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Some Doomer from the main Wuhan thread tried to make an offshoot to act like a smart person and immediately got doxed as a fat, transgender Brony because he used the same username on basically every single website on the entire internet. The thread's more-or-less normal for the first page or two, but a couple pages deeper and it just explodes.

Don't pay any attention to the title. This isn't a Wuhan thread, this is a stealth halal thread.
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Lilly Philly Burnelli

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I first discovered the farms in 2017 with the Sons of Kojima/Fred Fuchs autism saga.

I first heard the news from Almighty_Tevin in this video:
Which lead me to discover this thread:

I remember refreshing the thread every hour or so just constantly reading about this group, just howling laughing at seeing this group implode in on itself,
Later that year came an event even more autistic than the previously mentioned:

It was a wild year. No regrets.