific?

The RC-135U Combat Sent is the premier class electronic surveillance aircraft in the inventory of the United States. We only have two of these birds and they spend most of their time in their hangers.

I wonder what is happening to get one of these birds moving over there. Could it be an imminent missile launch?
The US, Japan, and Britain are going to be conducting a moderately large joint submarine hunting exercise.

make of that what you will.
Sanctions work when... when we can enforce them. - the UN.

North Korea is flagrantly violating sanctions, and is "covertly" building missiles at "civilian" facilities.

"The U.N. Panel of Experts has released its latest report, and for the first time since it began publishing them in 2009, it is now investigating South Korea for violating the sanctions. One area the Panel is looking into is its imports of North Korean coal for ten months, in violation of UNSCR 2371, while its Coast Guard dragged out an “investigation” of those imports, allowed the smuggling ships to come and go freely without seizing them, and later charged a few small-time scapegoats. " - Joshua Stanton, A man "thrice cursed by North Korea."

Looks like South Korea is being investigated for sanctions violations. About fucking time. The article is worth the read.

Gee, I wonder what else the South Koreans have been lying about:


Looks like North Korea has been operating, that 5-Megawatt Plutonium Enrichment Reactor at Yongbyon, continuously since December 2015.

This directly contradicts South Korea's Intelligence Chief (political appointee) who said the facility had been shut down since last year.

See the intel chiefs statements from just a few posts ago.

The US endorses the UNs view on these matters.
In happier news:

It was the CIA who broke into the North Korean Embassy in Madrid last month. We stole a lot of valuable stuff. Including computers and files.


Looks like that is all for tonight folks.


Deep Penetrator
Today on the DPRK: less news

The food situation has gotten so bad in many regions of North Korea that less than 70% of government officials in some regions are showing up to work. If that is true it would be the worst rate in history, barely beating out the long march of the 1990s.

The thing is, North Korea doesn't want to fix the food problem. Sanctions don't effect food import. They really don't buy food. They export it. It got so bad that seafood exporting had to be banned years ago.

(Coincidentally, this has led to the North Korea selling fishing rights of their coastal waters to China. The Chinese then promptly started over fishing the area that it has cause an entire phenomenon of Korea "ghost ships" floating over to Japan. Many North Korean fishermen starve to death trying to get to international waters to perhaps catch fish there.)

If the budget for the DPRK's elite was cut, and instead distributed to the rest of North korea, we would be able to feed the country 5 times over. Kim Jong-un alone spends over $640 million a year on luxury goods.

North Korea spends practically all of its money and resources on the research and development of weapons systems, predominately nuclear. North Korea just doesn't care about food production. For the Kim Regime, it is a useful tool to bludgeon against sanctions. Relying on stupid western audiences to call for the end of sanctions.

Meanwhile, the UN providing sanctions to those feeding and medicating the populous of North Korea.

"Our (proposed) denuclearization steps and demand for corresponding sanctions relief sufficiently reflected the U.S. government's stance and demand as well. There can be no better way than that," Uriminzokkiri, a North Korean propaganda website

That should be all the argument against incrementalism you need.
North Korea avoids sanctions on imported luxury cars. Probably by leet haxoring and trading DPRK manufactured narcotics. -South Korea

Here is a good look at how one sect of North Korean smugglers move materials, and how they have been exposed in the most recent UN report.
Again ending on a happier note:
Looks like a new set of sanctions against North Korean business partners, From the US Department of the Treasury.


Deep Penetrator
Today in the DPRK: I finally was able to get through the CAPTCHA.
North Korea fails to show up to the Liaison Office for the THIRD week in a row.

The two sides launched the joint liaison office in mid-September and had agreed to hold meetings every week. The previous meetings were held on February 22nd, five days before the second U.S.-North Korea summit in Hanoi.

"An official from Seoul said the two acting North Korean chiefs, Hwang Chung-song and Kim Kwang-song, have also been absent from the office since Monday because of what the North cited as “internal affairs.”"

Wew lads.

China canceled an investor relations meeting on North Korea, slated for early March in a border city.

Chinese government appears to be strengthening its visa control of North Korean workers, apparently in accordance with Washington's decision to maintain sanctions on the North.

