not doing good - 4/27/2019

"I hate food y'all I'm trying to hate food I never want to eat again" ANOREXIA SAGA BEGINS

She's still blaming to melatonin gummies lmao
Did she eat a whole fucking bottle? They're not exactly calorie dense.

"Melatonin can cause depression when I already have depression".
Well you won't take your fucking antidepressants so whose fault is that?

Are you recording this in case she removes it after she's done again? :heart-full:


Mama, nobody sends you a turd and expects to live.
True & Honest Fan
She’s upset because she realized people are calculating she should have lost 36 pounds within 30 days and gorl is so done with this shit. She’s binging and eating like a champ again and is pissed it’s going to be easily noticed because the weight loss is halting.

@666EVE666 to make your life easier bb
+Our gorl is on her irregular period and it is "up and down"
+Sat in the kitchen and cried and begged for a binge
+Ambabies are handing out asspats like hotcakes (AN: intentional Amberism)
+Starts crying, does not want "to let us down"
+Feels like a failure
+Can't lose weight "in the speed of lightning"
+Superchats keep pouring in, someone suggests that she should have a cheat day (V V BAD IDEA)
+starting to "hate food"
+chalks up her depression to melatonin gummies
+in patient care is too expensive to her
+Becky made her "snap out of it"
+cooked a bunch of meals in advance they are "set to rumble"
+general consensus of chat is that she is just crying for money
+"everyone has different opinions", she said when someone said the gummy gate is bullshit
+recalls Jan 2018 in that she was on track and failed shortly after, several people have been drawing that comparison
+since she has started YouTube, this is the longest she has gone without binging
+"emotional eater, food addict, and binge eater" all in one, our gorl loves labels
+everyone keeps spamming the chat with "CHEEP CHEEP" and "GREEDY", claims that "there is karma for everyone"
+has the urge to weigh herself everyday

"Everyone's body is different - some people can lose weight on 2500 calories"
Yes. Everyone's body is different. Everyone can lose weight by eating less calories than they burn. This number is different for everyone but it's not rocket science to figure out what that number is.

Says she's thought about getting a P.O. Box. Sort of pointless, her address isn't a secret.

Someone wants her to do Weight Watchers again. She doesn't think that's for her, she wants to drop the weight quicker than usual.

Yeah, that'll totally work this time.

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