TGWTG "Nostalgia Critic" / Doug Walker, Rob Walker, Mike Michaud, Mike Ellis, Holly Christine Brown, et al - The Incompetent Predator-Protecting Upper Management of Channel Awesome, Doug Still Not That Funny

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Just popped a Lexapro, get turnt.
80's Dan is filmed in front of a live studio kiwi farms thread.
I do miss Dan. Brad teased at his return, but afaik, it never materialized. His co-stars divorced and I guess he didn't have the heart to replace them.

It’s funny how #CTC advocates actually believe that.
They've given up on expanding their audience, and settled for shunning the outside world.

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Just popped a Lexapro, get turnt.
He divorced his ex Jillian but they're still friends. She just stopped appearing because she wasnt having fun anymore. Brian and Sarah stopped because they're busy raising a kid.
Gosh. It shows how disaffected I am from browsing Channel Awesome threads. I forgot that people like Brad and James have aged out of their roles and have less time to devote to comedy skits and e-drama.

The Fresh Maker

I don't think this was posted. TLDR: he still defends his review of The Wall and thought it was good (just wow) and at 2:50 claims he likes the film (could have fooled me). He couldn't really articulate what he was going for in his review. At 4:00 he goes "Financially we won because people clicked on the video!"

Quotes fucking Ratatouille defending his point. FFS man, watch a fucking movie made for adults for once in your life you Disney simping faggot. He still doesn't really get why this got so much attention for being horrible.
Doug is an exceptional individual in a way that just fascinates me. I mean making a mistake is one thing, but how do you defend something like Nostalgia Critic's The Wall after the universal ire it received?

Dr. Pasquale

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My favorite review by the Snob. It makes for a good double watch with the Midnight Screenings he did for the remake that came out somewhere in the late 10s. It had a weird reaction on him where it made him somewhat appreciate the original film despite still thinking it was shit.

The old school midnight screenings were ok imo

Jazz never died!

Truly epic lulz
Brad was great the best of Channel Awesome just because he was a cool dude. Then 2016 happened and he put politics right up the ass of his vids and i stopped caring. The Change the channel people are pathetic CA at this point is a relic dead and people are either saying it was always shit and the people running were scumbags or fans who stopped liking the content. Hell even AVGN sucks and for years thanks to James losing interest and having terrible writers who have no clue what made the first 4 seasons good.