North Korea to begin limiting number of foreign visitors to 1,000 per day. Get your tickets now!

That embassy raid was totally conducted by those Cheollima Civil Defense guys alone. No CIA help whatsoever. -Washington Post's anonymous sources. CCD were most likely involved heavily however and we should expect a video from them soon.

The US has over 300 heavy sanction ready to be deployed against North Korea.

Today in the DPRK protectorate of South Korea: The wheels are coming off.

More than half of South Koreans disprove of Moon Jae-In.

"The U.S. State Department’s latest report on human rights violations around the world, entitled “Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2018,” said defector organizations in South Korea reported coming under “direct or indirect pressure” from the South Korean government to tone down their angry rhetoric towards Pyongyang as Seoul authorities “engaged in talks” with the regime."

"“This pressure allegedly included, for example, the termination of 20 years’ funding support for the Association of North Korean defectors in December 2017, the police blocking groups’ efforts to send leaflets into North Korea by balloon, and police visits to organizations and requests for information on financial and other administrative matters,” read the report."

Yeah, South Korea is totally not beholden to North Korea.

Just like everywhere else, the Internet allows too much freedom of speech and opinion to be left unmolested by the government.

"The KCC 2019 Plan for Pursuing Key Tasks (방송통신위원회 2019 주요업무추진계획), dated March 8, 2019, has a section titled “Strengthening the Regulation of Illegal information / Service” on page 12, which states “If it is impossible to correct illegal activities (three times), [the KCC] will introduce (as of February 2019) a system to order temporary cessation of services. This applies not only to domestic companies, but also to “foreign enterprises providing service through the internet” and it “strengthens the inspection of prohibited activities and expands the duty to evaluate protection of users.” it further stated in 2018, the KCC “conducted the first evaluation of app entrepreneurs, and in 2019, will expand to include entrepreneurs of social network services, such as YouTube and Facebook. (See the KCC 2019 Plan pdf below)"

This is in direct response to Google/Youtube telling the Democratic party to fuck off with its demand to censor 104 "fake news" Youtube programs.

South Korean Blue House Senior Secretary of Civil Affairs Cho Kuk Sues Journalist Woo Jong-chang for libel. This case was brought over the Youtube video that Woo Jong-chang made last year called: "Falsehoods and Truths: Mountains of Lies that Buried the President (Park Geun-hye, 박근혜)’ series, episode 59. [his 59th YouTube video about various lies that led to Park’s impeachment and the criminal trial that followed]"

"He (Woo Jong-chang) talked about a tip-off, and began with a caveat saying “It has not been verified as truth yet.” He continued “sometime during January to early February 2018, Senior Secretary Cho Ku met and had dinner with Seoul Central District Court Judge Kim Se-yoon at a Korean restaurant near the Blue House…Also, there was a third person.” Woo said if Cho met with Kim, it is shocking, because it was before the initial court decision (on the guilt of former President Park) was reached. "

Moon Jae-In and the executive branch of the Republic of Korea has committed the crime of “systematic employment corruption,” prosecutors say.

"Prosecutors investigating suspicions that the Environment Ministry had a blacklist of officials and filled vacancies with associates of President Moon Jae-in recently got hold of a document that allegedly shows the Blue House chose executives for several public organizations affiliated with the ministry before recruiting procedures began - and pressured the ministry to give those candidates special treatment."

Supposedly they kick out 24 Liberty party leaning individuals too.

This is important because the Korean left has been trying to use their Environmental Ministry to block American defense operations in the country. Most notably the battle over installing the THAAD system featured the EM trying to block the land acquisition on environmental grounds. The grounds in question were defunct golf course lands that were still maintained.

"insult against the head of state virtually tantamount to treason under the cloak of a US national [sic] wire service " Moon Jae-In Spokesperson.

Moon's administration handles the press very badly. This really isn't anything important. However, Moon has lost a lost of goodwill with a whole heck of a lot of journalist recently. This last statement has created a optics shitstorm that is still reverberating.

SFCC Eng trans "treason" doesn't capture the inflammatory tone of accusation. Correct trans: "insult against the head of state under the cloak of US national [sic] wire service."

