TGWTG "Nostalgia Critic" / Doug Walker, Rob Walker, Mike Michaud, Mike Ellis, Holly Christine Brown, et al - The Incompetent Predator-Protecting Upper Management of Channel Awesome, Doug Still Not That Funny

There's one trivial thing about Doug's review of The Happening that's always bothered me.

I haven't seen the film, but I've seen reviews, and my impression is that Wahlberg spends most of the film impersonating Mr. Rogers. He even does it when his character's teaching a high school class, which must be the most insulting and patronizing way to approach a bunch of students, but let that pass.

But the scene Doug really chooses to mock is one where an old woman goes insane and starts accusing him of wanting to kill her. And ... that's probably the only time where anyone would naturally sound like Mr. Rogers. Imagine yourself with a hysterical woman claiming you want to kill her, and you want her to calm down. I'll bet you sound like Mr. Rogers. Hell, Hicks and Ripley do it in Aliens when they meet Newt.

It's just kind of weird. Doug makes the point that Wahlberg's performance is ridiculous, which I happen to agree with (based on scenes I've watched without context) but chooses to pick on the scene where it actually makes sense.

Kind of the same thing in Blair Witch 2 where a character sounds like a little girl under circumstances where I, too, would sound like a little girl.

The Pink Panther

The Dumb Squash From Lugash
Bobsheaux, at least, is reasonably endearing and funny. He also knows his stuff when it comes to animation. He's also probably a furry given his fascination with the Alpha And Omega series, but nobody's perfect.
He's only SLIGHTLY funnier than the Critic. He conducts himself better...but, he's still a ripoff.


Prince of filthy weeaboos
Honestly it's still amazing to see how many people leeeched off Doug's style back when the reviewer bubble on Youtube prioritized angry screaming. Thank Christ the pendulum shifted mostly more over to analysis stuff like Raycevick and Mandalore Gaming.
Furthermore like them or not, but YMS/Ralph the Movie Maker also made comedic reviews where they don't have to rely on autistic screeching

The Pink Panther

The Dumb Squash From Lugash


A reminder that Doug takes no personal responsibility when reviewing something, not paying attention to movies or otherwise . He obviously didn't do proper research into this hotel before choosing to stay there but "Vienna's hotel standards" are obviously the culprit despite only ever staying at one hotel there.
Doug is the ugliest American.

"You won't believe this... I got a noise complaint!" Fucking baffling...

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