Campaign Ammo "Not Prosecuting #GamerGate Was Obama's Biggest Mistake" -

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Breaking his campaign promise and not shutting down Guantanamo: not a mistake
Expanding the surveillance state and crucifying whistleblowers: not a mistake
Deporting more people than Trump has: not a mistake

Making a cock chopped troon mad: worst mistake ever!

Also how the fuck would you prosecute a hashtag?
Sentence all Gamergaters to reside in an Amish community; No technology access whatsoever, for the rest of their lives! Court is adjourned!

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It's like the 40 year old guy reliving his High School jock years ad nauseum.... except it's somehow worse, because it was a virtual High School.....
It's not just worse because it's a virtual high school. At least real failed jocks are reliving events that were actual victories in their life.

Wu is reliving the days of being bullied in the virtual high school.


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Obama droned the shit out of 3/4 of the middle east, sat on his hands while literal race riots erupted in the wake of police shootings and tried to play both sides of the fence over DAPL, but yes, not frivolously prosecuting nerds for calling sjws 'faggots' on the internet is truly the most egregious thing he did.


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If she thinks Obama's biggest failure was his inability to "prosecute" gamers on Twitter for saying she should sew off sides and become an hero, she mustn't have been paying attention to American politics. Can't blame her though. While Syrian children were forced to live in bad conditions due in part to Obama's incompetency, she was boolied online with bad e-mails. I pity her.