Connotation is: "high treason by insulting our great leader while selling out to the US"

BIG EDIT: Update to the Official Cheollima Civil Defense website:

Make of that what you will.
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Deep Penetrator
Got nothing much for you today: So hear is an article.

Bolton: North Korea 'not willing to do what they needed to do' for nuclear deal

White House national security adviser John Bolton hammered North Korea in an interview broadcast Sunday, saying the country's leader Kim Jong Un was unwilling to take the necessary steps to reach a nuclear deal with the U.S.

“The North Koreans were unfortunately not willing to do what they needed to do. Just last night they issued an unhelpful statement that they’re thinking of going back to nuclear and ballistic missile testing, which would not be a good idea on their part,” Bolton told radio host John Catsimatidis on AM 970 in New York.

President Trump wants this threat resolved through negotiations,” he added. “He wants North Korea to be free of nuclear weapons, that’s for sure.”

Bolton's comments came after North Korea's Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui asserted Friday that the Trump administration created an "atmosphere of hostility and mistrust" in nuclear negotiations and threatened to resume nuclear and missile tests after refraining from such a move for over a year.

A second nuclear summit between Kim and President Trump came to an abrupt end in February after the negotiations over denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula hit an impasse over sanctions relief.

Bolton opened the door to China, North Korea’s chief ally and trading partner, to help put talks back on track.

“The idea that there’s a role for China in the negotiations is something that we’d be willing to consider if we could see some movement on North Korea’s part,” he said.

“The Chinese have said repeatedly they don’t want to see North Korea with nuclear weapons at all because they think it destabilizes North East Asia…In theory, China has the same position we do. What they could do more of is apply more pressure on North Korea. They could apply the U.N. sanctions more tightly. They control 90 percent of North Korea’s external trade, so China could have a very important role here. There’s no question about it”

However, Bolton suggested any courting of China to help deal with the North Korean nuclear program could face complications over Beijing’s own nuclear ambitions and Washington’s desire to rein in its existing programs.

“China is building up its nuclear capacity now. It’s one of the reasons why we’re looking at strengthening our national missile defense system here in the United States. And it’s one reason why if we’re going to have another arms control negotiation, for example, with the Russians, it may make sense to include China that discussion as well,” he said.



Deep Penetrator
Today in the DPRK: The Monday news cycle rarely disappoints.
North Korea holds air-raid drills.
Does anyone read these? said:
North Korea has been conducting air-raid drills in Pyongyang since last Thursday, after the summit with the U.S. in Hanoi, Vietnam collapsed late last month. The next day, the North's Foreign Minister Choe Son-hui warned the U.S. that the bilateral talks may be suspended.
The North also indicated that it may end the moratorium on missile tests that it claims has been in place for more than a year.

Radio Free Asia reported Saturday that North Korean authorities had been holding nationwide air-raid drills since Thursday to prepare for a U.S. attack. One source in Ryanggang Province told RFA, "Things had been quiet for a while with no air-raid drills or military exercises, but the drills resumed suddenly and created many difficulties for people."

"Authorities across North Korea are telling people to get ready for war preparations by the U.S. and South Korea," the source added.

But a government source here said, "They could simply be part of winter military drills that were scheduled to last until this month."

North Korea state media did not report on Choe's remarks at a press conference on Friday, where she warned that the North could stop talks with the U.S. unless it agrees to "phased denuclearization" by easing sanctions at each stage.

There is speculation that she made the remarks only to assuage remaining hardliners in the regime. A diplomatic source said, "Choe said that the military sent thousands of petitions imploring [leader] Kim Jong-un not to give up nuclear weapons, which suggests there is considerable opposition in the military" to diplomacy with the U.S.

Meanwhile, North Korea is planning a Workers Party general assembly aimed at bolstering ideological conformity and investigating what party officials did while Kim was away in Hanoi.

"The general assembly is being held in order to quell discontent among North Koreans following the failed second summit with the U.S.," a source said.

Any missile launch could be shot before the bow of the U.S. Nam Joo-hong at Kyonggi University said, "There is a chance of a North Korean provocation in mid-April, which marks the first anniversary of the Workers Party session where [Kim Jong-un] announced a new policy of pursuing both nuclear armament and economic development."

