Campaign Ammo "Not Prosecuting #GamerGate Was Obama's Biggest Mistake" -


Broad Sweeping Generalizations about Garfield
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Disassociated drivel for the unhealthily rich
Theres a great mad magazine parody cover of the new yorker where an offscreen mugger is jamming a snub nose 38 in the characters face as he plucks the watch from his pocket but I unfortunately cant find it


No secret, it's the meat. Don't skimp on the meat.
“Prosecuting GamerGate”? How the fuck do you prosecute a group of people?


Not an Elf Thot in Sight!
“Prosecuting GamerGate”? How the fuck do you prosecute a group of people?
Because insane people like Wu have "secret police" fantasies; look at the ResetEra forums where they talk about us and many of them legitimately think that Kiwi Farms members need to be thrown in jail/"re-education" camps.
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