TGWTG "Nostalgia Critic" / Doug Walker, Rob Walker, Mike Michaud, Mike Ellis, Holly Christine Brown, et al - The Incompetent Predator-Protecting Upper Management of Channel Awesome, Doug Still Not That Funny

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They have a new studio? Bigger or smaller than the old one?
Same one. They’re just gonna start using it again after not using it during the pandemic.

In other news, Rob got a dog and named it after a Blazing Saddles character.

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What did you say, punk?!
Either Warner or amblin (it's how they got the Jurassic Park trex) other non Warner stuff include the fly, alien, halo, overwatch really I can't list them all but they did have non Warner stuff. Unlike space jam 2 which seems to soley consist of warner/dc/hanna barbera and looney tunes.

Trust me as someone who followed the rpo books thread in literature... The book is even worse like there's whole chapter that go onto detail of wade's gaming rig and a line for line rewrite of war games... Like so lime for line I'm amazed Kline didn't get sued for it.
One of the Rare times where no matter how much talent you throw at a movie, if the source material is hot garbage wank, like the books, then the movies are to suffer the same fate, even with a fantastic director and talented people.

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War crimes? What war crimes?
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Do you think they were referring to this place or somewhere else?
Also Doug and Rob saw the Oneyplays animation that had why does that look like vegas?
Definitely this place. This is the first time I've seen someone who has a thread here not throw a giant hissy fit about us or call us evil. Another PR win for Team Walker (especially when compared to their other former CA associates)


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