North Korea has apparently restored a missile test site in Tongchang-ri which it promised to scrap last year.
South Korea and North Korea have missed another "weekly" meeting. This makes 4.

"North Korea will never give up its Nukes" -North Korea's Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son-hui, probably...
North Korea's Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son-hui and the opinion peice said:
North Korea's Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son-hui told foreign reporters in Pyongyang on Friday, "We have no intention to yield to the U.S. demands [at the Hanoi summit] in any form, nor are we willing to engage in negotiations of this kind." Choe added ominously that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will soon announce his next plans.

What Choe was hinting at was that North Korea could scrap only its aging nuclear complex in Yongbyon, which was built 50 years ago. The plutonium-extraction and uranium-enrichment facilities in Yongbyon are no longer central to the North's nuclear weapons program, which makes them expendable bargaining chips. If U.S. President Donald Trump had accepted Kim's offer in Hanoi to scrap the Yongbyon facility in return for an easing of sanctions, he would effectively have acknowledged the North as a nuclear power.

If Kim really intended to give up his nuclear weapons, he would have sought to start a new dialogue with the U.S. about his secret uranium-enrichment facilities. But instead he is resorting to the old brinkmanship and blackmail. The North tried to dupe the international community and put up a big show pretending to scrap nuclear and missile sites. Kim even said that he wished to achieve complete denuclearization "during President Trump's term in office" and added that he has no reason to hang on to them and suffer. He also said he does not wish his children to inherit a nuclear legacy. But U.S. intelligence officials knew all along that Kim was lying, and even Trump knows it now. President Moon Jae-in, too, probably smelled it a long time ago but played dumb, and by doing so he was tricking the public here.

For the last 25 years, North Korea has repeatedly resorted to provocations every time its deceptive tactics failed. The North no longer needs to conduct more nuclear tests and already has enough nuclear weapons to equal a hydrogen bomb. Any more nuclear tests would merely waste valuable fissile materials. But it may well test-fire more long-range missiles to ratchet up pressure on the U.S. and seek to gain the upper hand in negotiations.

Nobody should fall for this tactic again. North Korea may be willing to play with fire, but it still fears getting burned because Kim knows he has too much to lose. What is needed is a watertight defense and tough sanctions. The effect of the sanctions, already in evidence here and there, will become much more obvious over time. This is a game that requires patience.
North Korea is having meeting with the Chinese and Russian Governments.
More news stories talking about the Cheollima Civil Defense guys and their embassy raid.

US is pushing for stricter enforcement sanctions enforcement in the U.N.

U.S., N.K. trying to get 'sequencing' right in nuclear talks- U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

U.S. Special Representative for North Korea Stephen Biegun goes to Europe to "seek Europe's cooperation on denuclearizing the North, the State Department said Monday"

"Biegun is set to visit London on Tuesday to discuss "coordinated efforts to advance the final, fully verified denuclearization of North Korea" with his British, French and German counterparts, the department said in a statement."

Bolton tells Pyongyang that new tests are ‘not a good idea’
38 North's take on the Hanoi Summit and where to go from here.
I will let you decide whether or not it is of any value.

Today in the DPRK protectorate of South Korea:
North Korea could have rebuilt Sonhae Satellite Launch Facility just to decommission it for us.-Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon
South Korean Unification Ministry said:
SEOUL, March 18 (Yonhap) -- Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon said Monday that North Korea could have repaired its rocket launch site in an effort to get the facility ready for dismantlement.

Satellite imagery has shown that the North has restored the Dongchang-ri site, or Sohae Satellite Launching Station, that the North had partially dismantled last year to show its denuclearization commitment.

Assessment of the move was divided, with some experts calling it part of preparations to conduct a missile launch following the collapse of last month's summit with the United States and others saying the restoration could be designed to spruce up the facility for dismantlement.

Asked for his assessment of the move, Cho said during a meeting of the parliamentary foreign affairs and unification affairs committee that there is "sufficient possibility" of the North rebuilding the site for dismantlement.

"As North Korea is continuing work, we need to look more carefully into North Korea's intentions," he said.
We (South Korea) are a strong independent Nation and we don't need no America to negotiate with North Korea!-A Nation that needs the power of the US to Negotiate with North Korea.

