not doing good - 4/27/2019

Oh Lord she lost 11 lbs and she's already plateaued?? At her weight she should be losing 30 or more lbs easy no problem if she's actually eating 1800 calories a day.

Then she says that people are telling her 1800 calories is too little, gorl what?‽

Gorl Weight Watchers works, it's been around forever because it WORKS. You just have to follow the rules, chicken being 0 points does not mean you get to eat fried chicken or 20 chicken nuggets. Even two baked chicken breasts is too much. When my mom did it way back in the day she lost a lot of weight, but she was also hungry a lot cause she only got like 15 or 18 points a day. I know the program has changed a lot recently.

Pudgy Bear Claws

It's the Porchugeeze
+Amber hasn’t binged and thats whats wrong with her (0:06).
+Tears begin, fucking BECKY bought Amber melatonin gummies that made her gain (0:20), also she doesnt like to sleep at night because trauma.
+Amber reads us a list of her weigh ins (2:34).
+AMBER GAINED 0.2lbs FUCK U BECKY FOR BUYING THOSE DEVIL TREATS (4:00). Amber doesnt understand why she is fluctuating in weight.
+Amber is crying because she wants to binge (5:50).
+Amber asked Becky for cheat meal (7:47).
+Amber is not losing weight fast enough (8:00).
+Amber hates food, wants to hate food, never wants to eat again (9:50). I smell an anorexia saga coming gorls.
+The melatonin gummies caused Amber to be depressed (10:35). FUCK YOU BECKY FOR BUYING THOSE DEVIL TREATS!
+Amber says inpatient would cost more money than she has in more ways than one (12:19), but what about that $11k/month booboo?
+Amber doesnt need to research diets shes doing what she knows to do (18:55).
+Amber is so proud of herself (19:20).
+Someone advises our gorl to take protein powder (20:40).
+Amber wants to eat less but eeeveryonnne says shes already not eating enough calories (21:27). ANOREXIA SAGA IN SIGHT
+No more WeightWatchers because it gives Amber a reason to eat too much (21:52).
+Amber doesnt understand the laws of thermodynamics (22:47).
+Viewer asks if Amber has binged, “I have not--so I take it you’re new here” (29:06).
+Dr. Lynn uses google to find that melatonin causes depression and irritability—new scapegoat (30:07)! FUCK YOU BECKY FOR BUYING THOSE DEVIL TREATS!
+Becky calls from Walmart (32:03).
+Amber is very proud of herself 3540
+A superchat gets under ambers skin, “Keep being pathetic. Love you” (38:03).
+ Amber knows every single reason why she is the way she is SO STOP ASKING HER TO GET HELP (39:20).
+Amber has lost inches you guys don’t know SHIT (40:06).
+Amber says her skin looks better and she isn’t as puffy anymore. People just be jealous and haytin’ (42:00).
+Someone insinuates Rafe is Amber's only friend, Amber tells us she has SHO MANY FRIENDS that we don't even know about (43:40)!
+Oreos aren't as good as health feels (44:19).
+We find out what TWANK TWANK does all day (44:36).
+Amber doesnt understand why people think she’s a lah (45:25).
+Amber's ultimate goal weight is 170lbs (46:26).
+Amber is proven right when people tell her to binge, she gets SHO MUCH HAYTE (47:07).
+SHO. MANY. HAYDURZ (47:44).
+Amber claims that she deletes her livestreams because she cusses too much (49:53) ….she said fuck once in this stream.
+People are so mean online….but they are probably so fake sweet irl (50:25). Like Chantal, gorl?
+Amber feels like there are “two amberlynns”—one where she doesn't give a fuck, and the one who NEEDS TO BIINGEEEE (51:05). So totes bipolar guise.
+Amber denies changing because she lost subs (51:57).
+Amber is much smarter than all of us (53:33).
+Someone asks for pricing on a private mookbawng (55:59).
+Amber's layyg is doing amazeeng (56:37).
+Amber has another non-scale-victory but won't say what it is because it’s embarrasseeenggg (56:47).
+Amber gags at the idea of eating candy (57:55).
+Overeaters Anonymous makes Amber binge because she has to talk about her feeleengs (1:02:29).
+No healthy mukbangs because the peeeeeple don't want that (1:03:00). Amber claims mukbangs are supposed to be huge meals of unhealthy food.
+If y’all aren’t nice to Amber, she’s not coming lahv anymore (1:05:00).
Oh shit, she's going to start weighing herself naked. Nobody, not even Necky, wants to see that.

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