TGWTG "Nostalgia Critic" / Doug Walker, Rob Walker, Mike Michaud, Mike Ellis, Holly Christine Brown, et al - The Incompetent Predator-Protecting Upper Management of Channel Awesome, Doug Still Not That Funny

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Y'guys, stop evoking the work of a legendary critic in this thread. The difference between Ebert and Walker is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.
Stop evoking the work of a legendary critic (Twain) to stop evoking the work of a legendary critic (Ebert) to differentiate between them and Walker.

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Just for giggles I'm gonna imitate Doug's insincere forced laugh he always use in his reviews when he finds something "funny"


Stop evoking the work of a legendary critic (Twain) to stop evoking the work of a legendary critic (Ebert) to differentiate between them and Walker.
The difference between Ebert and Walker is the same as whipped cream and diarrhea

PL 001

I couldn't stand The Spirits Within, and was halfway tempted to watch his video to see what he had to say. That gaping soyface he plasters all over his thumbnails snapped me back to sense.

And it's been said before, but Jesus Christ Doug, brush your damn teeth. Looks like a mouth full of corn niblets.


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His....."character" is just so obnoxious. Like PBG and SuperButterBuns level annoying.

I remember his Quest for Camelot review and it was just.....him screaming shit half the time. And a focus on certain lines. Dumb.

I don't understand why he can't just give us regular reviews. At least when Phelan, Allison, and Doug Jones do their reviews, they...actually review shit and don't get sidetracked.

Also I'm assuming Lindsey is never speaking to him again y/n?

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Imho some of his reviews felt very pandering to the crowd, and not very honest. Which is not what a good critic should be. For example:

Is it just me or was Doug's Legend of Korra review incredibly bad? I mean, for a guy that portrays himself as being super nitpicky, he sure was shilling it a lot. I mean, I like Legend of Korra, I'm a fan even, but it's first season had a lot of issues, that as a critic he should've pointed out (pro bending anyone?). But given that everyone was hyped about a sequel to the last Airbender, I'm pretty sure he just decided to play it safe.

Equally, his review on Sailor Moon was pretty bad. I mean it's a good show and a cash cow for a reason, but he could've pointed out a lot of things and instead, he went with obvious and superficial criticism anyone reading the summary from Wikipedia could make like "This show is too formulaic, " and "they are sexualizing a teenage girl!".

It honestly felt he was too ashamed of doing a real review of sailor moon because it was too girly. I know Lindsey Ellis was supposed to critic the girly stuff seriously, but that doesn't mean he couldn't do it himself. It felt as if he was a 10-year-old, unironically, afraid of girl cooties.

Last time I checked critics could review fiction aimed mainly at girls just fine without having to hire a "female version" of themselves.
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Doug's opinions on superheroes are pretty shallow honestly. It'd be one thing if he'd be just the typical normie who likes/dislikes the movies, but when he goes on tangents claiming how they're bad or inaccurate and such, but then you find out they don't read the comics, or even watch the animated series, it's like....Okay, why does your opinion matter and you try to make yourself the Spiderman "expert"? Or the Batman / X Men expert for that matter?
It's not like those heroes have dozens of equally valid versions.

Hey, at least he admitted one of his overly long jokes, right?
An improvement 10 years in the making.

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