Campaign Ammo "Not Prosecuting #GamerGate Was Obama's Biggest Mistake" -

If she thinks Obama's biggest failure was his inability to "prosecute" gamers on Twitter for saying she should sew off sides and become an hero, she mustn't have been paying attention to American politics. Can't blame her though. While Syrian children were forced to live in bad conditions due in part to Obama's incompetency, she was boolied online with bad e-mails. I pity her.
Couldn't agree more, people in third world countries can't choose to live in the US due to it's tyrannical foreign laws but I guess that his biggest mistake was not censoring people who disagree with a retarded opinion
He was on a challenge run. "Be black, have a first name that rhymes with Iraq and a last name that rhymes with Osama, and end up President twice anyway."
Don't forget "Have the dictator of Iraq's first name as your middle name, and have a documented history with a radical black preacher who says white people invented aids to kill the black man."

The more you think about it the more points he should get. I mean, one thing is for sure, it's gonna take a long time for someone to come up with a trickier challenge run and actually be able to do it.

Trump was smart to do a completely different angle. I don't think his run is quite as challenging, but "Win presidency while never holding office with both parties and the entire media against you, with the FBI illegally spying on you and giving the intel to the opposing party, while being the biggest, loudest jackass ever and having terrible hair and a constant spraytan" is definitely up there.