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Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Feline Darkmage, Mar 15, 2018.

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  1. Titanic was probably the movie he was best at working with rather than against
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  2. Yo! I'm subbed to Teddy Rubskin. lol
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    LMR365 Nicolas Cage holding a birthday cake.

  3. I liked Doug’s gag of him getting bigger and bigger bottles of alcohol to deal with the animated Titanic movie. Simple stuff like that always makes me smile. The Foodfight review was also kind of funny.
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  4. There is nothing worse than bad comedy. The movies you listed (especially Ed Wood movies) can still be so entertainingly bad they're funny. Almost all of the famous "so bad it's good" movies were intended to be taken seriously (The Room, Birdemic, Troll 2, Manos, etc). The humor comes from the fact that the creators tried to make something serious and failed miserably. But bad comedy is just painful to sit through because there's no unintentional humor. The creator tried to make it funny and it just falls flat on its face.
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    Cosmos Soldier of Love and Bitching on the Internet
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  5. couldn't finish it. Not because it wasn't funny but....well foodfight made me physically ill to look at.
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  6. It's a night and day difference when you compare RLM to CA. There's a laundry list of mistakes in the Sibling Rivalry video such as:

    Doug and Rob are not mic'ed. Instead you have this horrible room audio.

    There's multiple lights but the position is all wrong and you have shadows in different spots. It's just bad lighting.

    What is with the background? Were they filming this in a shack or something?

    It opens with a medium closeup on Doug and stays on Doug for at least a minute before awkwardly cutting back to Rob for a second and then back to Doug. When you're doing a video like this, you want an establishing shot showing both people or you formally introduce them one at a time. You do this so newcomers aren't blindsided by what's going on. You can get away with this if you're doing a joke or something but it's just awkwardly edited and framed.

    The whole Sibling Rivalry video is so amateurish. The Walkers have never improved on a technical level. Take this for example:

    Once again they didn't use lapel mics or have someone handle a boom mic so they just used the onboard camera mic. I guess Doug or whoever realized it sounded terrible so Doug dubbed his lines but they couldn't be bothered to get James to dub his lines (or perhaps he was busy not being a manchild).
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  7. I can vouch for that.

    I had heard of the Camillo Teti/rapping dog version before YouTube was a thing. I read about it, saw some pictures, went What?!, then got on with life.

    It's been party time ever since the NC video.
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    Henry Bemis

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  8. I'm sorry, she has my sympathies for knowing that her former friend is a shit bag in such a way, but what is wrong with your face?
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  9. Like I've said previously, I know Doug can be funny. The issue is he usually never plays to his strengths and influences and goes for things way outside his comfort zone or skill set. He's probably bogged down by the idea people WANT the long ass cringe skits and even more bogged down by incompetent management. It's a case of someone being so fucking close yet still somehow missing the mark by a mile, it's sad really.
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  10. Of course she doesn't, the only videos of jesuotaku's I even could stand where his Digimon retrospectives where she went over the characters and plots and while she never finished them they were good for backeoubac noise
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  11. I never really get why reviewers think their viewers want to sit through skits. If it were a "How It Should Have Ended" type channel then sure, make goofy skits based on a movie. But people watch reviews instead of skit shows for a reason.
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  12. The bigger problems with their "skits" is that they are not funny, not engaging and just cringe.
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  13. It’s even worse with Videogame reviewers like Disgruntled Diego. I clicked because I want to know about the game. How does it play? Is it good? Unlike movies, the review helps inform my purchasing decision. So why the fuck are you dressed like Cobra Comander and making me sit through thirty minutes of ear bleed causing shrieking to answer those questions?

    My theory is that’s the part that wouldn’t wash out from all the paint she started huffing when she heard about JewWario. Either that or she has snapped and is becoming a Batman villain. Understandably so. I look forward to when she chains the Walker brothers up in an elaborate rube goldberg’esque dick chopping machine and Twitch Streams it while cackling insanely.
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    #4033 RodgerDodger, Apr 16, 2018 at 1:13 PM
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  14. I don't mind Upset Felipe that much. Whatever you may think of his skits, they only take up like maybe 5 minutes of his overall game reviews. And he is certainly a far superior analyzer and critic than Doug is. Not when he's reviewing movies though, he's kind of shit at that.
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    #4034 Tom Salagna, Apr 16, 2018 at 1:19 PM
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018 at 1:27 PM
  15. If I had to put my money I think it's a combination of the reviewers wanting to show off their acting prowess as well as homage to the MST3K host segments as well as a homage live action PBS Edutainment shows of the 90s which would have informative segments punctuated by skits. As you can see there are a few problems with this.

    1. Most of the reviewing crowd can't act to save their skins
    2. The MST3K Host segments and the PBS Edutainment skits were very hit or miss due to it not being the main focus and not having any comedy writers. Almost all the host segments from the Mike era of MST3K are unwatchable and the PBS Edutainment skits ranged from cringe comedy to wanting to strangle everyone involved.
    3. Most audiences have a limited patience for stuff outside the show's scope. When you have something stupid happening for extended periods of time, most audiences will want you to get back to the show at hand or knock it off. When people watch MST3K they want to see riffing, they don't care about Brain Guy or Monkey Dude. When people watch PBS Edutainment they wan tinformation, they don't care about the idiot who destroys everything or the moron who has a laundry list of allergies. When people watch reviews they want to see a review. They don't care about characters or poorly acted sketches that go on for long periods of time.
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  16. I've got a soft spot for this one skit
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  17. I guess a "compromise" could be if the sketches were released separately to the reviews themselves. He does reviews every other week, right? So maybe the sketches could be released on the "off weeks" as a trailer for the review that's coming up! That way, he gets to have his "creative" outlets, and it won't infect the review.
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  18. Off topic, but where would you put something like Neo Yokio (basically the biggest budget shitpost to ever exist), which is often put in the "so bad it's good" genre, where it doesn't belong as it's clearly very self aware and trying to be funny.
    Yet falls into this weird gray zone for me where I don't think it's genuinely good enough to recommend without irony, yet I'm still somehow very glad it exists.
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  19. In the same category as Tim and Eric or Kung Pow?
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  20. So the “only amusing when tripping ballz” category? Also known as “you’ll be really ashamed you laughed at that in the morning” regret category.
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