South Korea salivates at the prospect of resuming inter-Korean projects.
South Korean Unification Ministry said:
"South Korea’s Unification Ministry says it will beef up efforts for the possible resumption of inter-Korean economic projects within the constraints of sanctions on North Korea.

In a policy report to the National Assembly’s Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee on Monday, the ministry said it will try to prepare in advance to create an environment for the resumption of the projects such as the Gaeseong Industrial Complex and the Mount Geumgang tourist program.

The ministry said it will develop comprehensive plans regarding President Moon Jae-in's "new economic map of the Korean Peninsula" as well as for inter-Korean special businesses and tourist zones agreed upon during the September 2018 inter-Korean summit and seek out joint research projects and field surveys with the North. "
South Korea sees an open artillery port in a North Koran base along the DMZ. South Korea tells North Korea to close it 10 times. North Korea says that the artillery base is actually empty. South Korea accepts that answer.

So, is the artillery base actually occupied and the South Koreans are dunces for believing a North Korean lie? Or is the base empty and the South Koreans dunces for believing that the base was occupied in the first place?

You Decide!
"The US wants to look at the big picture, North Korea wanted to focus on the Yongbyon nuclear complex.
Overall we feed that we are a big player and are a key partner"-South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha. Paraphrased a bit.

South Korean nuclear envoy goes to Russia and the EU to talk about denuclearizing North Korea. I have nothing witty to say about this one.
South Korean Foreign Ministry said:
"South Korea's top nuclear envoy Lee Do-hoon will embark on a tour to Russia and Europe to create a favorable atmosphere for dialogue between North Korea and the U.S.

The Foreign Ministry in Seoul said Lee will depart for Russia on Monday and meet with his Russian counterpart Igor Morgulov on Tuesday in Saint Petersburg.

During the meeting the two sides will exchange opinions regarding the situation on the Korean Peninsula following the U.S.-North Korea summit in Hanoi last month, which ended without an agreement. In addition, Seoul and Moscow will discuss ways to cooperate in order to achieve the North’s complete denuclearization and establish lasting peace in the region.

Lee will then visit the headquarters of the European Union in Brussels on Wednesday and Thursday to meet with Helga Maria Schmid, secretary general of the European External Action Service.

The ministry said the visit is aimed at explaining Seoul's position to other countries in regards to the North Korean nuclear issue, and to secure support and consolidate the international community's commitment to resolving the peninsula’s issues."
South Korean Blue House agrees with Pyongyang that incrementalism is the way forward! A bad deal is better than no deal!
South Korean Blue House said:
The aim of complete denuclearization is “difficult to achieve all at once,” the Blue House said in Mar. 17 comments on the denuclearization talks between North Korea and the US.

The Blue House also stressed the “need to reconsider the ‘all-or-nothing strategy.’”

Meeting with reporters that day, a senior Blue House official said, “Going forward, they will need to get away from this very conclusive framework for North Korea talks in the North Korea-US denuclearization negotiations.”

“The argument that ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ is not helpful,” the official added.

“As a first step, we need to get North Korea to reach an agreement to achieve the comprehensive aim, and we need efforts to use that as a foundation for turning a ‘small deal’ into a ‘good enough deal,’” the official suggested.

“I think we need a series of one or two ‘early harvests’ to achieve meaningful progress with denuclearization,” the official said. The remarks were seen as calling for a more flexible attitude from the US, which has adopted a “big deal” strategy since the breakdown of the second North Korea-US summit last month by insisting that North Korea eliminate or freeze all of its nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons along with other weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles.

The Blue House also indicated it would act as a “driver” for North Korea-US dialogue through efforts with Pyongyang to reduce tensions.

“We helped last year in moving North Korea-US dialogue forward, and US President Donald Trump helped drive dialogue between the South and North Korean leaders through the North Korea-US summit on June 12 in Singapore,” the official said.

“It may be our ‘turn’ this time with inter-Korean dialogue,” the official added. “We’ll consider how we can use the baton that’s been passed to us.”

By Seong Yeon-cheol, staff reporter
A record of over 6,100 conscripts we declared unfit for service last year.

Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) riots in the office of Mayor Byun Kwang-young.

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